Why Mindfulness and Business?

Today’s leaders face a range of fast-paced, dynamic leadership challenges that center around the ability to make sound, ethical decisions in the face of ever-increasing stress and instability. Feelings of uncertainty can undermine decisions, leading to costly mistakes that impact individuals, organizations, and potentially entire industries.  

Business leaders - both in business school and in the marketplace - need the tools to manage these situations from the inside out. Self-awareness, decision-making, innovation, compassion, courage, and resilience in the workforce are rapidly becoming essential - not just optional - competencies for the survival and sustainability of successful, ethical organizations.

Recognizing this need, an increasing number of blue chip and Fortune 500 companies are offering meditation, mindfulness and mind training to their employees and integrating these principles into their daily work environments, including Google, General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Medtronic, Genetech, McKinsey, Deutsche Bank, Intel, Proctor & Gamble and Comcast, among others.

At NYU, Global Spiritual Life has received multiple requests for training in mindfulness and business from business undergraduate and graduate students, Stern student affairs professionals, and faculty and staff seeking these tools for their students. The quantity and diversity of these requests have pointed to a strong need for these offerings on campus that will only multiply as the business world grows to see mindfulness-based competencies as a critical piece of leadership. NYU Stern’s Mindfulness in Business Initiative aims to foster the continued integration of mindfulness throughout the business education landscape.