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Agents of Change

Learn alongside a diverse cohort of experienced professionals. Executive MBA students are professionally and academically accomplished, with a self-awareness that demonstrates the strong emotional intelligence imperative in today’s business leaders. Our Executive MBA students become partners in their educational experience, sharing knowledge and building upon each other’s strengths.

Photo of Bruno Costa, Class of August 2024

Bruno Costa, Class of August 2024

Project Manager, Itau Unibanco

“I expected our ‘Leadership in Organization’ course to involve tough readings and lots of theory, but instead Prof. Nate Pettit encouraged the cohort to "play the game" and put every concept into practice. We were presented us with challenging situations that made it hard to recognize ourselves and our behaviors. Moreover, the entire cohort had to collaborate on a solution for each case.”

Photo of Erica Whitmore, Class of August 2024

Erica Whitmore, Class of August 2024

Reporter, NBC Universal

“I wanted to be challenged in a new way. My thirst for knowledge led me to a career in journalism; now, it’s propelled me to learn more about business. Business operations are central to life and it’s difficult to truly understand how the world functions without understanding how business leaders analyze, strategize, and make decisions. I have furthered my pursuit by engaging with Stern’s network and supporting Stern’s Diversity & Inclusion work."

Photo of Henry Beck, Class of 2023

Henry Beck, Class of August 2023

State Treasurer, State of Maine

"The NYU Stern curriculum is not just formulas and an appeal to understand consensus or the status quo. It's about making business leaders think about the entire picture and have a well-rounded view of business, the economy, and life."

Photo of Manisha Desai, Ph.D., Class of January 2023

Manisha Desai, Class of January 2023

VP & Head of Drug Product Development, Bristol Myers Squibb

"I chose Stern's EMBA program for its foundational business curriculum since my training and career had been on the technical side. I really enjoyed the ‘Foundations of Entrepreneurship’ course with Prof. Glenn Okun for his engaging and entertaining teaching style and real-world experience, creating a deeper understanding of how to develop a sound business plan, focus pre- and post-launch, and what investors look for to make decisions."

Photo of Alex Gordon, Class of January 2023

Alex Gordon, Class of January 2023

Sr. Portfolio Associate, 1919 Investment Counsel

“The promising notion that I would have the ability to showcase new core competencies in real-time while maintaining my position at my firm inspired me to pursue my MBA degree through the NYU Stern EMBA program. The lessons learned in Prof. Nathan Pettit’s course, 'Leadership in Organizations', have helped shape me into a better leader, colleague and advocate for members of my network.”

Photo of Christian Blanchet, Class of August 2022

Christian Blanchet, Class of August 2022

Co-founder and Creative Director, Marèa Maréa

“NYU Stern and the EMBA program were catalysts in the creation of my resortwear brand, Marèa Maréa. Through the program, I met and partnered with my co-founder, Pablo Mares, and consulted incredible professors, such as Jeffrey Carr for 'Marketing' and Geeta Menon for 'Customer Insights'. Most importantly, the EMBA program gave me the opportunity to surround myself with brilliant and ambitious peers, whose input and support have been invaluable.”

Photo of Jessica Rossi, Class of August 2022

Jessica Rossi, Class of August 2022

Sustainability Sr. Manager Project Mgmt., ADP

"The NYU Stern EMBA program helped me boost essential knowledge and skills, develop a solid multicultural and multi-industry professional network, and accelerate a career progression. The NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business and Prof. Whelan challenged me to rise to the levels of expertise and leadership on sustainability. And, thanks to Prof. Lechner, I am a more effective leader, and knowledgeable about the art & science of managing change.”

Photo of Augustine Uwayzor, Class of August 2022

Augustine Uwayzor, Class of August 2022

Manager in Capital Market Trading, Accenture

“I am passionate about finance and sustainability, which are weaved into courses such as ‘The Global Economy & Strategy’ that provided an understanding of factors impacting businesses globally and competencies in strategy. ‘The Operationalizing Sustainability & Social Impact’ elective focused on how companies are incorporating sustainability into their business strategies to drive innovation, competitive advantage, and value to society."

Photo of Michael White, Class of August 2022

Michael White, Class of August 2022

Attending OBGYN Physician, Various Health Systems

“After Year 1 of the EMBA program, I held a stronger grasp of what and where I wanted to take my career professionally. The ‘Turnaround, Restructuring, and Distressed Investments’ course with Prof. Joseph Sarachek offered finance, leadership, strategy, and entrepreneurship which, combined with my expertise as a physician in the healthcare industry, helped position myself to firms seeking to invest in various areas of healthcare.