A Curriculum that Prepares you for Lifelong Professional Success

Executive MBA students in Washington, DC begin with the required core curriculum in the first year. Class content is comprehensive and relevant, providing fundamental grounding in every business discipline. All students participate in strategic Capstone projects and a Global Study Tour — a weeklong international residency — as part of the core curriculum.

In the second year, students choose from a range of elective courses that provide in-depth knowledge in core business areas, and allow students to tailor their MBA degree to align with their career goals and interests. Electives can be applied towards specializing in up to two areas of study. 

Core Courses 

Tailored for experienced professionals to strengthen their foundation in the key areas of business essential for succeeding in any career

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Elective Courses

Customize your learning as you deepen your knowledge and skill-set according to your priorities with a diverse portfolio of elective courses within specific disciplines

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Grading Policy

The Executive MBA Program operates on a modified pass/fail grading scheme. This grading system is based on proficiency and intentionally designed for an executive-level program. The system does not readily translate into a traditional grading system (e.g. A-F, GPA) but includes a range of grades that reward excellence and proficiency and can also indicate the need for increased performance. Examples: Pass with Distinction, High Pass, Low Pass, and others.