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Tailor your Education with Specializations

The Stern Executive MBA program offers a diverse range of specializations for students wishing to focus their studies in specific areas of business. Student can choose up to two specializations, which require the completion of at least nine credits chosen from relevant elective courses. 


Choosing A Focus - DC


Specializations are entirely optional. Students must earn 9 credits in a given area in order to specialize and there are specific rules that govern which courses satisfy a given specialization. Students are encouraged to take elective courses that they are interested in and that will challenge and strengthen their business knowledge. Attaining multiple specializations is possible but requires flexibility and coordination in class selection. 

Recent Specializations

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics specialization deals with the use of data and mathematical and statistical models as a means for aiding the decision process in all of the functional areas of business. The use of computer and information technology plays an important part in the Business Analytics specialization.

Corporate Finance

A specialization in Corporate Finance focuses primarily on financial issues at the firm level, such as how new companies raise capital, how companies decide on a capital structure of equity versus short-term and long-term debt, and the governance structure of firms. This specialization is useful for students who will work in corporate financial operations and in other finance assignments, such as fundamental company analysis, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, etc.  


The general Finance specialization allows students to sample from the entire menu of finance courses and may be appropriate for students who specialize in another field (e.g. marketing or management) and wish to gain a broader exposure to finance themes across different areas.

Leadership & Change Management

The leadership and change management specialization helps students develop their leadership potential and enhance their expertise in managing changing technological, competitive, demographic, and other organizational contingencies. Courses introduce specific concepts, theories, and tools that can assist executives entrusted with the task of leading organizational change. Students develop skills in diagnosing forces of change, developing change strategies, and monitoring the effectiveness of change initiatives. This specialization is particularly useful for those planning careers in general management, consulting, or business development.

Management of Technology & Operations

This specialization enables you to think about technology-enabled business models, and the alignment of information technology and operations with corporate strategy. Decisions about investments in IT and the design of operations have far reaching consequences for development of products and services, managing customers, and achieving operational excellence.  


The Strategy specialization is designed for students who will pursue careers in strategy consulting or corporate strategic planning departments. The courses in this specialization provide students with cutting-edge theories and practice on such topics as value creation and capture, external analysis of industries, internal analysis of a firm’s competitive strengths and weaknesses, competitive positioning, multimarket and corporate strategy, strategic decision-making, and strategy implementation.