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Ways we help you balance academic, personal and professional commitments.

Staff Support

As a working professional, you don’t have time for the logistics of registering for classes, or worrying about buying textbooks. The Executive MBA program's dedicated staff takes care of all of these details and more, so that you can focus on what really matters – your education. 


For enrolled students who travel a long distance to attend class, NYU Stern offers complimentary accommodations on class weekends.

The accommodation policy is as follows:

- More than 80 miles: Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights
- Between 40 and 80 miles: Friday and Saturday nights
- Less than 40 miles: Accommodations only at your expense

We use the shortest distance provided by Google Maps from 1307 L Street NW to your home address to determine the number of nights of complimentary acommodations you may receive. The NYU Stern Executive MBA admissions team will determine your eligibility upon receipt of your Pre-Assessment.

NYU Stern Executive MBA

An Environment of Support

"When you come to Stern, you are surrounded by people who are committed to you and to learning. That is a really refreshing and engaging energy to be around."