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The Stern Community

Our Collaborative Community

Amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown New York, join a collaborative group of MBA students at NYU Stern. Learn more about our community and ways to get involved.

Community at NYU Stern

The intimate cohort size and networking opportunities in the Fashion & Luxury MBA create a tight-knit community that will benefit students for life.

A Connected and Supportive Community

Stern's culture emphasizes both intellectual and emotional intelligence: IQ + EQ. Starting from the first day of orientation, MBA students will become part of NYU Stern's collaborative, diverse, lifelong network of professionals.

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Stern Chats, a Student-Run Podcast

Stern Chats features stories from our community. Check out this episode with Kirat Anand, a Stern undergraduate alum and advisory board member for the NYU Stern Fashion & Luxury MBA program. Kirat shares his journey into fashion from investment banking, what he believes it takes for a fashion brand to resonate, and how to win over new customers as a young company.
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Fashion & Luxury MBA YouTube Channel

Check out our YouTube channel to hear from students & alumni on why they chose Stern and why the MBA is a valuable investment.
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