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Salomon Center

The objective of the Salomon Center is to focus high quality research attention in the area of financial economics. Among its activities, the Center conducts new research across a wide array of financial topics; conducts high profile conferences for academics, practitioners and regulators; and distributes newsletters to the community highlighting important research developments in specific areas covered by the Center. The Center benefits from an outstanding external academic board, including Myron Scholes (1997 Nobel Laureate in Economics and past AFA president), Sanford Grossman (1987 John Bates Clark Medal in Economics and past AFA president), and Robert Litzenberger (past AFA president).

Founded in 1972 by a grant from the partners of Salomon Brothers, the Center funds its activities through endowment income, annual contributions by corporate and institutional Associates, and income from conferences and executive programs. The current director of the Center is Matthew Richardson, having been preceded by Ingo Walter (1990-2003), Arnold Sametz (1975-1990) and Kalman Cohen (1972-1975).

Currently, the Center is involved in seven research initiatives, each directed by a Stern School of Business professor - Asset Management directed by Martin J. Gruber (Director, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and past AFA President), Corporate Governance directed by David Yermack, Credit and Debt Markets directed by Edward I. Altman (past FMA President), The NASDAQ OMX Derivatives Research Project directed by Stephen Figlewski (Founding Editor, Journal of Derivatives), Financial Econometrics directed by Robert F. Engle (2003 Nobel Laureate in Economics), Financial Institutions directed by Alexander Ljungqvist, and Macro Finance directed by Thomas Sargent (Senior Fellow at Hoover Institution). Each initiative holds periodic research meetings of faculty, PhD students and practitioners; produces a working paper series; publishes an annual newsletter and hosts a “high profile” academic conference every two-three years with the goal of bringing together the top academics worldwide in this initiative.

To learn more about the Salomon Center, please visit this location.