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Center for the Future of Management | DHL Initiative on Globalization

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Center for the Future of Management

DHL Initiative on Globalization

Our Mission

The DHL Initiative on Globalization at NYU Stern aims to develop and maintain the academic world’s most comprehensive collection of data on the globalization of trade, capital, information, and people flows and to be a leading center of excellence for data-driven globalization research. 

Drawing upon this unique research base, our Initiative strives to provide business leaders, policymakers, and educators timely and useful insights into the state and trajectory of globalization, how globalization affects companies and countries, and best practices for connecting across borders. 

As part of NYU Stern's new Center for the Future of Management, we aim to serve as a hub for scholarship on globalization and its implications. We embrace interdisciplinary approaches and engagement with practitioners as sources of novel insights to help address important business and public policy challenges.  

Our Research

The headline to the article "The State of Globalization in 2023," followed by a graphic with seven globes arranged horizontally of increasing size


Explore our team's latest articles and books on globalization and its implications for business and public policy

The cover of the DHL Global Connectedness Report 2024: An in-depth analysis of the state of globalization. The cover features four panels arranged horizontally: (1) a woman walking away from the viewer; (2) a set of digital financial graphics; (3) a colorful fiber optic cable; (4) a large container ship approaching the viewer

DHL Global Connectedness Report

Examine our annual reports on the state and trajectory of globalization and download datasets

Globalization Explorer

Globalization Explorer

Improve your mental map of the world with our data visualization and analysis tools covering trade, capital, information, and people flows
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DHL Initiative on Globalization

Get To Know Our Partner: DHL

We gratefully acknowledge ongoing support from DHL for this research initiative.