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Shriya Ravishankar Headshot

Shriya Ravishankar, MBA 2022

“When I applied for an MBA at NYU Stern, it was a perfectly predictable step in a highly conventional finance career path. I had been an advisor at EY, followed by a stint at an Indian PE fund, and I was now doing the expected thing by getting an MBA in the financial capital of the world..."

Lauren Starr Headshot

Lauren Starr, MBA 2022

"Prior to Stern, I was a CPA and manager at a Big 4 accounting firm in Chicago. I loved that the work gave me new challenges every single day, and I worked with a variety of clients in multiple industries. I wanted to broaden my career choices..."

Aveek Sarker

Aveek Sarker, MBA 2024

"Prior to Stern, I was a management consultant in the media & entertainment, marketing, and technology industries at MediaLink (A UTA Company) in NYC. My experiences ranged from advising streaming companies and TV broadcasters on international growth and advertising strategy..."

Ian Walters Headshot

Ian Walters, MBA 2022

“I left undergrad with a humanities degree in Classical languages and spent the first five years of my career at Bloomberg, supporting the firm’s Legal and Compliance department. My time at Bloomberg was a great experience. The role allowed me..."

Pari Bhargava

Pari Bhargava, MBA 2024

“Ever since I was a child, I knew I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to foster my compassion for people. I graduated from NYU College of Arts and Science with a B.S. in Chemistry and Public Health with the initial intention of pursuing medical school..."

Alexandra Greene

Alexandra Greene, MBA 2024

"Before Stern, I worked for NielsenIQ, where I consulted with CPG companies on their pricing and promotion strategy to advise on issues such as everyday price changes and frequency of promotion. While I enjoyed addressing these issues for my clients..."

William Clements Headshot

William Clements, MBA 2022

“Prior to Stern, I worked in baseball operations for Major League Baseball and the Cleveland Indians (now the Cleveland Guardians). I decided to come to Stern and pursue roles in management consulting, hoping to learn about business more broadly..."

Heather Rosen-Kahnowitz Headshot

Heather Rosen-Kahnowitz, MBA 2023

“Prior to Stern, I worked in the architecture industry, first in a traditional design role and then as a workplace strategist. These experiences enabled me to develop a deep understanding of design thinking and creative problem solving..."

Sreekavitha Parupalli

Sreekavitha Parupalli, MBA 2024

“With a foundation in technology and entrepreneurship, I pursued both my bachelor's and master's degrees in Computer Science Engineering from IIIT-Hyderabad. Before joining Stern, my career trajectory led me to a Senior Product Engineer role at Sprinklr..."

Vincent Chou

Vincent Chou, MBA 2024

“Prior to Stern, I worked at KPMG, advising on transfer pricing and taxation strategies for financial institutions. While I thoroughly enjoyed the client-facing aspect of the job, I had ignited an interest in markets that propelled me to pursue an MBA at Stern..."

Penny Burgess

Penny Burgess, MBA 2023

“I came to Stern with what I proudly called an “eclectic” background. Following my BFA in Acting, I had embarked on an adventurous career: working as an activities host on a cruise ship, a black bear habitat tour guide, an outdoor educator in the mountains..."

Jose Diaz Eseverri Headshot

Jose Diaz Eseverri, MBA 2023

“Prior to coming to Stern, I worked in a real estate investment trust in NYC. The professional challenges and the personal relationships that I built kept me there for many years. However, I knew that I wanted to pursue an MBA and a different career path..."

Pooja Kakar

Pooja Kakar, MBA 2022

“Prior to Stern, I worked as a Brand Strategist for 5 years at a variety of advertising agencies. Having studied International Studies with a focus on Culture and Identity and the History of Art during my undergraduate time at the University of Michigan, I had cultivated a deep interest in visual culture..."

Afeef Sahabdeen

Afeef Sahabdeen, MBA 2023

"Growing up in Sri Lanka, I was always keen on exploring the world while pursuing my passion for problem solving. Post high-school, I decided to take a leap of faith and join the engineering program at NYU Abu Dhabi, during the early days of the campus..."

Jane Kennedy Headshot

Jane Kennedy, MBA 2023

“Growing up, my dream was to be the “next Kennedy in the White House.” I’ve always been fascinated with making a positive impact on a large scale, and during my final summer in college, I had the opportunity to intern in the Obama Administration..."

Oluwaseun Ososami Headshot

Oluwaseun Ososami, MBA 2022

“Prior to Stern, I was in active equity research. When I first got the role, I was ecstatic! I finally broke into the world of finance after three plus years of effort. I did enjoy my two years as a research associate, but I knew that I had to set myself up for the long-haul..."

Mary Vergara Headshot

Mary Vergara, MBA 2023

“Prior to Stern, I found my passion in Human Resources Technology and Analytics where people and technology intersect. As an analyst, I implemented innovative system solutions and optimized processes to enhance the candidate and employee experience..."

Jeetendra Khilnani Headshot

Jeetendra Khilnani, MBA 2023

"I came into Stern with only a vague idea of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to take my career post-MBA. I had a background in corporate finance and accounting, and investment banking seemed like a natural next step. But I was simultaneously drawn to consulting, given the..."

Max Soifer

Max Soifer, MBA 2024

“After graduating from a pre-law program at the University of Washington, I decided that Law School was not for me, and that pursuing a career in gymnastics– a lifelong passion–was the best path. I coached for universities, private clubs, and even the national team..."

Yushan Ye

Yushan Ye, MBA 2024

“I moved to New York City after graduating college in 2019 and spent three years with PwC prior to Stern. When I decided to pursue an MBA to pivot to investment banking, NYU Stern felt like a natural fit, not only because New York City quickly became my beloved home..."

Danit Fleischman

Danit Fleischman, MBA 2024

“I left undergrad with a humanities degree in History and spent the next five years at IBM in global consulting. My time at IBM was a great experience. The role allowed me to take on challenging work and develop professionally, managing teams across the world and working closely with clients..."

Rachael Nisenkier

Rachael Nisenkier, MBA 2024

“Before I came to Stern, my experience was mostly in creative fields, focused on producing TV and advertising, specifically non-profit advertising. I knew that I wanted to get into the process earlier - be part of the team that decided what was said, not just how it was said..."

Can Telkes

Can Telkes, MBA 2024

“When I came to Stern, I traveled to the US for the first time in my life, leaving my family and friends behind in Turkey and quitting my job. I was completely out of my comfort zone and hoped for a community to help me find a job, adapt to an entirely new culture..."

Shelby Luce

Shelby Luce, MBA 2024

"I fit into a classic "non-traditional" background before coming to Stern. As a public health advocate, I spent 5 years working in nonprofits and on the Hill in D.C working in government and writing health policy while also completing a master’s in Public Health..."

Andy Mukherjee

Andy Mukherjee, MBA 2024

“My trajectory has been quite straightforward – undergrad in economics, a post-grad degree in finance, and a few years in Big 4 corporate finance and investment banking in India. Having completed a master’s degree, the decision to pursue an MBA..."

KJ Brown

KJ Brown, MBA 2024

"Prior to Stern, I worked in non-profit consulting, and I built and ran a strategic campus recruiting hiring program for a global staffing company. These experiences allowed me to leverage my entrepreneurial spirit and hone my creative problem solving..."

Saagar Chitale

Saagar Chitale, MBA 2024

“Prior to Stern, I held a corporate development position at Protara Therapeutics, a biotechnology company focused on the development of therapeutics for oncology and rare diseases. In that role, I enjoyed working on deals in the biotechnology and healthcare space..."

Nate Hudson

Nate Hudson, MBA 2024

“My career path prior to Stern started within audit and M&A consulting at KPMG. When the pandemic hit, I decided to finally scratch the itch of becoming an entrepreneur. I started my own real estate investing firm and simultaneously took a role at Zillow to see how Tech..."

Paige Muschott

Paige Muschott, MBA 2024

“While working in Financial, Planning & Analysis in the technology industry, I developed a passion for finance. I was living in San Francisco at the time but knew I wanted to be in New York. The energy of the city had always captivated me along with the plethora..."

Karla Marquez Ramos

Karla Marquez Ramos, MBA 2024

“Before my journey at Stern, I was employed at a small cargo airline in Miami where I worked as  an engineer supporting the aircraft maintenance department. This opportunity not only allowed me to acquire valuable technical skills but also fueled my enthusiasm..."

Sejal Mali

Sejal Mali, MBA 2024

“Prior to Stern I worked at PwC in technology as a product owner and consultant for tax accounting clients. While I enjoyed the work, I missed a lot of the social impact and sustainability work I did in undergrad related to UNICEF and the United Nations..."