Wednesday Seminars | Spring 2019

12:00PM to 1:20PM in KMC 3-55, 44 West 4th Street, New York, NY, 10012

Date   Speaker / Affiliation Topic
03/06 Wei Jiang
Columbia Business School
Picking Friends Before Picking (Proxy) Fights: How Mutual Fund Voting Shapes Proxy Contests
Yiming Ma
Columbia Business School
  Spring Break
Liran Einav
Stanford University
Market Design in Regulated Health Insurance Markets: Risk Adjustment vs. Subsidies
Raghuram Rajan
Chicago Booth
Going the Extra Mile: Distant Lending and Credit Cycles
04/10 Pascal Noel
Chicago Booth
Why Do Borrowers Default On Mortgages? A New Test Using High-Frequency Data
04/17 Amir Sufi
Chicago Booth School of Business
Credit Supply and Housing Speculation
04/24 Adrien Verdelhan
MIT Sloan School of Management
The Term Structure of Currency Carry Trade Risk Premia
05/01 David Thesmar
MIT Sloan School of Management
A Quantitative Analysis of Distortions in Managerial Forecasts
05/08 Neale Mahoney
Chicago Booth School of Business

Organizers: Arpit Gupta ( and Robert Richmond (