MBA Program Overview

The Department of Finance curriculum provides an understanding of the finance decision-making process and insights into how financial markets function. The curriculum provides an integral part of the education for students seeking finance positions in financial institutions, industry, government or nonprofit institutions.

Courses in finance are divided into two broad categories. One category focuses on microfinance issues: corporation finance and investments. The second category focuses on macrofinance issues: financial markets and the international financial system. All finance courses apply economic analysis, accounting, and quantitative methods to the financial questions encountered.

The Department of Finance is home to a world-renowned faculty. Our faculty have won numerous prestigious awards for teaching and research, including Professor Robert Engle, recipient of the 2003 Nobel Prize in Economics. Some of our faculty serve as government advisers, consultants to leading firms and major government agencies, journal editors, trustees and directors of corporate and nonprofit firms. Members of our faculty are leaders in their disciplines having authored some of the most popular textbooks in the field and some of the most widely cited research articles.