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Now Available: Summer 2021 Graduate Real Estate Courses

The Real Estate Specialization provides rigorous training in (i) the economics of real estate development and investment, the financing of such projects, leasing, and appraisal of buildings, (ii) the pricing/valuation and trading of financial instruments with real estate as the underlying, such Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS), residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities (MBS), and related derivative and structured finance products such as collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), credit default swaps (CDS), and index products (CDX, ABX, etc.), (iii) the workings of real estate primary and secondary markets, including the various participants in these markets, their roles, and (iv) the legal, taxation, and regulatory environment.  Elective courses can be chosen to emphasize the commercial real estate development process or the investment strategies in real estate capital markets. With an appropriate choice of elective courses, this track provides in-depth preparation for careers in real estate development, real estate brokerage, real estate project investment for private equity firms, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, and careers in real estate finance in the fixed income or equity desks of investment banks (research, sales & trading), hedge funds, and sovereign wealth funds.

MORE INFORMATION: Official Stern Specialization Website (with information on requirements and non-Stern courses)

Why you should study real estate at NYU Stern


Foundations of Finance
Corporate Finance 

Real estate specialization courses: three courses among this list must be taken for the specialization (all courses are 3 unit courses unless othwerwise specified):

1.Real Estate Primary Markets (FINC-GB.2329, co-req: Corporate Finance FINC-GB.2302)
2.Real Estate Capital Markets (FINC-GB.2339)
3.Real Estate Transactions (BSPA-GB.2300)
4.Real Estate Development and Entrepreneurship (OPMG-GB.2360)
5.Real Estate Investment Strategies (FINC-GB.2341)
6.Urban Systems (ECON-GB.3375)
7.Operations in Panama (OPMG-GB.2312)
8.Operations in Entertainment: Las Vegas (OPMG-GB.2313) 
9.Law and Economics of Municipal Governance (ECON-GB.3182)
10. Project Finance and Infrastructure Investment (B40.3186.10 FINC-GB.3186.10)
11. At most one course from the list of pre-approved non-Stern courses:  

Advice for Students Pursuing RE Specialization