UG Real Estate Club (Stern Real Estate Group - SREG)

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The Stern Real Estate Group (SREG) strives to bring a greater understanding of the real estate industry to undergraduates. SREG achieves this goal through both professional speakers and student presentations. New York City allows SREG to invite speakers from the top ranks of the real estate world to its meetings. In the past, individuals such as William Mack of Mack-Cali, David Henry, CIO of Kimco Realty, and Kenneth Horn, President of Alchemy Properties Inc, have come to discuss their experiences. In addition, SREG takes advantage of the broad academic offerings at NYU by asking speakers from other departments and schools to speak to the group. Through student presentations, the SREG touches on the academic component of real estate as well. The goal of these presentations is to help members comprehend the fundamental skills necessary to understand real estate. The Glossary Presentation, for example, familiarizes students with important real estate terms like capitalization rate, net operating income, and due diligence. Case studies that demonstrate how to analyze potential real estate investments, locations, and markets are also presented and discussed by members of the club.

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