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Impact Possible

Five teams of MBA students partnered with social-mission-based organizations around NYC for the project-based learning course, Strategy with a Social Purpose.
“Learning by doing is an essential part of internalizing a business school education,” said MBA student Sara Feierstein, reflecting on her experience in the Spring 2016 course, Strategy with a Social Purpose, led by Professor of Management Melissa Schilling. “Experiential projects like ours give students the opportunity to work through some of the challenges non-profit organizations routinely face and ultimately be more prepared to tackle them in organizations after graduation.”
Working in teams, Sara and her classmates partnered with five non-profit organizations around the New York City area to develop, prioritize and implement recommendations that will help their clients achieve their strategic planning and operational goals. “By equipping us with skills that enable us to utilize our MBA and strategy tool sets, this class allowed us to take our education to the real world and have direct, meaningful and measurable impact on a mission-driven organization,” said MBA student Heather Luciano.
Click on the photos below to learn more about these students and their partner organizations, ranging from a non-profit focused on increasing financial inclusion among African immigrants in the Bronx to a network of free clinics that promote health care to at-risk and underserved populations.

CLIMB NYC Free Clinic
Pan-African Community Development Initiative Shelter Chic
Women Rising