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The Paul J. Friedman Small Acts of Kindness Memorial Fellowship

We are pleased to spotlight The Paul J. Friedman Small Acts of Kindness Memorial Fellowship, endowed by the Small Acts of Kindness Foundation, to support student participants in the Stern Consulting Corps (SCC) and Stern Social Impact Internship Fund (SIIF).

About the Fellowship

NYU Stern is honored to present the Paul J. Friedman Small Acts of Kindness Memorial Fellowship. Established in 2006 through a partnership between NYU Stern and the board of directors of the Small Acts of Kindness Foundation (SAKF), the program has annually supported exceptional MBA students who participate in the Stern Consulting Corps (SCC) and the Stern Social Impact Internship Fund (SIIF). Both programs have represented innovative consulting internship program that enable students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to help revitalize small and minority-owned businesses, as well as benefit nonprofit organizations in New York City. The Foundation's board elected to use all of its assets to endow this program to create a permanent tribute in honor of alumnus Paul J. Friedman, MBA 1987, who perished in the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Paul Friedman was a shy, kind man with an incredible mind. Of the five Friedman siblings, he was both listener and problem solver. Throughout his academic and professional life, he played a similar role. Paul is an alumnus of the John Dewey High School in Brooklyn. With an undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University and advanced degrees from both New York University Stern School of Business and the University of Michigan, he was at the end of his life a management consultant for Emergence Consulting in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

“While Mr. Friedman was easily the brightest person who worked at Emergence Consulting," said company co-founder Allen Rupple, "he had a dry sense of humor and often did silly things."* His career began at Bell Laboratories, and also included stints at American Management Systems, Fleet Bank, and Cap Gemini.

Paul's passion for life was evident to all who watched, knew and admired him. He exhibited drive and persistence throughout his career and was an inspiration to those with whom he connected. His life reflects the courage and ideals that NYU Stern strives to instill in its students. “My brother, Paul, was deeply committed to improving the world around him,” noted Amy J. Radin, President of the SAKF. “As such, my entire family and I find supporting the SCC a particularly appropriate way to honor him, as it enables a new generation of Stern business students to gain valuable practical knowledge while fostering the social consciousness and importance of community involvement that he so greatly valued.”

NYU Stern is proud to partner with the Foundation's board to celebrate our ideals and the resilience of the City and community of which Paul was a part for much of his life. Paul's legacy will now continue to be accomplished by generations of Stern MBA students.

* Quotation taken from a profile by Dore Carroll published in THE STAR-LEDGER.
Taken from "Remember September 11, 2001: a site presented by"

Fellowship Recipients

Summer 2018
Leslie Chao, MBA 2019

Leslie spent her summer interning at the Aspen Institute. She contributed to a project to integrate more social impact and sustainability into business school education and helped to reimagine their weekly newsletter. 

Summer 2017
Andrew Karas, MBA Candidate 2018

Andrew will be working with SpringBoard Collective's summer school program. He will be overseeing 4 sites across NYC and will work closely with the ED to engage with principals, teachers, parents, and students. He will be analyzing daily student data, lead site team meetings, and troubleshoot as necessary.

Summer 2016
Joseph Nelson, MD/MBA Candidate 2017

Joseph with be working with Community Healthcare Network this summer. He will be working towards isolating patient bottlenecks, forecasting workflow, working & directing nurse practioners, and creating a curriculum for their education. He will be working directly under Chief Medical Officer who is also an MD/MBA.

Summer 2015
Haley Garrett, MBA Candidate 2016 

Haley is spending her summer at Enterprise Community Partners as an Impact Investing Intern. She will be working on projects focused on expanding access to affordable housing and expanding initiatives to green public housing.

Summer 2014
Irma Alvarez, MBA Candidate 2014

Irma is spending her summer at the Taproot Foundation, a 501 non-profit organization that engages design, marketing, IT, strategic management, and human resources professionals in pro bono to build the infrastructure of other nonprofit organizations.  She will be a fellow on the advisory services team and will be developing a business plan that will guide the expansion of Taproot's "probono as a talent development" strategy for corporate clients.

Summer 2013
Minden Koopman, MBA Candidate 2014

Minden spent her summer as an intern in the NYC Center for Economic Opportunity. In the internship, she benchmarked the program's financial data and impact data against similar organizations as well as conducted research to create "case studies" of program's success.

Summer 2012
Lauren Anderson, MBA Candidate 2013

Lauren spent her summer interning for The Real Food Challenge where she developed a fundraising strategy and operations plan for the next 5 years of the organization's growth. The Real Food Challenge is an organization designed to leverage the power of youth and universities to create a healthy, fair, and green food system. Prior to starting her MBA at NYU Stern, Lauren worked as a management consultant in Washington, DC and volunteered with StreetWise Partners and Ashoka where she became interested in strategic development and social impact.

Summer 2011
Stephanie Johnson, MBA Candidate 2012, Partnership & Business Development Intern grew out of a Bronx high school where teachers experienced first-hand the scarcity of learning materials in our public schools. engages the public in public schools by giving people a simple, accountable and personal way to address educational inequity. Stephanie will be creating an analysis of trends from the Partnerships and Business Development team's pipeline. She will perform an analysis of the partnerships process in order to streamline the work-flow and minimize bottlenecks. She will also develop a "business jargon" guidebook and training for the Partnerships and Business Development staff members to understand key business and marketing jargon (e.g., ROI, ROS, CPA, etc...), as well as key industry jargon.

Summer 2010
Orson Robbins-Pianka, MBA 2011

As part of the Stern Social Impact Internship Program, Orson interned at the Teach for America Headquarters. Read a blog post by Orson about his summer.

Spring 2009
Paula Rodriguez, MBA 2010

Paula worked with Housing + Solutions on a market analysis project. Paula and her team worked to identify sectors where women who face significant obstacles may be able to secure good jobs. Paula helped to identify specific industries and jobs that could offer the Housing + Solutions tenants the opportunity for future employment success.

Fall 2008
Kate Kibler, MBA 2009

Kate was selected to participate on the Clinton Foundation's Harlem Restaurant Program project. During this project Kate conducted research on the creation of a purchasing consortium for Harlem restaurateurs. Kate went over and above to interview various constituents on the viability of a purchasing consortium. Working with her team members and Booz & Co. mentors, she presented a clear analysis of the benefits and challenges of implementing a consortium for Harlem restaurant owners.

Spring 2008
Daniel Fisher, MBA 2009

Daniel consulted with the Clinton Foundation on their Harlem Restaurant Program. In this capacity, he conducted research and a completed a competitive analysis resulting in recommendations for a self-assessment tool and curriculum development.

Fall 2007
Elizabeth R. Greenbaum, MBA 2008

At the Legal Aid Society, Liz conducted an analysis of its grant management system and provided actionable recommendations for an improved and more efficient system.

Spring 2007
Diana Gonzalez Blanco, MBA 2008

Diana completed her internship with Step Up Women's Network, a national nonprofit membership organization dedicated to strengthening community resources for women and girls.

Fall 2006
Jennifer Mayer, MBA 2007

As the first Fellow, Jennifer completed her SCC fall internship was with the Clinton Foundation's Urban Enterprise Initiative. As part of a greater team, she was consulting JP Design, a Harlem architecture firm. Born and raised in Harlem, JP Design founder Zemilla Jackson started her solo practice with $200, a drawing table, paper and pencils after she was laid off from a major firm. She has gone on to design several affordable housing and nonprofit developments around New York. Ms. Preston became involved with the program to update her business plan, improve cash flow and improve general operations. JP Design is one of only a handful of African-American, female-owned architecture firms in the nation.


We would like to gratefully acknowledge the contributors to the Paul J. Friedman Small Acts of Kindness Memorial Fellowship, whose generosity has made this initiative possible. We invite you to contribute to the Fund.

Stephen and Sandra Abramson
Audrey Ades
Richard and Elaine Ades
Yasmine Anavi, Stern MBA 1983
Tom and Moira Apperson
Apogee, Inc.
Norma Arnold
Mara and Keith Aspinoll
Judy and Michael Bailit
Anne Calhoun Baker
Rabbi Stephen Bayer
Gary Belowich
Raphel Benaroya
Naftali and Gilat Bennett
Rose and Michael Bergamo
Sebastian Bio
Amy Blau
Richard Breed, III
Helane and Michael Brendsel
Judith Bresler
Jonathan Bressman
Cheryl and Craig Brod
Jon and Carol Brodsky
Michael and Lisa Bronner
Stanley and Suzanne Brotman
Greg and Patti Bruns
Kenneth P. Carroll, Esq.
Anand and Padmini Cavale
Geoffrey and Donna Chellis
Ellen Cohen
Jeanne T. Cohn-Connor
Jess and Jane Colen
Paul M. Da Silva
Murray and Bea Diamond
Alice and Bob Dillon
Pamela Dorman
The Drimer Family
Phyllis and Ken Ellenbogen
John Epstein
Michele Falkow
Grace and Sidney Falow
Janice Feinson
Kathy and Jeff Feld
Wendy and Bob Fischler
Robin and Matthew Fishman
Bill and Stacey Fisse
Steven Flessig
Steve and Neena Freiberg
Bob and Barbara Friedman
Iris Friedman
James Friedman
Mark and Carolyn Friedman
Krista Friedman
Philip and Paula Friedman
Selma Friedman
Thea Fuhrmann
Susan Gerould
Denise Giacomozzi
Tom and Tina Gibian
Joel Glucksman
Lori Gold
Nancy Golding
Clint and Elisa Greenbaum
Elaine and George Greenberger
Alan Greenberger
Randy and Lee Greenberger
Andy and John Grissinger
Randy and Janet Grossman
Joseph and Sara Harrington
Heidi and Robert Harrington
Amy Harris
Michael Hedden
Ann Harrington Heider
Diethild Harrington Heider
Bob and Nancy Hartheimer
Michael Hiles and Janey Place
Derene A. Hinchliff
Ken and Vicki Hoffman
Harry and Sue Horowitz
Julie House
Brian and Tammy Jersey
Geoffrey Judge
Michael Kay
Andrew Kass
Mark and Carole Kaufmann
Michele Whitman and Jesse Keefe
Bob Kettenmann
Wendy and Gerald Kleinbaum
Ronnie and Peter Knitzer
George and Lisa Kok
William H. Korman
Kim and Robert Krauss
Barbara and Richard Kurz
Gary Lattin
Joseph Lambariello
Julie and Stan Lekach
David Lenefsky
Kimi and Pepe Levene
Leslie and Samuel Levene
Jane Liebschutz
Cecilia Lindenfelser
Rhoda and Irving Mansfield
Andrew and Heather Meyer
Lauren and Peter Meyer
Michael Meyer
Susan and James Millen
Risa and Cliff Millot
Tirza and Warren Mitlak
Helene and Steve Moehlman
Janina Montero
Mark and Barbara Morgenlender
Scott and Laurie Moss
Karen Muchnick
Andrea and John Nadai
Gregg and Cheryl Nathanson
Georgeann O'Keefe
Sandra and Wayne Paradis
Pam and Jeff Paro
Patricia Parsighian
Rebecca and David Pietrowski
Keith Powell
Meryl and David Price
Kimi Puntillo
Brian and Stacey Radin
Doris Radin
Joan and Carl Radin
Amy and Mitchell Radin
Roy Radin
Selma Radin
Jo Recht
Andy Riddles
Amy Rubinstein
Ann and Larry Rubin
Joan and Corrine Winston-Rubin
Melvin and Helen Rubin
Donald and Susan Rudnick
Peter and Cheryl Rung
Lawrence Sager
Robert and Lisa Sapolsky
Jeff and Debbie Schumacher
Sid and Albee Schunkenwitz
Lenore Schupak
Sandra Schwartz
Phillip and Wendy Schwartz
Wendy and Matt Seiden
Phyllis Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sherman
Bijal and Dwight Shipman
Simon and Irene Shtofmakher
Mr. and Mrs. George Shockey
Mr. and. Mrs. David Siver
Renee Silverman
David and Melissa Simon
Frank Sisti (Clarfeld Financial Advisors)
Steve and Jan Smith
Dale Smith
Joan Smith
Harold Somer
Rob and Lianne Steele
David and Debbie Stepansky
Wendy and Don Susswein
John and Noreen Sweeney
Marcia and Naftali Tal
Isa and Michael Tcheyan
Larry and Sheila Toal
Bert Tobin
Alexandra Tyler
Michael and Anna Van Huyster
The Small Acts of Kindness Foundation and all of its donors
United Retail Group
Françoise and Roland Weiser
Norman Weissman
Michele Whitham
Elaine Winic
Karl and Joanne Wohler
Tim and Cathy Woodlock
Joseph Woolf, Stern MBA 1988
Joanne Zalac
Dawn Zappetti
Jane and Michael Zuckerman


NYU Stern School of Business is dedicated to creating opportunities for its students to express their social consciousness and sense of community involvement. Through innovative programs like the SCC, SIIF, and our new partnership with the board of the Small Acts of Kindness Foundation, we are honored to present The Paul J. Friedman Small Acts of Kindness Memorial Fellowship to one exceptional student each semester. If you would like to contribute to The Paul J. Friedman Small Acts of Kindness Memorial Fellowship, please send a check payable to NYU Stern School of Business (write “Paul J. Friedman / SAKF” in the memo line) to the attention of:

Stephanie Halperin
Assistant Director
NYU Stern School of Business
44 West Fourth Street, Suite 10-160
New York, NY 10012-1126

Your contributions are 100 percent tax deductible. We are grateful for your generosity and support.