Sponsorship Opportunities

NYU Stern's Corporate Partners are engaged in dynamic events and conferences that provide access and visibility to our 5,000+ students across all programs. Graduate Programs
For the MBA program, the more than 40 MBA student clubs serve as the focal point of industry- and community-specific activity, and create a targeted platform for corporations to engage various communities.

Below is a roster of the announced MBA Student Conferences for the 2016-2017 academic year that offer access and visibility amongst many of the major clubs. Club Presidents are listed below and corporate partners are invited to connect with them directly. Alternatively, Kate Gregory, Director of Corporate Relations, at kgregory@stern.nyu.edu or (212) 998-0964 or Hanna Chung, Associate Director of Corporate Relations, at hchung@stern.nyu.edu or (212) 998-0579  is available to answer questions about any of these opportunities and to provide support liaising with the clubs.

Fall 2016

Association of Hispanic and Black Business Students (AHBBS)

Annual Conference: October 21, 2016
President: Mensah Amen-Ra, MBA 2017: mar952@stern.nyu.edu and Fabienne Brookman, MBA 2017: fba221@stern.nyu.edu

The annual AHBBS Case Competition is consistently one of the largest at NYU Stern and succeeds in attracting students each year from national peer MBA programs. The event represents a unique opportunity for a diverse group of leading companies to engage an audience of current AHBBS members, top minority prospective students, AHBBS alumni and guests. The current AHBBS membership includes roughly 100 highly qualified African-American and Latino students from a variety of professional interests including banking, consulting, finance, marketing, media and entertainment and more. Sponsors will make a powerful impression on talented minority candidates.

Graduate Finance Association (GFA)

Annual Conference: November 4, 2016
Co-Presidents: Hirsh Shukla, MBA 2017: hirsh.shukla@stern.nyu.edu and Derek McBride, MBA 2017: derek.mcbride@stern.nyu.edu

The GFA is Stern's largest MBA student-run organization, with membership of nearly 800 MBA candidates and hundreds of alumni. Its goal is to educate and prepare students for finance related careers, including investment banking, investment management, sales and trading, commercial banking, and non-investment banking corporate finance. Each year the GFA holds a major conference, open to the entire NYU Stern community, to showcase leading industry professionals to discuss trends in various areas of the finance industry; provide commentary on current events; and offer insight into the steps necessary to build a successful career in finance. The event typically includes a keynote address; panel discussions on corporate finance, investment banking, private equity / venture capital, and sales, trading and research; Career Fair and a networking cocktail hour.

Graduate Marketing Association (GMA)

Annual Conference: November 11, 2016
GMA Co-Presidents: Ariel Rapoport, MBA 2017: asr497@stern.nyu.edu and Erica Schecter, MBA 2017: es2696@stern.nyu.edu

The Stern Graduate Marketing Association is a committed group of more than 700 full-time and part-time students interested in exploring the marketing of products and services across a wide variety of businesses and industries. The mission of the GMA is to help NYU Stern students gain a greater appreciation for the role of marketing in business by exposing them to the numerous and dynamic dimensions of the marketing function. The GMA strives to be a comprehensive marketing resource, and a continual source of support for Stern students, with special attention given to those individuals who aspire to pursue careers in marketing.

Luxury & Retail Club (LARC)

Annual Conference: October 14, 2016
Co-Presidents: Katrhyn Carski, MBA 2017: klc535@stern.nyu.edu and Ava Ginsberg, MBA 2017: abg349@stern.nyu.edu

Established in 2004 as a pioneering career-based outreach program for students interested in the luxury & retail sectors, the mission of the NYU Stern Luxury & Retail Club is to promote NYU Stern as a premier source of talent and academic leadership in the luxury and retail industries. The club engages directly with executives, alumni, professors and students connected to the luxury and retail communities. In 2009, NYU Stern introduced a new MBA specialization entitled Luxury Marketing. The Club is proud that NYU Stern is one of the first business schools with an official specialization dedicated to the luxury and retail industries. Club leaders collaborated with industry executives and faculty to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum driven by today's industry leaders. The Annual Conference has become an established tradition that draws on many constituencies to support the student community.

Stern Healthcare Symposium (SHA)

Healthcare Summit: October 28, 2016
Co-Presidents: Kyle Boutin, MBA 2017: kb1190@stern.nyu.edu and Adam Ilowite, MBA 2017: afi222@stern.nyu.edu

SHA aims to bring together MBA students who have an interest in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The annual symposium raises awareness of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector within the Stern community, and serves as a recruitment connection for all healthcare related professions, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device firms as well as healthcare related professional service firms in consulting and finance.

Spring 2017

Social Enterprise Association (SEA)

Social Innovation Symposium: February 10, 2017
SEA Presidents: Charles Mangiardi, MBA 2017: clm587@stern.nyu.edu and Amy McDermott, MBA 2017: am5189@stern.nyu.edu

At NYU Stern, social enterprise is understood as the intersection between business and society. Through engagement and education, SEA seek opportunities to leverage our skill set to create positive change throughout our professional business careers. SEA is an inclusive resource and network of individuals from varied backgrounds - from finance to microfinance, investment banking to impact investing, marketing to advocacy, general management to nonprofit management, pharma to public health, and more. The SEA enables corporate sponsors to visibly differentiate themselves as potential employers for MBA's in this vital consideration by highlighting their commitment to social responsibility.

Entertainment, Media, & Technology Association (EMTA)

Media & Entertainment Summit: April 7, 2017
EMTA President & VP: Lucy Shaw, MBA 2017: lucy.shaw@stern.nyu.edu and Vikrant Bhaskarwar, MBA 2017: vb1075@stern.nyu.edu

The Annual MBA Media and Entertainment Conference brings together the world's top MBA students and alumni with media, entertainment, sports and consulting companies. The goal of the conference is to foster informative dialogue about and enhance networking within the film, music, broadcast and cable television, sports, interactive and publishing industries. Each year, the event is produced by student media associations from five founding schools (NYU Stern, Columbia Business School, Duke Fuqua, MIT Sloan, and Wharton School of Business) and includes the participation of students from over 20 graduate business programs from around the world. Corporate sponsorship of this conference provides companies the opportunity to interact with the nation's leading MBA students seeking careers in media, entertainment and related consulting fields.

Latin American Business Association (LABA)

Annual Conference: February 24, 2017
LABA Co-Presidents: Gabriel Doria, MBA 2017: gabriel.doria@stern.nyu.edu and Rodrigo Vargas, MBA 2017: rodrigo.vargas@stern.nyu.edu

The Latin American Business Association (LABA) is a student organization with the mission of creating a liaison between Latin America and the Stern Community at an academic, corporate, and social level facilitating and promoting cultural and professional exchange.

Stern Private Equity Club (SPEC)

Annual Conference: March 3, 2017
SPEC Co-Presidents: Javier Cuellar, MBA 2017: jwc479@stern.nyu.edu and Scott Ennis, MBA 2017: sce273@stern.nyu.edu

The Stern Private Equity Club's objective is to educate and prepare students for careers in private equity and venture capital. This goal is attained through a host of activities, such as education workshops, résumé critique, mock interviews, panels and speakers' series, alumni mixers and networking events, and conferences. Notably, the club co-hosts a Symposium off-campus with leading professionals in the industry each spring. With private equity investment continuing to grow and revolutionize new markets, the club is on the leading edge of creating a premiere forum for NYU Stern faculty, students, alumni and industry professionals to discuss trends and issues in the industry.

Stern Women in Business (SWIB)

Annual Conference: March 31, 2017
SWIB Co-Presidents: Kelli Greenberg, MBA 2017: klg312@stern.nyu.edu and Julianne Helinek, MBA 2017: jth331@stern.nyu.edu

(SWIB) is an organization that promotes female students' personal and professional development by providing networking and social interaction opportunities with NYU Stern students, faculty, administrators, and alumni, as well as the outside business community. SWIB is committed to creating a supportive community by addressing the topics significant to women in business and providing a forum where diverse experiences, perspectives and resources can be shared. Each February, SWIB consistently delivers one of the most well-attended and popular annual conferences.The event brings together a select group of the top female applicants and is a unique forum to showcase the School and its strong relationships with key Corporate Partners.

Stern Real Estate Club (SREC)

REC Co-Presidents: Josh Bissinger, MBA 2017: jlb672@stern.nyu.edu and Eric Weiss, MBA 2017: esw250@stern.nyu.edu

The Stern Real Estate Club (SREC) exists to provide a forum for both full-time and part-time students interested in all aspects of real estate to exchange ideas, share experiences and participate in club-sponsored events and ventures. The SREC plays a significant role in promoting greater awareness of the real estate industry to club members and the larger Stern community by sponsoring events that foster career search contacts, discussions of industry trends, insight into market opportunities and comprehensive skill-set development.