Giving FAQs

Many alumni have questions about how to give and what gifts to the Stern Fund support. Please see below for answers to many frequently asked questions.

Why should I make a gift?

Your gift will enable NYU Stern to develop future business leaders who will transform 21st century problems into opportunities and create value for business and society. A gift to Stern has an exponential impact, reaching far beyond the School itself. Providing access to education for the world's best and brightest students, especially those in need, has the power to transform lives, families, and entire communities. By making a gift to Stern, you are investing in our collective future and also increasing the value of the Stern degree for every student and alumnus/a.

Where does my money go?

Gifts to the Stern Fund provide unrestricted resources that allow Stern's leadership to invest strategically in the School. Through such gifts the School is able to exercise freedom and flexibility in addressing unexpected needs that arise in areas such as scholarship funding, curriculum innovation, facility enhancement, recruitment of top-caliber faculty, and alumni services.

You may also make a restricted gift to support a specific need, such as scholarship funding, faculty research, or facilities renovations. To address the great need for scholarships, NYU has launched the $1 billion Momentum Campaign. Visit the Momentum Campaign's website to learn more.

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Can I make a gift while I'm still paying back school loans?

We appreciate that many of our alumni are still paying for their educations. Collectively, gifts as little as $18.31, in honor of the year NYU was founded, have the ability to harness the power of thousands of supporters and make a huge impact.

I don't anticipate being able to make a large gift, so why should I bother making a small one?

Every gift to NYU Stern, regardless of size, makes a difference for the School and increases the value of a Stern degree. We value our loyal annual fund donors and encourage all alumni to give whatever they can. Every dollar counts!

How is the alumni participation rate calculated and why does it matter?

The alumni participation rate is a term used in higher education to indicate the percentage of alumni who make a contribution to their alma maters. It is recalculated each year and is based on the number of alumni who give, not the size of the gift. A school's alumni participation rate is a measure closely watched by school administrators and observers of higher education since it affects both the ranking and reputation of a school. Therefore, a school's alumni participation rate—large or small—has the power to influence prospective students, faculty, employers, and those responsible for distributing grant money and other forms of funding.

How will my gift make a difference in meeting Stern's need for student scholarships?

Many small gifts add up to sizeable amounts that make an enormous difference in the lives of deserving students. When the constant worry of survival and making ends meet is lifted for students in need, we find that they thrive and excel academically. They can focus on what truly matters—their Stern education—and are able to take part in activities and experiences that propel them into successful careers.

What's the difference between restricted and unrestricted giving?

Restricted giving is for a specific purpose, such as for student scholarships, programmatic support, or facilities enhancements. Unrestricted giving allows the School to use the funds strategically and for unexpected expenses that may arise.

What's an endowed gift?

An endowed gift is invested, and only the investment returns are utilized for the donor's stated purpose. Common examples of endowed gifts are scholarships and professorships.

What is NYU's endowment?

As of August 31, 2013, NYU's endowment stood at $2.8 billion. Total distributions from the endowment represent approximately 4% of the university's annual operating budget.

What is a planned gift?

A planned gift is a major gift made in a donor's lifetime or at death as part of a donor's overall financial or estate plan. These gifts typically come from a variety of sources including cash, securities/stock, real estate, life insurance, trusts, retirement plans, or other types of assets. Because of the tax benefits associated with a planned gift, this type of giving can be very attractive for both the School and the donor. For more information on planned giving, please call our office at 212-998-4161.