General FAQ

Accounts Payable & AMEX Questions

1. How long will it take to receive a reimbursement for an expense?

If the expense is submitted via SAP Concur or Albert SIS, once all of the approvers in a given request have initiated an expense reimbursement, it takes Accounts Payable 2-3 days to process the payment.

2. What type of supporting documents are required for a reimbursement?

  1. Original, itemized receipts are required.
  2. For meal reimbursements, alcohol must be segregated under account code 65183.
  3. For business trips it is always advised to include a travel memo explaining the reason for travel.
  4. For invoices; original invoices, no statements or quotes. 

3. Where can I find a list of account codes?

The accounts are listed numerically in an excel sheet under [Expense Accounts]

4. Does NYU process reimbursement in a foreign currency?

There are two ways of getting reimbursed in a foreign currency.

  • A draft-which is issued as a check by the respective bank to the payee.
  • A wire transfer- which is issued to activities performed outside of the United States. All wire transfers must include a wire transfer form filled out with all appropriate bank information. Wire Transfers can only be done on international bank accounts. If all of the appropriate information is included processing time should take 3 weeks for the wire to be transmitted. 

5. How long will a RUSH on a payment or reimbursement take? 

Accounts Payable requires 21 days to process all reimbursements or payments. If you require your request to be a “RUSH,” the payment can be made within 7-10 business days.

6. Should a W-9 be included with payments being made to a business or individual?

Yes a W-9 should be included with your paperwork if the payment is being requested for a business or an Individual within the United States and this is the FIRST time they are being paid by NYU.

7. Will a W-9 be needed for a payment to a business or individual who is a non-US Citizen? 

No a W-9 form is not needed in this case. However a Tax Compliance form for Non-US Citizens performing work abroad should be attached. The form can be found here: [Tax Compliance Form]

8. Can I pay a vendor for an amount/invoice over $1000? 

If the amount of an invoice is over $1000 a Purchase Order must be submitted. 

9. Do I need to attach the Per Diem rate sheet with my reimbursement?

Yes the per diem rate sheet must be attached to ALL reimbursements whether in the United States or abroad as per Accounts Payable’s policy. US Department of State Per Diem rate sheets can be found at: [Per Diem Rate Sheet]   

10. AMEX Questions


Basic Financial Reporting Questions

How do I access UDW+?

        A. Login to iLearn via the Work tab at [NYU Home]. 
        B. Complete FIN800 and FIN801.  
        C. Fill out Chartfield Access form.

Faculty STARS Account Questions

When do I need to submit expense reimbursement by?

Within sixty days of making the expenditure.


Purchasing Questions

1. What is a purchase order?

A Purchase Order (PO) is a contract for suppliers to provide goods/services to the University and for the University to pay for those goods/services according to the agreed terms. Before a purchase order gets issued a requisition needs to be created.

2. When to submit a purchase order?

Any goods or services over $1000 or that require a signed contracted must be submitted as a purchase order.  If the amount of the invoice is more than $1000 but less than $2,500 a Low Dollar purchase order should be created.        

Items that do NOT require a Purchase Order:

  • advertisements
  • advisory fees
  • annuity payments
  • books and periodicals
  • cable and television bills
  • car services
  • catering
  • commission fees
  • conference/registration fees
  • conference space
  • courier services
  • events tickets when purchased for program related activities
  • insurance payments (comprehensive, general liability, malpractice)
  • legal fees
  • mailing lists
  • mass transit tickets to be used for local business travel by the school or department
  • medical billing companies
  • membership fees
  • permits
  • refunds (classes or seminars not paid through the Office of the Bursar, patient refunds)
  • reprints
  • subscriptions (renewals, magazines, newspapers, etc.)
  • temporary service agencies
  • test materials (standardized testing)
  • tickets
  • utility bills

All contracts or agreements associated with a Purchase Order must be signed by Purchasing Services. Individual Departments or schools are not permitted to sign contracts or agreements on behalf of the University. Contracts, proposals or letters of intent that are signed and returned to suppliers directly by a department may be disclaimed by the University and may lead to legal liability in the event they lack appropriate contractual safeguards.

2. How to submit a Purchase Order? 

Currently POs can only be created in i-Buy NYU. Legacy POs are available in a read-only view in the University's legacy procure-to-pay system, eReq.


3. What types of Purchase Orders are available on i-Buy NYU?

Order Type Description
Standing Order Form

(PO# prefix SiB)
Repetitive, specified services or items, or categories of items, from the same supplier over period of up to one year, or on a monthly basis.

The University is obtaining more favorable pricing through volume commitments.

Contract is in place with the supplier along with negotiated pricing.
Catalog/PunchOut Order

(PO# prefix iB)
Staples, CDW, or any supplier that has been set up on the Marketplace with contracted pricing and goods/services.
Services/Non Catalog Order  

(PO # prefix iB)
One time goods or service orders allowing for free form descriptions.

4. What types of Purchase Order Forms are available on i-Buy NYU?

Purchase Order Form Description
Bid Waiver Order Form Used for the purchase of supplies, equipment or services not under contract requiring the expenditure of funds in excess of $10,000 (with the exception of Construction Services, which has a separate threshold).
Catering Order Form Used for all catering order requests from NYU’s approved caterers. Caterers that are not approved are subject to further Procurement team review.
Change Order Form See Tip Sheet on Requesting a Change Order for more information.
Standing Order Form: Used as justified for repetitive, specified services or items from the same supplier over period of up to one year, or on a monthly basis. See Tip Sheet on Requesting a Standing Orders for more information.
Subaward Form Replaces the Flextecs subaward invoice approval process. The format of this form has been designed to ensure the proper accounting structure is applied to the resulting purchase order.
Venue/Events Form Used for space and event-related expenditures. Requests must be submitted sufficiently in advance of the event to allow for any deposits or check requests to be processed.

4. How does a Purchase Order get paid? 

Signed invoices (referencing the PO#) must be sent to After an invoice has been received by Accounts Payable, payments can take at least 20 business days for a check to be issued.

5. Who is eligible for corporate cards (American Express) and what is the application procedure? 

Managers, Faculty and Directors can apply for a corporate card to facilitate business expenses. To apply for a corporate card:

  1. Fill out the Corporate Card application [Corporate Card Application Form]
  2. Submit to Budget Department for approval. 

Note:  Statements must be reconciled on a timely basis and payments processed through AP Workflow.  Corporate card late fee charges will apply and are not reimbursable.

6. What is a Corporate Travel Accounts (CTAs) and what is the application procedure?

Corporate Travel Accounts can be used for departmental travel including accommodations, airfare, rail and ground transportation. To apply for a corporate travel account: 

  1. Fill out CTA application [CTA Application]
  2. Submit to Budget Department  for approval. 

Note: Not for personal travel.  Does not include travel meals, per diem, incidental expenses.

7. How do I purchase items from the NYU Computer Store/Bookstore Purchases?

Effective immediately the NYU Computer Store and Bookstore no longer accept Requisition Forms brought into the store. Purchases must be processed through i-Buy NYU.