Reimbursement Document Checklist

1. Travel

  • Business purpose and proof of attendance
    • Registration receipt or event/meeting materials that indicate name, date and venue
    • Invitation or email request to speak
    • Provide abstract, and list the collaborators’ name and affiliation, research related meetings, and/or institutions visited
    • Supervisor's approval (Administrators only)
  • Transportation
    • Air: boarding passes, airline itinerary, airfare receipt
    • Rail: passenger tickets that indicate cost, date and time
    • Car/Taxi: car rental, car service &/or taxi receipts that indicate date
      • 20% maximum tip reimbursement(pretax)
    • Explanation for any non-evident or extra travel, for example a multi-leg trip
  • Hotel folio or itemized bill for lodging. NYU’s maximum allowable room cost is $300/day excluding taxes.
    • Exceptions must be approved by Stern’s Chief Fiscal Officer before travel
      • When submitting an exception, please submit search NYU Traveler backup
  • Meal receipts that are itemized
    • Tips should not exceed 20% of the pretax total
    • Segregation of alcohol expenses
  • Per diem, limited to 7 calendar days, requires documentation of trip arrival and departure

2. Non-travel Meals relating to business meetings/events

  • Business purpose and attendees & affiliation
  • Original itemized receipt and proof of payment
  • Segregation of alcohol expenses
  • Tips should not exceed 20% of the pre-tax total
  • Meetings between Stern employees fall under Team Building

3. Team Building (Administrators only)

  • Should not exceed $200 per person per year
  • Consists of the entire team
  • Paid for by the most senior administrator
  • Includes new hire lunches between new hire and immediate supervisor
  • Original receipt and proof of payment

4. Telephone, cell phone, and internet access

  • Current monthly itemized bill
  • Explanation of excess usage and/or roaming charges
  • Employee may be reimbursed up to $65/month if the employee is routinely on call and needs a cell phone to perform his or her position effectively (Administrators only)
    • Must be approved by Department Head
  • Internet is not reimbursable (Administrators only)

5. Office Supplies/Hardware

  • iBuy must be used

6. On-line purchases

  • Print-out summarizing the type and amount of purchase, the date, and total cost
  • Proof of payment required, such as credit card statement or transaction summary 

7. Class meals or student awards OR prizes

  • Class list for class meals.
  • Recipient name for gifts. If cash gift is $25 or more, also need Student ID # or Social Security # and address. Gift cards are treated as cash. 

8. Guest Tavel and Third Party Payments

  • NYU employees are not allowed to pay for guest travel arrangements, such as hotel or air fare. A department CTA card may be used, or the guest will be reimbursed directly from NYU.
  • In order to comply with federal regulations, NYU employees should not directly pay for professional services themselves. 

9. Life Events.

  • Life event expenses such as birthday celebrations, baby, and wedding showers are not reimbursable.

10. Car Service

  • The University generally does not reimburse transportation to/from an employee’s residence to/from Stern. However, expenses for travel from business related events after 9 pm will be considered for reimbursement.
    • Economical options (ex: taxi, Uber, and Lyft) must be used for exceptions

Original resources:
Stern Teaching and Research Supplement (STARS) Handbook, April 2023
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