An integral part of Student Life at NYU Stern is the reimbursement process that is conducted for all expenditures carried out by clubs and the governing bodies.

We are excited to announce there is a NEW electronic process for student reimbursements and awards, Albert SIS(must be connected to VPN to access).

MBA and undergraduate students should contact their respective offices of student engagement. PhD students should contact their academic department to inititate all requests.

Please read this tip sheet for getting set up. 

Student Day

In general, student reimbursements have to abide by the same rules as administrators:
  • All reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 days
  • Proof of payment should be included 
  • A clear business reason should be stated
  • Original receipts should be attached
    • If original receipt(s) are not available or unreadable, please fill out a Missing Document Form
    • Organize receipts by expense category and then by date
    • Please fill out the Missing Document Form for all cash receipts
*If reimbursement is $300 or less, and student opts for cash reimbursement, the student should bring the approved email to the Bursar's Office.