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Class Registration

Get Ready for Registration! Fall registration begins the week of April 24

Before registration becomes available for the fall and spring semesters, the Office of the Registrar sets an enrollment appointment time for all undergraduate students. Your specific registration time will be available to view under the "Enrollment Dates" box on the right side of your Student Center on Albert. (Summer and January terms do not require registration appointments; you can register as soon as registration becomes available for those semesters). Make sure to check for any registration holds on the Albert home page. Some holds may prevent you from registering. Take care of them prior to your registration time. Also, make sure to read through course notes carefully before enrolling in a class to make sure you meet the prerequisites!

Check out these helpful registration links (can also be found on your Academics tab in Stern Life):

Please be advised that class days/times are subject to change.  Be sure to review Albert before finalizing your schedule and before the first day of classes!

Helpful Registration Tips

Take advantage of the following tools and resources when planning your fall schedule.

Meet With Your Adviser

You are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment to discuss your proposed plan of study in advance of your registration appointment time. You can schedule an appointment via NYU Connect. Please don't forget that all appointments are held in ET/NYC time, so if you are abroad please account for any time difference

  • Advisers will be available for 30-minute in-person, Zoom, or phone appointments scheduled via NYU Connect. 15-minute appointments will begin on April 19th and run through April 28th. 30-minute appointments will resume on May 1st.
  • Advisers are also available during daily virtual Quick Visit drop-ins throughout the week. Zoom in during the listed time-frames to ask quick questions one-on-one to members of our advising team. See scheduling and Zoom Info on Stern Life.

Search for Classes and Course Evaluations

Use the course search on Albert to find classes. When viewing the search results, be sure to:

  • Write down the class number of each proposed course, as you will need it to register. If you are using the course search after having signed into Albert, you should see an option to "select class" when browsing through course options. This will automatically add the course to your shopping cart. 
  • Make a note of courses that also require a permission number to register (see step 6 for more on permission numbers.)
  • Read the departmental notes to determine if there are any course prerequisites or registration restrictions.
  • Be sure to read important pre-registration e-mails from the Advising office specifying specific courses that you should take based on your class year and/or major or concentration.
  • Course evaluations are a great planning tool for registration that allows you to see course feedback from students who have taken the class previously. Results from the Albert Course Evaluation tool are available to students via their Albert Student Center. After logging in, click the "Evaluation Published Results" link on the home page. It's important that you remember to fill out your evaluations at the end of each semester to help your fellow students better navigate their course selection process in the future.

New & Featured Courses - Fall 2023

For a full listing of open courses along with course descriptions and other important information, see the course index or Albert.

  • BSPA-UB 52 - Flourishing (3 credits)
    Prerequisite: Stern sophomores only
    People are like plants: if you get the conditions right, they will usually flourish. So what are those conditions, and why are so many members of Gen Z (born 1997 to 2012) failing to flourish? We will look at research in social and positive psychology on happiness, virtue, self-change, and personal growth. We will also look at ancient wisdom––insights into mind and heart passed down to us from many cultures because they work. The goal of this course is to help students understand the conditions that lead to flourishing, and then to develop specific habits that will help them to thrive at NYU, at work, and in their personal relationships.  
  • TECH-UB 57 - Data Science for Business (3 credits)
    This course teaches students how to structure and solve business problems using data-driven analysis and modeling. The course has three closely related goals: 1. To introduce students to state-of-the-art data-mining methods that support decision-making by extracting useful knowledge from the increasingly large volume of data that organizations collect; 2. To provide an analytical framework within which students can apply these data-mining techniques successfully to data-rich business problems; 3. To give students hands-on experience with using the techniques to extract knowledge from data. The emphasis is on creative problem formulation and analysis.

Study Away Information

Taking Remote/Online Courses While Away

  • Students studying at NYU London in the Fall 2023 (and Summer 2023) semester cannot enroll in any type of remote/online course (synchronous, asynchronous, independent study, etc...) due to immigration-related policies. This applies to all students enrolled in at NYU London regardless of their number of registered credits or the type of visa they hold.
  • Students enrolled at other NYU Global sites can enroll in remote/online courses provided there are no actual time conflicts and the student is enrolled in a minimum of 12 in-person credits offered by their study away site. Students can contact for assistance in overriding perceived/fake time conflicts.

Approved Alternatives for Liberal Arts Requirements


Graduate Accounting Courses for Fall 2023

The Accounting Department offers undergraduates an exciting range of advanced graduate-level accounting electives, which satisfy general accounting concentration requirements. Registration for these courses for non-BS/MS students opens on Monday, May 1st at 9:00 am (ET).

  • ACCT-GB 6300 Financial Statement Modeling (#18632)
    Date/Time: M/W 9:30-10:45am
    Prerequisites: ACCT-UB 3 Financial Statement Analysis and FINC-UB 2 Foundations of Finance
  • ACCT-GB 6302 Financial Reporting & Analysis (#18633)
    Date/Time: M/W 3:30-4:45pm
    Prerequisites: ACCT-UB 3 Financial Statement Analysis
  • ACCT-GB 6313 Auditing (#18634)
    Date/Time: T/Th 2-3:15pm
    Prerequisite: ACCT-UB 3 Financial Statement Analysis
  • ACCT-GB 6331 Advanced Managerial Accounting (#18635)
    Date/Time: T/Th 3:30-4:45pm
    Prerequisite: ACCT-UB 4 Managerial Accounting
  • ACCT-GB 6380 Taxation of Individuals & Business Income (#18636)
    Date/Time: MW 8:00-9:15am
    Prerequisite: ACCT-UB 1 Principles of Financial Accounting

Waitlisting and the Edit Swap Tool

Adding your name to a course waitlist does not guarantee enrollment. After a certain period (see NYU Academic Calendar), course waitlists are deactivated for the term. If you have not been able to enroll in the waitlisted course by this time, it is no longer an option for your schedule. If you plan to add your name to a waitlist, please be aware:

  • Not all courses have a waitlist option
  • Waitlists can become full and the course will show as closed
  • You can add yourself to a waitlist and set up an "EDIT SWAP" which will allow Albert to automatically drop you from a course on your schedule if you get off the waitlist.
  • You will not be able to waitlist for a course for which you don't meet the prerequisites.
  • You will not be able to get off a waitlist if there is a time conflict with another enrolled class or if the addition of that course would exceed the 18-unit semester limit.
  • Monitor your waitlist position and your class schedule as it may change; if you have set up the edit swap properly, you will be automatically enrolled in the course if you move up to the first position and space becomes available. 
  • To remove an edit swap, you need to go back to the edit swap menu, select the blank space at the top of the drop-down menu, and click "submit." Check your schedule; this should have removed the edit swap.

The Edit Swap Tool
If you plan to add yourself to a course waitlist but your schedule is already full, you may need to use the edit swap function.

To "Edit Swap," you must:

  • Register for an open back-up course to ensure a schedule of 16-18 credits
  • Waitlist yourself for the class you would prefer. Then set up an edit swap by following the steps below:
    1. Log on to your Student Center on Albert
    2. Scroll down to your schedule
    3. Select the "Edit Swap" button
    4. Select the course from your schedule that can be dropped (the “back-up course”) if you get off the waitlist
    5. Select "submit". You should see your waitlist position and the class number of the class you have the edit swap set up with on your schedule
    6. Albert will only drop you from your back-up if it is able to enroll you from the waitlist into your preferred course.

If you are already on a waitlist for a class and then enroll yourself into an open section of the same course, Albert will drop you from the waitlisted section because it will assume you got the course you needed. To avoid being dropped from a waitlist, first, enroll in an open section of that course and then waitlist yourself for the section you prefer. Finally, set up the "edit swap."

Enrolling in Non-Stern Elective Courses

If you are approved to take a course that requires a permission number or special authorization to register, you should contact the department offering the course to determine if you are eligible to enroll and to inquire about the necessary steps to obtain a permission number, and/or other special registration authorization.

Check out these classes across NYU to find an interesting elective to take!

Verify Your Schedule

You should always verify your registration on Albert by reviewing your final schedule. Be sure to correct all registration mistakes before the first day of classes to avoid financial penalties. Pay special attention to the start dates of all of your classes as some schools of the University offer courses in special sessions. Please also make sure that you are enrolled in at least 12 credits (full-time) unless you are in the second semester of your senior year and you can be part-time (enrolled in less than 12 credits) and still be on track to successfully complete your degree requirements.

Tuition & Fees

New York University sets tuition payment deadlines for each fall, winter, spring, and summer semester. These deadlines are printed on the Office of the Bursar's website.

In addition to payment information, please review the following financial resources also found on the Office of the Bursar's website: