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Honors Program Theses

All students, their thesis titles, and thesis advisers from each Honors Program class are listed on this page. Some students have opted not to share the full content of their thesis, for those who have granted permission, a full PDF version of their thesis is available through a direct hyperlink. If you would like to request an accessible version of the document, please contact

Class of 2023
Class of 2022
Class of 2021
Class of 2020
Class of 2019
Class of 2018
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Class of 2023

Class of 2022

Jonah Botello
The Words, Policies, and Deeds of Global Climate Change Mitigation
Thesis Adviser: Adam Brandenburger

Shriram Chandra
How Robustly is a Firm's Stakeholder Reputation Incorporated into its Financial Risk?
Thesis Advisers: Ulrich Atz, Tensie Whelan

Jialiang Chen
Volatility Forecasting with PINNs
Thesis Advisers: Joao Sedoc, Raghu Sundaram

Efe Dikmen
Frequency Domain Analysis of Cryptocurrency Returns in a Centralized Exchange
Thesis Adviser: Clifford Hurvich

Anna Dilena
Pluto TV: A Model for Understanding the Sustainability of Linear Television in the Digital Realm
Thesis Adviser: Al Lieberman

Yousef El Emary
Electric Vehicle News' Impact on Stock Performance: An Event Study
Thesis Adviser: Cristiano Zazzara

Gianmarco Fratti
Central Bank Digital Currencies: The Case for a Digital Dollar
Thesis Adviser: Viral Acharya

Lavinia Gabriele
Uber's Potential Impact on Drunk-Driving Related Accidents
Thesis Adviser: Ilan Lobel

Kayla Han
The Influence of Target Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies' Pipelines on Acquiring Company Value
Thesis Advisers: Lawrence White, Michael Dickstein

Nisha Honnaya
Studying the Impact of Fractional Ownership on Art Market Liquidity
Thesis Adviser: Hanna Halaburda

Zhuowen (Jason) Jiang
What is the Risk-Free Rate in China?
Thesis Adviser: Marti Subrahmanyam

JonPaul Lambert
Blockchain in Healthcare
Thesis Adviser: Sabrina Howell

Madhur G. Chaturvedi
Sports Betting: A Gamble in Itself?
Thesis Advisers: Mary Billings, Andrew Billings

Valerio Mazzola
The Social Impact of Activist Campaigns on Targeted Companies (Specifically Relating to the Social Category of ESG Scores)
Thesis Adviser: Arpit Gupta

Thomas Monsellato
Applying Contract Theory to Film Financing Decisions: How Changes in Control and Incentives Impact Social & Commercial Value Generation
Thesis Adviser: Luis Cabral

Parth Raj Purohit
SPAC performance: Post-Closure Trend Analysis
Thesis Adviser: Marti G. Subrahmanyam

Christopher Ren
Parents, Politics, and the Pandemic: How Voters' Preferences Influence School Board Policies
Thesis Adviser: Petra Moser

Manuela Rodriguez
Equity vs. Equality in Automated Decision-Making Systems
Thesis Adviser: Andrea Bonezzi

Anirudh Sharma
Analyzing Private Equity Exit Strategies
Thesis Adviser: Gustavo Schwed

Jeremy Thomas
The Impact of Celebrity Ownership on NFT Collection Value
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack


Class of 2021

Noah Britton
Legal Loansharking: A Dive into the Merchant Cash Advance Industry
Thesis Adviser: Simone Lenzu

Emily Brown
Bagel Branding: How Décor Helps NYC Bagel Shops Seem More Authentic
Thesis Adviser: Geeta Menon

Will Chen
Discounting Complexity: A Study into the Effect of Complexity on the Excess Values of Diversified Firms
Thesis Adviser: Aswath Damodaran

Jonathan Edelstein
To Trust or Not To Trust: Why Do People Distrust Technology Companies?
Thesis Adviser: Adam Alter

Corey Feldman
Global Disaster Risk and The Carry Trade
Thesis Adviser: Stanley Zin

Sanjana Gupta
Understanding the Complexities of Social Media
Thesis Adviser: Anindya Ghose

Brian Hao
How Does Gaming Influence Depression During COVID-19?
Thesis Adviser: Minah Jung

Thomas Khadoo
COVID-19 Outcomes in New York City: The Association with Social and Economic Disparities
Thesis Adviser: Lawrence J. White

Angie Lin
BTS Boom: The Effect of Digital Strategies on K-pop's Success
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Mateo Panjol-Tuflija
Constructing Mimicking Portfolios in Response to Market Shocks: Modeling Market Factors Using Volatility
Thesis Adviser: Richard Berner

Ghania Saleh
The Anatomy and Performance of Distressed Debt Funds: Asset Reconstruction Companies in India
Thesis Adviser: Edward Altman

Sreya Sreedhar
Heterogeneity, Polarization, and Redistribution: A comparative study of the United States and Sweden
Thesis Adviser: Peter Henry

Sebastian Stocker
Revisiting the Impact of Foreign Aid and FDI on Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Foudy

Class of 2020

Satyam Agarwal
Unintended Consequences of NFL Rule Changes – Evolution of Kickoff Strategies
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack
Kent Cai
Corporate Bond Defaults in China: Assessing the Impact on Yield Spreads and Contrasting the Likelihood and Impact of Default between SOEs and Private Companies
Thesis Adviser: Marti G. Subrahmanyam
Justin Chan
A Better Approach to Platform Governance
Thesis Adviser: Michael Posner
Cynthia Gonzalez
iGen: Trends in Social Media use, Behaviors & Mental Health
Thesis Adviser: Vishal Singh
Arjun Goyal
Hot Racquet or Not? An Exploration of Momentum in Grand Slam Tennis Matches
Thesis Adviser: Jeffrey Simonoff
Gabrielle Heinsinger
The Influence of Evaluations over the NYC Restaurant Industry
Thesis Adviser: Gino Cattani
Daniella Nichinson
The Smart Assistant: Privacy-Performance Tradeoff
Thesis Adviser: Alexander Tuzhilin
Kristian Ruegg
The Philippines vs. Indonesia: A Tale of Two Leaders
Thesis Adviser: Peter Blair Henry
Angela Shakeri
Creating Value from an Increasingly Multigenerational Workforce: The Case of Intergenerational Negotiations
Thesis Adviser: Michael S. North
Shawn Shinder
How to Capture a Nation: The Evolution and Implications of Ukrainian Corruption
Thesis Adviser: Barbara G. Katz
Kev To
Reimagining the Future of Aviation with Blockchain
Thesis Adviser: Hanna Halaburda
Nicole Tucci
Mastering the Commons: The Quest to Maintain Sustainability in the Maine Lobster Industry
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack
Shagun Varma
The Effect of Financial Crises and Dependence on External Financing on US Manufacturing Productivity
Thesis Adviser: Simone Lenzu
Ezio Jiaqi Wang
Examining the Relationship Between Economic Ties and Political Affinity Using UNGA Voting
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Foudy
Alec Winshel
Speaking Simply: The Efficacy of Linguistic Complexity in Oral Arguments for the Supreme Court of the United States
Thesis Adviser: Arpit Gupta
Winston Zhao
US-China Trade War: Safeguarding or Damaging Domestic Industries?
Thesis Adviser: Robert Engle
Gloria Zheng
Corporate Venture Capital and Digital Disruption
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Class of 2019

Tsz Wai Au
The Future of Telecommunication: The Determinants of Cellular Network Penetration and their Impact in Developing Countries
Thesis Adviser: Ingo Walter

Nicholas DeMasi
Can You Hear Me Now? Predicting song genre from song lyrics using deep learning
Thesis Adviser: Panos Ipeirotis 

Sweta Gangopadhyay
Theory and Evidence on Extraversion and Undergraduate Academic Performance at Stern
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Foudy

Jacob Hamilton
Washington versus Beijing: A Comparison of Development Strategies in Africa
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Foudy

Heechan Han
Privacy-Oriented Regulation of Social Media Platforms
Thesis Adviser: Michael Posner

Paul Hwang
Why Employers Discriminate Against Applicants with Disabilities
Thesis Adviser: L. Taylor Phillips

Jaehoon Jung
Index Investing and Equity Prices
Thesis Adviser: Jeffrey Wurgler

Scott Kim
Contending with Amazon's Rise: Causal Effect of Amazon Fulfillment Centers on Local Labor Markets
Thesis Adviser: Lawrence White

Akshat Lakhotia
Analyzing Private Equity Value Creation Strategies
Thesis Adviser: Gustavo Schwed

Krish Dharmesh Mehta
Gold and Equities as a Hedge Against Inflation
Thesis Adviser: Menachem Brenner

Victoria Rusinak
Digital Transformation of the Heart: Is Media's Bombardment of our Brains Driving Us into the Arms of Robots?
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Yaqing Wang
Opacity and Valuation of Chinese Companies: The VIE Discount
Thesis Adviser: Marti G. Subrahmanyam

Jason Weitze
Dynamically Selecting & Combining Volatility Forecasts
Thesis Adviser: Rob F. Engle

Yuting Wu
Detecting Fake Trading Volume on Cryptocurrency Exchange
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack

Brenda Xu
Factors Affecting E-sports Viewership
Thesis Adviser: Alvin Lieberman 

Fan Yang
Analysis of Currency Investing: Are Emerging Markets More Profitable than Developed Markets?
Thesis Adviser: Richard M. Levich

Margaret Zhang
Sovereign Wealth Funds for Sustainable Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Thesis Adviser: Paul Wachtel

Class of 2018

Faraz Athar
Aftermarket Performance of Private Equity Backed Companies
Thesis Adviser: Gustavo R Schwed

Luigi Caloi
Challenges for Decentralization and Federalism - Scaling up an Education Policy for 184 Municipalities in Brazil
Thesis Adviser: Sean Corcoran

Esther Chao
Personal Seat Licenses: Who's Winning this Round of the Stadium Financing Game?
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack

Karen Fich
Understanding the Hispanic/Latino Consumer Segment and Their Content Preferences in the Entertainment Industry of the United States
Thesis Advisers: Alvin Lieberman and Vicki Morwitz

Marcos Galante
Empirical Comparison of the Two Leading Peer-to-Peer Lending US Platforms
Thesis Adviser: Maxime Cohen

Samyak Jain
Examining the Impact of edler-heir age gaps on family business succession in India and the United States
Thesis Adviser: Michael North

Sanjana Jain
Can Post Bankruptcy Performance be Predicted?
Thesis Adviser: Edward Altman

Jodie Miller
Examining the Impact of Model Age on Brand Perception in the Fashion Industry
Thesis Adviser: Michael S. North

Harsh Vardhan Pachisia
Persistent Open Defection: The Curious Case of North India
Thesis Adviser: Geeta Menon

Raghav Saraogi
Borrower Characteristics and Credit Supply Expansion in the U.S. Residential Mortgage Market, Evidence from 2010 to 2015
Thesis Adviser: Arpit Gupta

Gregory Suter
An Analysis of How Certified B-corp's Founder's Motivations, Beliefs, and Morals Affect the Marketing and Communication of Certification Status
Thesis Adviser: Brian Hanssen

Felipe Valencia
The Effects of English in the Development of a Country
Thesis Adviser: Paul Wachtel

Henry Wang
Epidemic: An Analysis of the Regulatory and Socioeconomic Factors of the Opioid Crisis
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack

Dean Wiseman
Analyzing Risk in Long Term Care Insurance Markets
Thesis Adviser: Ralph Koijen

Jessica Wong
Fortune 500 CEOs: How Does CEO Gender Influence the Pay Gap Between CEO and Top Management Team?
Thesis Adviser: Batia Wiesenfeld

Zona Xu
Imagining the Future of American Highways: Forecasting Road Use Through Time Series Methods
Thesis Adviser: Ingo Walter

Cathy Zhang
The Effect of Job Stress on Hierarchy Preferences
Thesis Adviser: Taylor Phillips

Emily Zhang
Public Corruption and State Infrastructure: Opportunities and Impacts
Thesis Adviser: Lawrence White

Yutong Zheng
Understanding Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
Thesis Advisers: Michael Spence and Robert Salomon

Yutong Zhou
An Examination of the Single-Payer System: Giving a Number to Adjusting America's Health Insurance Framework
Thesis Adviser: Peter Henry

Class of 2017

Meghana Bansal
Managerial Turnover in Major League Soccer
Thesis Adviser: Anthony Saunders

Rohil Bhatnagar
Analyzing the Extent to Which Mutual Funds Predicted the Stock Market Crash of 2015 in China
Thesis Adviser: Robert Whitelaw

Griffin Carlborg
Women in Skateboarding & Product Development
Thesis Adviser: Adam Alter

Benjamin Diner
The Impact of Creative Submission on Creativity
Thesis Adviser: Lawrence White

Sophie Frank
Understansing the History of Microfinance and the Strongest Influencing Factors on Microfinance Default Status for Women in Tamil Nadu, India
Thesis Adviser: Marti Subrahmanyam

Avishee Gupta
Theory and Evidence of Non-Compliance in Corporate Social Responsibility Spending by Indian Companies
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack

Do Heon Koo
The Supercharger Effect: Comparison of Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, and Battery Electric Vehicle Adoption in New York State
Thesis Advisers: Michael Spence & David Mordecai

Lindsay Kugel
Risk Management of Commercial Real Estate Loans at Banks
Thesis Adviser: Stijn van Nieuwerburgh

Lillian Leung
Perceptions of Income Inequality Across America
Thesis Adviser: Thomas Philippon

Runhe Lily Li
Identifying Solutions to Research Issues in Comparative Recidivism Analyses Between Private and Public State Prisons
Thesis Adviser: Bruce Buchanan

Kyung Rok Luke Min
Consumption and Saving Problem with Stochastic Interest Rates
Thesis Adviser: Eduardo Davila

Cara Salvatore
The Imperfect Breast Self-Exam: Marketing Solutions to Treat a Medical Problem
Thesis Adviser: Tom Meyvis

Archit Singi
Trends in Future Markets Efficiency in India
Thesis Adviser: Raghu Sundaram

Xiance Nathan Wang
Characteristics of Private Equity in China
Thesis Adviser: Gustavo Schwed

David Wang
The Impact of Extracurricular Involvement on Stern Students' Post- Graduation Job Placements
Thesis Adviser: Vishal Singh

Dongchen Zou
Garlic Chive Index and Prediction of China's Stock Market
Thesis Adviser: Yakov Amihud

Class of 2016

Ria Abichandani
Implications of the Bordeaux Bubble Burst on Fine-Wine Investment
Thesis Adviser: Marti Subrahmanyam

Porter M. Carbajal
Efficiency in Public Real Estate Securities: Extensions of an Equity-Based Pricing Model on CMBX 2.0
Thesis Adviser: Stijn van Nieuwerburgh

Monica E. Cho
Going greek: A Look Into Food Trends, Greek Yogurt and Socioeconomic Class in the U.S.
Thesis Adviser: Geeta Menon

Michael C. Eichert
The Price of What You Watch: Analyzing the Value of Television Viewership Data in Targeted Online Advertising
Thesis Adviser: Albert Lieberman

Lydia Y. Guo
Understanding the Effect of Federal and State Early Childhood Policy on State Outcomes
Thesis Adviser: Peter Henry

Kashish Kumar
E-Commerce Profitability & Consumer Purchase Behavior
Thesis Adviser: Daria Dzyabura

Moritz Liebelt
An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Emerging Markets' Capital Controls on Capital Flows During the "Taper Tantrum"
Thesis Adviser: Viral Acharya

Jennifer Loh
Information in Hong Kong H-share Prices
Thesis Adviser: Jennifer Carpenter

Sijia Lou
The Effect of Government Intervention on Stock Synchronicity in China
Thesis Adviser: Robert Whitelaw

Amay Makhija
Low Income Housing Tax Credits Before and After the Financial Crisis
Thesis Adviser: Adam Brandenburger

Issac L Marshall
Stock Ownership Dispersion and Activism Success
Thesis Adviser: Aswath Damodaran

Abhinav Mittal
Estimating Global Income Inequality from Limited National Datal Points
Thesis Adviser: Rangarajan Sundaram

Keya Shah
Optimizing Operational Flow in Emergency Departments Via Simulation
Thesis Adviser: Mor Armony

Jiaye (Jason) Shen
A Study on the Listing Choices of Chinese Companies
Thesis Adviser: Robert Whitelaw

Justin Tzeng
Wage Rates, Types of Work, and Reputation on Online Labor Platforms
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Susan Wang
Pricing of Post-War and Contemporary Art: Criteria and Considerations
Thesis Adviser: Michael Moses

Ryan Whiting
Hedge funds and (Re)insurance: A Risk-Based Analysis
Viral Acharya

Class of 2015

Anthony Chen
Patterns of Success: A Study on the Return on Education for Underrepresented Minorities
Thesis Adviser: Batia Wiesenfeld

Yashwant Chunduru
Analyzing Impact-Oriented Private Equity as an Asset Class through the Past, Present, and Future
Thesis Adviser: Jeffrey Wurgler

Keiji Drysdale
Crowding-Out and Crowding-In: An Analysis of the Relationship Between the NIH Expenditure and Private Charity Donations to Medical Research
Thesis Adviser: Sherry Glied

Elliot Finch
The Internet of Things, The Merging of Goods and Services
Thesis Adviser: Anindya Ghose

Ryan Hsu
Inequality and Global Life Satisfaction
Thesis Adviser: Sinziana Dorobantu

Olivia Hu
Gender, Marital Status, and Hiring Practices in the United States 
Thesis Adviser: Vishal Singh

Zachary Kahn
Seeking Consistency in the Dark: An Analysis of SEC Insider Trading Actions
Thesis Adviser: Marti Subrahmanyam

Viraj Mehta
Mind The Gap: An Analysis of Possible Solutions to America's Infrastructure Crisis
Thesis Adviser: Lawrence White

Nisha Modi
Levers for Change: Identifying the Ideal Policy for Ending Child Labor
Thesis Adviser: Michael Posner

Deependra Mookim
Private Prisons: Growth and Consequences for the US Incarceration System
Thesis Adviser: Vishal Singh

Peter Nie
The Value of Yieldcos
Thesis Adviser: Kose John

Michael Pelts
Understanding Market Factors in Amateur Athletics: A Look at the Economics of Youth Hockey
Thesis Adviser: Vishal Singh

Megha Sachdeva
The Economic and Social Implications of Alternate Currencies
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Nilay Shah
Arrière-garde: The Great Recession and The Commoditization of Hipsterism
Thesis Adviser: Adam Alter

Jackson Sheng
The Current State of Municipal Pension Funds
Thesis Adviser: Stijn van Nieuwerburgh

Khuhsali Upadhyay
R&D Productivity and M&A in the Pharmaceutical Industry: 1999-2013
Thesis Adviser: Deepak Hedge

Rebecca Waddall
The Weight of a Star: The Impact of New York Times Restaurant Reviews on Online Search History
Thesis Adviser: Gian Luca Clementi

Esmond Wei
Explaining Syria: Analysis of a Series of Economic and Political Policies
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Foudy

Jessica Yang
Foreign Direct Investment, Trade, and Cross-border Migration as Drivers of Language Education
Thesis Adviser: Ingo Walter

Huiling (Skylar) Yang
Risk and Yield Spreads in China's Local Government Bond Market
Thesis Adviser: Jennifer Carpenter

Class of 2014

Zeena Advani
Controlling for Asset Bubbles Through Macroprudential Policy
Thesis Adviser: Professor Nouriel Roubini
Waqaas Afzal
The Future of the Trusted Advisor
Thesis Adviser: Professor Charles Murphy
Kevin Baker
Sentiment-Based Return: The Impact of Fashion Designers on Firm Value
Thesis Adviser: Professor David Yermack
Somesh Batra
India as an Emerging Financial Market and its New Entrepreneurs
Thesis Adviser: Professor Richard Sylla
Emil Chen
The Impact of Education on Economic Growth
Thesis Adviser: Professor Peter Henry
Sang (Scott) Chung
The Inherent Risks of Mortgage Servicing Rights and its Effects on Mortgage Borrowers
Thesis Adviser: Professor Van Nieuwerburgh
Griffin Dooling
The Next Golden Age of Film
Thesis Adviser: Professor Alvin Lieberman
Ritika Gawande
Relative Earnings in the Teaching Profession: A State by State Analysis
Thesis Adviser: Professors Matthew Statler and Sean Corcoran
Steven Getselevich
Data Generated Copula
Thesis Adviser: Professor Edward Melnick
Seung Kyu Jang
The Pork Miracle: An Industry Analysis of the Chinese Pork Market
Thesis Adviser: Professor Jennifer Carpenter
Yimin (Mark) Jiang
Boutique versus Bulge Bracket: Evolution of the worldwide M&A market post-financial crisis." 
Thesis Adviser: Professor Roy Smith
Saanjali Kotahwala
A Credit Risk Model for Non-US firms
Thesis Adviser: Professor Edward Altman
Jia Li
Expanding the Investment Horizon: The Limitations of Credit Ratings on Fund Mandates
Thesis Adviser: Professor David Backus
Fangzhou Lu
The Real value of China's Stock Market
Thesis Adviser: Professors Robert Whitelaw and  Jennifer Carpenter
Woo Jin Noh
Business Groups and Principal-Agent Problem: Evidence from M&A Deals of Korean chaebols
Thesis Adviser: Professor Aswath Damodaran
Travis Owen
Building Trust in the Sharing Economy: Collaborative Consumption vs. Traditional Online Marketplaces
Thesis Adviser: Professor Arun Sundarajan
Nicholas Passannante
Personal Politics: When Board Committees Supervise Corporate PACs
Thesis Adviser: Professor David Yermack
Anisha Patel
The Indecisive Shopper: Incorporating Choice Paralysis into the MNL
Thesis Adviser: Professors Rene Caldentey and Srikanth Jagabathula
Kenneth Safar
The Securitization of Human Capital Contracts
Thesis Adviser: Professors Bruce Buchanan and Marti Subrahmanyam
Vinay Shah
The Accelerator Value Proposition
Thesis Adviser: Professor Jeffrey Carr
Jeffrey Shi
An Analysis of Social Impact Bond Financing: Attribution and Deadweight
Thesis Adviser: Professor Samuel Lee
Chuyue Wei
Analysis of Dark Pool Trading Volume of Nasdaq Securities
Thesis Adviser: Professor Samuel Lee

Class of 2013

Sachin Bagri
Price Discovery, Arbitrage and Hedging in the LME Steel Billet Futures Market
Thesis Adviser: Marti Subrahmanyam

Kug-Su Bang
The impact of cultural distance on the stock market's reaction to cross-border M&A
Thesis Adviser: Robert Saloman

Jonathan Cheshir
Finding Inefficiency in Sports Betting Markets; A Look through NFL Confidence Pick'Em Biases
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack

Aileen Chua
From Ratings to Revenues: The Impact of Social Media on the Restaurant Industry
Thesis Adviser: Anindya Ghose

Katherine Corson
The Influence of User-Generated Content On Brand Perception
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Mingqiu Guo
The Comparative Effectiveness of Pricing Variables in the Chinese Stock Market
Thesis Adviser: Stephen Brown

Somiran Gupta
China's Effect on US Dollar Performance in Global Currency Markets
Thesis Adviser: Jennifer Carpenter

Yosef Lefkowitz
Climate and Commodity Prices: An Analysis of the Role of ENSO Forecasts in Agricultural Commodity Markets
Thesis Adviser: Robert Whitelaw

Jack Lei
Climbing the Corporate Ladder: An Analysis of Behavioral Differences Between Chinese, Indian, and Caucasian Americans
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Porac

Helen Li
The Rising Cost of Higher Education: A Supply & Demand Analysis
Thesis Adviser: Peter Henry

Caroline Liao
The Changing Landscape of Private Equity
Thesis Adviser: Ashwini Agrawal

Yuxo Liu
Comparative Case Studies on Hip-Hop Empowerment Education Programs
Thesis Adviser: Robert Seamans

Kenneth Low
Diversification or Focus? Wealth Effects of Acquisitions and Divestitures in the Entertainment Industry
Thesis Adviser: Kose John

Serena Lu
Debt Overhang: An Analysis of Investor Confidence in Sovereign Debt Levels
Thesis Adviser: Xavier Gabaix

Yulia Malitskaia
Interaction Analysis of the HHP Multi-Dimensional Model
Thesis Adviser: William Greene

Noy Meshulami
Water Sustainability in India: An Economic Analysis
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Timothy Mok
The Leviathan Dilemma: Reading Hobbes in the Vocabulary of Game Theory
Thesis Adviser: Ignacio Esponda

Siddharth Morakhia
Keys to the Penthouse: Why the Rich are Flocking to Prime Urban Property
Thesis Adviser:Charles Murphy

Akash Nandi
Tesla: Supercharging The Future
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Foudy

Aditya Pisharody
The Future Of Television: Will Broadcast and Cable Television Networks Survive the Emergence of Online Streaming?
Thesis Adviser: Albert Lieberman

Eric Rolston
Systemic Risk in the Insurance Industry
Thesis Adviser: Viral Acharya

Jesse Shemen
The Story Behind Social Media Valuations
Thesis Adviser: Aswath Damodaran

George Simmons
Does the Ownership Structure of a Hedge Fund predict its Longevity?: A Look into the Hazard Rates of Funds Owned by Large Financial Institutions
Thesis Advisers: Ingo Walter & Stephen Brown

Adam Tiouririne
Red Firm, Blue Firm: Employee Political Contributions as a Measure of Workforce Alignment
Thesis Adviser: Batia Wiesenfeld

Liyi Ye
Searching for A New Growth Engine: An Essay on The Evolution of The Tradable Sector in China
Thesis Adviser: Michael Spence

Xiang Zhang
Buyout Funds Started in Recessions: How Different Are They
Thesis Adviser: Marcin Kacperczyk

Class of 2012

Maria Carnovale
Developing Countries and the Middle-Income Trap: Predetermined to Fall?
Thesis Adviser: Peter Henry 

Mariola Jung
Corporate Crisis Management Through Twitter
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack

Ryan Kreitzer
Covered Bond Markets: An Analysis of their Impact on Mortgage Underwriting
Thesis Adviser: Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

Weiman Ma
Changes in the Hedge Fund Industry as a Result of the Financial Crisis: An Examination of Service Providers of Hedge Funds
Thesis Adviser: Stephen Brown

Pratik Mehta
The Factors Driving Employees Salaries: Determining their Weights Across Industries
Thesis Adviser: Anindya Ghose

Philip Mercadante
Efficacy of Monetary Policy Following the 2008 Banking Crisis
Thesis Adviser: Lawrence White

James Myatt
Explorations of the Equity Premium Puzzle
Thesis Adviser: David Backus

Yevgenia Pikman
Re-formulating the Status Quo: An Analysis and Improvement of Insurance Firm Valuation
Thesis Adviser: Aswath Damodaran

William Tenenbaum
Shaking Dragons: The Chinese Economic Imbalance
Thesis Adviser: Jennifer Carpenter

Kathleen Vadnais
Does the Media Affect Mergers and Acquisitions?
Thesis Adviser: Marcin Kacperczyk

Jiefu Wang
Mature CDS Markets: A Suitable Replacement for Ratings Agency Downgrades?
Thesis Adviser: Viral Acharya

Zhichao (John) Yan
Stock Return Variance in Dual-Listed Shares
Thesis Adviser: David Backus

May Zhan
Social Happiness: How Luxury Market Exposure Affects Perceptions of Income Inequality
Thesis Adviser: Jennifer Carpenter

Yuting Zhang
Building a Better Benchmark: Disaggregating the CPI
Thesis Adviser: Paul Wachtel

Jiaqi (Jennifer) Zhou
Crowdsourcing: A New Revolution for Start-Ups
Thesis Adviser: Robert Seamans

Class of 2011

Robert Aeder
Jewish Holidays and the Stock Market
Thesis Advisor: Menachem Brenner

Vitali Bourchtein
The Principles of Economics Textbooks: An Analysis of Its Past, Present and Future
Thesis Advisor: Simon Bowmaker

Vijay Chandar
Inside the Oil Market: The Relationship Between Commercial Trading Activity and Subsequent Price Movements
Thesis Advisor: David Backus

Brandon Chew
Gamechangers: A Study of the Effects of the XBox Kinect and Playstation Move on Consumer Opinions and the Competitive Landscape for Game Consoles
Thesis Advisor: Al Lieberman

Danielle Even
A Look at Teaching Styles: Exploring the Roots of Innovative Entrepreneurship in Israel and China
Thesis Advisor: William Baumol

Zhou Jiang
An Evaluation of Investor Sentiment Measures
Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Wurgler

Michael Lavi
Do Sanctions Work? A Look at Iran and Iranian Oil Production
Thesis Advisor: Joseph Foudy

Sue Lee
Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble: A Study of Market Bubbles and Their Impact on the Macro Economy
Thesis Advisor: Xavier Gabaix

Suruchi Mehta
Financial Strategies of Biotechnology Companies
Thesis Advisor: Roy Smith

Sonali Mittal
An Analysis on the Increase of Natural Gas Production from 2007-2010: Specific Causes and Implications
Thesis Advisor: Lawrence White

Matthew Premus
The European Monetary Union Crisis: Intervention, Contagion, and Country-Specific Risk
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Cooley

Anand Raghu
Labor Union Negotiations and Managers' Incentives to Manipulate Earnings
Thesis Advisor: Ashwini Agrawal

Dylan Riley
Incentives for Creating Hits: Mechanical Royalties and Other Income Streams for Popular Musicians
Thesis Advisor: Aswath Damodaran

Kirby Smith
A Subsidy to the States: Determining the Value of Implied Federal Guarantee on US State Debt
Thesis Advisor: Rangarjan Sundaram

Elena Stark
When the Iron Curtain Falls and Crisis Sets In: Understanding Reactions to Economic Shocks in the Eastern European Economies in Transition
Thesis Advisor: Paul Wachtel

Nipun Tulshian
Money Manipulations: Political Business Cycles in the Developing World
Thesis Advisor: Peter Henry

Alicia Wnorowski
Who Really Needs the Olympics? A Look at the Costs and Benefits of Hosting the Summer Olympic Games for Developing Nations
Thesis Advisor: Nicolas Economides

Class of 2010

Veena Bontu
Pro-Cyclical Fiscal Policy: An Empirical Study of Commodity Dependent Countries
Thesis Advisor: Xavier Gabaix

Gary Chalik
Do High-Pay Executives Perform Best When it Matters Most?
Thesis Advisor: Marcin Kacperczyk

Irvin Chan
The Role of Prepurchase Agreements and Securities Lending in Distressed Financial Institutions
Thesis Advisor: Viral Acharya

Jay Julian Cohen
Losing the Label: Exploring a New Model for Emerging Musical Artists
Thesis Advisor: Yannis Bakos

Krittivas Dalmia
The Indian Premier League: Pay Versus Performance
Thesis Advisor: Raghu Sundaram

Ryan Eldridge
Measuring Efficiency in the National Basketball Association: A "Moneyball" Approach
Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Simonoff & Simon Bowmaker

Natalie J. Engelhardt
Color Studies: Examining the Impact of Packaging Hue and Shade on Consumer Perception
Thesis Advisor: Priya Raghubir

Mikhail Esipov
Trading on Forecasted Macroeconomic Information
Thesis Advisor: Lasse Pedersen

Vinod Kasturi
Investment Characteristics of Traditional Chinese Art
Thesis Advisor: Michael Moses

Charles Leung
Piracy in Somalia: A Political and Economic Analysis of RPG-Equipped Swashbuckling
Thesis Advisor: Lawrence White

Stephanie Liu
On Returning Home: Reverse Talent Migration of Highly Educated Immigrants
Thesis Advisor: Joseph Foudy

Joe (Yat Ping) Ng
Effects of News on Financial Markets
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Phillipon

Alexander Nicolau
An Examination of Implied Volatility Patterns Around Merger and Acquisition Announcements
Thesis Advisor: Yakov Amihud

Aleesha Patel
The Survival of the Newspaper in the Digital Age of Communication
Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Green

Nina Patel
Implicit Bias Against Professional Women
Thesis Advisor: Batia Wiesenfeld

Akila Prabhakar
Micro-insurance: The Risk Reward Spectrum in India
Thesis Advisor: Jeanne Calderon

Alexander Sabharwal
Asset Bubbles and Power Laws: An Empirical Study of the Nature of Formations and Bursts
Thesis Advisor: Xavier Gabaix

Matthew Sack
Predictive Factors for Loan Funding Time in Peer to Peer Microfinance Lending
Thesis Advisor: Abraham George

Roman Schwartz
Examining the Term Sheet in Venture Capital-Backed Investments
Thesis Advisor: Alexander Ljungqvist

Gil Shefer
The Cost of Terrorism to Financial Markets in Israel
Thesis Advisor: Simon Bowmaker

Taimur Tariq
Form Over Substance? An Examination of the Spirit and Practice of Islamic Finance
Thesis Advisor: Ingo Walter

Marina Varshavskaya
Trust and its Formal Substitutes in Economic Life
Thesis Advisor: William T. Allen

Scott Yang
Information Sharing in Supply Chain Management
Thesis Advisor: Clifford Hurvich

Class of 2009

Yoon Chang
Is Diversity a Strategic Asset for Organizations in the Financial Services Industry?
Thesis Advisor: Roger Dunbar

Kathy Chen
Consumer Foodservice in Western Europe: Identifying Drivers of Growth in a Maturing Market
Thesis Advisor: Susan Douglas

Gregory Cohen
The 2008 Short Selling Ban: Effects on Banned Stocks with and without Traded Options
Thesis Advisor: Jeff Wurgler

Nathaniel Cohen
Combating Global Warming Carbon Emissions Policies for the United States
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Cooley

Benjamin Garrett
Shareholder Voting: A Statistical and Case Study of the Pseudo-Event
Thesis Advisor: Yakov Amihud

Shyla Giri
Explioring Economic Reform in Cuba During and After Fidel Catro's Rule
Thesis Advisor: Barbara Katz

Aaron Gold
Payday Lending: Grounding the Policy Debate through Economic Analysis
Thesis Advisor: Roy Smith

Andrew Goon
Money Growing on Trees: A Study of Debt-to-Nature Swap Participants
Thesis Advisor: Lawrence White

Bilal Hussain
Integration of Financial Supervision and its Implications for Banking Sector Stability
Thesis Advisor: Nouriel Roubini

Shreevats Jaipuria
Electoral Economics: The Relationship between Monetary Cycles and National Elections in India
Thesis Adviser: Marti Subrahmanyam

Andrew Hanqi Jiang
Fairness & Efficiency in Going Private Mergers: The Use & Limitations of the ECMH in Court
Thesis Advisor: William Allen

Christopher Kim
Understanding Racial Segregation in U.S. Corporate Law Firms
Thesis Adviser: Debraj Ray

Kenneth Lee
Sovereign Wealth: Analysis of Norway's Government Pension Fund - Global Turbulent Times
Thesis Advisor: David Backus

Chang Liu
The Regional Integration of Stock Markets in Asia
Thesis Advisor: Menachem Brenner

Lily Mundy
Patient Adherance to the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) for Non-Primary English Speakers
Thesis Advisor: Michael Katz

Shevon Newman
Securities Markets in a Competative Age: An Analysis of the National Market System and Its Impact on Local Market Participants
Thesis Advisor: Joel Hasbrouck

Hoshrav Patel
Capital Structure Preference: An Inquiry into the Debt Structure of Group and Non-Group Affiliated Firms in India
Thesis Advior: Aswath Damodaran

Alpesh Sanghani
The Potential Impact of Rapidly Growing Life Settlements Industry on Life Insurance Companies
Thesis Advisor: Ingo Walter

Sandeep Satish
An Imperical Analysis of Major League Baseball Scouting Resources: How the Number and Location of Scouts Have Impacted Valuation Yields
Thesis Advisor: David Yermack

Chirag Shah
Hedging the World: Assessing the Performance of Dynamically Hedged Long-Short Equity Investments
Thesis Advisor: Robert Engle

Roman Smukler
Executive Compensation: Further Investigation into Option Award Vesting Dates
Thesis Advisor: David Yermack

Monika Spiewak
Drilling for Oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: A Cost-Benefit Analysis
Thesis Advisor: Roy Radner

Olga Vaynerman
A Comparison of the Post-Merger Operating Performance of Horizontal and Conglomerate Mergers
Thesis Advisor: Yakov Amihud

Anthony Versaci
Measuring Internet Buzz and its Effects on the Movie Box Office
Thesis Advisor: Samuel Craig

Class of 2008

Brandon Adoni
Exploring a Link Between Globalization and Political Instability: An Empiracle Study
Thesis Advisor: Paul Wachtel

Alan Barrentine
Capatilism 2.0: Social Entrepreneurship and the Changing Nature of Economics in the 21st Century
Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Robinson

Julie Burger
Poison Pills on the Decline: The Performance & Wealth Effects of Poison Pill Removals
Thesis Advisor: Yakov Amihud

Julia Dobtsis
Corporate Governance: Can Democracy Increase Profitablility?
Thesis Advisor: William Allen

Eric Goldberg
The Future of Hong Kong as an International Financial Center: How Shanghai's Rise Will Impact China's Financial System
Thesis Advisor: Larry White

David Josset
Determinants of the Value of English Soccer Franchises: An Analysis of Share Price Reaction to Certain Sporting Events
Thesis Advisor: Aswath Damodaran

Kevin Klipfel
An Analysis of Major League Baseball Franchise Valuation: Are Owners Rational When Buying Teams?
Thesis Advisor: David Yermack

Prita Kumar
Sponsored Search Advertising in Electronic Markets: A Study on the Impact of Keyword Wordographics
Thesis Advisor: Anindya Ghose

Yuen-Kwan Amy Kwong
The Efficiency of Block Scheduling in Operating Rooms
Thesis Advisor: Michael Pinedo

Simon Liang
An Examination of the Subprime Crisis
Thesis Advisor: Matthew Richardson

Divyan Mistry
Does the Hand that Silences Only Fuel the Fire? A Study of the Relationship between Government Ownership of Media and National Instability
Thesis Advisor: Larry White

Shan Hua Michele Ng
Building a Global Asian Fashion Brand
Thesis Advisor: Durairaj Maheswaran

Nikhil Patel
Reassessing the Effectiveness of Foreign Aid
Thesis Advisor: Barbara Katz

Rinky Patel
Effectiveness of Anti-Drug Measures: Cocaine in Columbia
Thesis Advisor: Daniel Wolfenzon

Sunny Patel
The Assimilation of Second Generation East Indian Americans into American Society
Thesis Advisor: Sally Blount

Shefali Patil
Perceptions of Female Professionals in Male-Dominated Industries: Effects of Gender Rarity, Success, and Diversity Justification
Thesis Advisor: Steve Blader

Daniel Septak
Understanding the Effectiveness of Trailers, Teasers & Television Spots in Marketing Movies
Thesis Advisor: Al Lieberman

Levent Tuysuzoglu
The Effects of Macroeconomic Data Surprises on Implied Volatility
Thesis Advisor: Stephen Figlewski

Prasanna Vanguri
Determining Optimal Capital Allocation to Microfinance Institutions
Thesis Advisor: Ingo Walter

Class of 2007

Vinay Barmecha
De Beers: A Dying Cartel: Formation, Dynamics and Repercussions of its Falls
Thesis Advisor: Ingo Walter

Gabriela Bis
Small Cap Premium: Does Liquidity Hold Water?
Thesis Advisor: Aswath Damodaran

Brittany Boals
Globalization in America: Our Current Perceptions and Future Welfare
Thesis Advisor: Marti Subrahmanyam

Elaine Chang
I Heard It Through the Grapevine: The Effects of Online Word of Mouth on Music Sales
Thesis Advisor: Vasant Dhar

Rohit Dave
Bollywood to Broadband: The Impact of Broadband on the Distribution of Indian Film in the United States
Thesis Advisor: Lasse Pedersen

Mark DiMilia
The Social Welfare-Maximizing Potential of the Corporate Form
Thesis Advisor: William Allen

Michael DiNapoli
Carbon Emissions: Credit Trading versus Taxation
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Cooley

Varun Kapur
Is the Fama and French Model a Good Indicator of Market Sectoral Performance?
Thesis Advisor: Richard Levich

Max Kapustin
The Effect of Culture on Occupational Choice
Thesis Advisor: Enrichetta Ravina

Lily Kim
Japan's Adoption of IFRS: Cosmetic or Economic Convergence?
Thesis Advisor: Frederick Choi

Jill Kreps
Investment Characteristics of Latin American Art
Thesis Advisor: Michael Moses

Chris Masterson
The Shift from Options to Restricted Stock in Executive Pay Packages and Its Relation to Stock Performance
Thesis Advisor: David Yermack

Doniel Perl
The Utility of Brand Value Estimates in Predicting Future Financial Performance
Thesis Advisor: Joel Steckel

Thongchai Rattanaruengyot
The Nature of the Z-scores of Companies who Filed Chapter 22 and Chapter 33
Thesis Advisor: Edward Altman

Steven Rosenberg
From Broadcast to Broadband: The Effect of Digital Distribution on a Television Program's Viewership
Thesis Advisor: Jarl Kallberg

Santosh Sateesh
From the Iron Fist to the Invisible Hand: A Comparative Analysis of Investment Trends and Political Economic Reform in Post-Soviet Russia
Thesis Advisor: Roy Smith

Jigar Shah
Engineering Gap, A Cause for Alarm
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Phillippon

Eesha Sharma
An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Investments in India on the Long-run Stock Price Performance of U.S. Firms
Thesis Advisor: Sridhar Seshadri

Hari Sundar
An Analysis of the Housing Downturn: Causes, Consequences, and Historical Context
Thesis Advisor: Nouriel Roubini

Mehul Tailor
Analysts, Their Recommendations, and Their Access to Private Information: Do they add value?
Thesis Advisor: Martin Lettau

Aditi Talreja
Successions in Indian Family Firms
Thesis Advisor: Daniel Wolfenzon

Class of 2006

Kathleen Clark
Synergies between the Publishing and Film Production Industries: Where Does the Consumer Fit In?
Thesis Advisor: Geeta Menon

Roman Fuzaylov
Water in Central Asia:The Politics of Economic Cooperation
Thesis Advisor: Nouriel Roubini

Daniella Gelman
Examining IPO Valuation Methods - Market Comparables and Discounted Cash Flow
Thesis Advisor: Stephen Brown

Heejin Kim
Corporate Social Responsibility: Opening Doors for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies
Thesis Advisor: Mahesh Maheswaran

Ah La Ko
Corporate Governance in Brazil: A Success Story?
Thesis Advisor: Heitor Almeida

Justin Look
Target Retirement Accounts: Set it and Forget it?
Thesis Advisor: Martin Gruber

Ariel Merenstein
Class Auction Suits: An Analysis of the Filing Event and Its Relation to the Class End Event and Firm Size
Thesis Advisor: Robert Whitelaw

Michael Nurick
The Price of Life: A Study Into the Abuse of Water Privatization in South Africa
Thesis Advisor: Fabrizio Perri

Vincent Ortiz
How Do Different Types of Rating Announcements Affect Equity Prices?
Thesis Advisor: Edward Altman

Peter Paskhaver
The Ukrainian Political and Economic Readiness for Integration into the European Union: Lessons Learned from Polandin 1997
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Pugel

Sonali Patel
Harry Potterization: The Global Phenomenon Explained
Thesis Advisor: William Allen

Ashley Schutz
Satellite Radio: Can it Survive?
Thesis Advisor: Al Lieberman

Leonid Smolyar
Petrodollars: Tracking the Flow of Investment of Oil Windfalls - Today Vs. the 1970s
Thesis Advisor: Paul Wachtel

Kate Totaro
The Economic Utility of the Compact Disk
Thesis Advisor: Sam Craig

Andrei Vrabie
Transneft: Russia's Political Agent in the Caspian Sea's Oil Sector?
Thesis Advisor: Barbara Katz

Cecil Wang
Pricing the Path of Carbon Externalities
Thesis Advisor: Roy Radner

Choon Ken Wee
The Relationship Between and Underlying Asset's Systematic Risk Proportion and the Implied Volatility Curve and its Implications
Thesis Advisor: Robert Engle

Beth Welinsky
Insights into the Need for Closure Construct
Thesis Advisor: Dean Sally Blount

Wei Zhang
Systematic Credit Default Risk in Japan
Thesis Advisor: Heitor Almeida

Class of 2005

Ryan Bennett
Determinants of FDI in Africa
Thesis Advisor: Professor Barbara Katz

Douglas Bunim
Diversification Discount or Premium? Evidence from Merger Announcements
Thesis Advisor: Professor Heitor Almeida

Matt Chain
Corporate Governance
Thesis Advisor: Professor William Allen

Matthew Epstein
The Relationship of Mall REIT Returns And Their Anchor Tenants
Thesis Advisor: Professor Stephen Brown

Robert Felice
Premial Discounts and the Closed-End Fund Puzzle
Thesis Advisor: Professor Martin Gruber

Anu Ganti
The Changing Relationship Between Movie Studios And Exhibitors Due to the Rise of Movie Theater Consolidation
Thesis Advisor: Professor Al Lieberman

Frank Han
Capital Structure Arbitage
Thesis Advisor: Professor Edward Altman

Ritu Jain
Accounting for Intangible Assets
Thesis Advisor: Professor Baruch Lev

Rebecca Kleinstein
Playing the Game: Hardware Manufacturers and Software Publishers' Playing-To-Win Strategies Within the Video Game Industry
Thesis Advisors: Professor Samuel Craig and Professor Adam Brandenburger

Kevin Koche
Corporate Governance in the Telecom Industry - A Focus on the WorldCom Bankruptcy
Thesis Advisor: Professor Crocker Liu

Erin Kostecki
Stretching Brands to the Youth and Young Adult Market Through Use of New Product Development/Marketing Communications
Thesis Advisor: Professor Durairaj Maheswaran

Cate Lumpp
When Rodeo Drive, Bond Street,and Madison Avenue Are Not Enough: Changes in Luxury Goods Distribution In America
Thesis Advisor: Professor Russell Winer

Lee Miller
An Analysis of Competitive Stimuli from School Choice Reform and the Resulting Implications for Public Education Outcome Measures
Thesis Advisor: Professor Robert Berne

Chris Neamonitis
Europe's Economic and Monetary Union: The Effect of Integration on Income Distribution and Welfare
Thesis Advisor: Professor Paul Wachtel

Hallvard Omholt
The Real Effects of Overvalued IPOs
Thesis Advisor: Professor Daniel Wolfenzon

Dular Pandya
Revitalization of Wealth Creation in the United States
Thesis Advisor: Professor Ingo Walter

Carrie Rowe
Housing Equity and the Long-Term Care Crisis
Thesis Advisor: Professor Andrew Caplin

Saikat Saha
Management and Organizational Theory in Cross-Cultural Work Environments
Thesis Advisor: Professor Stephen Mezias

Manan Shah
The Performance of Failed Bidders in Mergers And Acquisitions
Thesis Advisor: Professor Yakov Amihud

David Szeker
Analyst Coverage of Real Estate Investment Trusts
Thesis Advisor: Professor Crocker Liu

Richard Wong
The Effect of Foreign Ownership of the Market Efficiency on Mainland Chinese - Shanghai/Shenzhen - Stock Markets
Thesis Advisor: Professor Joel Hasbrouck

Yang Wu
Domestic M&A in China
Thesis Advisor: Professor Jianping Mei

Chris Yurek
Hedge Fund Returns: A Study of Convertible Arbitrage
Thesis Advisor: Professor Lasse Pedersen

Class of 2004

Krishna Agrawal
A Look at Global Crossing Through Real Option Analysis
Thesis Advisor: Professor Heitor Almeida

Kenneth Bellendir
Is It Good To Be Bad?: A Comprehensive Study of Socially Responsible Investing
Thesis Advisor: Professor Luis Cabral

Janice Chung
Evolution of Capital-Labor Relationship and Decreasing Relevance of Worker Representation on Corporate Boards
Thesis Advisor: Professor William Allen

Todd Cohen
The Effects of A Declassified Board of Directors on Shareholder Wealth
Thesis Advisor: Professor Yakov Amihud

Erik Daly
The EMU: Determinants of Public Support
Thesis Advisor: Professor Paul Wachtel

Daniel Domb
Consumer Expectations and Interest Rates
Thesis Advisor: Professor Crocker Liu

Lisa Filipek
I'll Be Back: The Performance of Film Sequels from 1980-2003
Thesis Advisor: Professor Samuel Craig

Pamela Foohey
Corporate Philanthropy: Strategic in Nature, Poor in Execution
Thesis Advisor: Professor Roy Smith

Tracy Gardner
“Down-Low” on The Pre-Recorded Music Industry: Downloading, Downsizing, and The Downfall of an Empire
Thesis Advisor: Professor Al Lieberman

Jason Gruenbaum
Media and The Stock Market
Thesis Advisor: Professor Sydney Ludvigson

Steven Kleiman
Reverse Engineering a Stochastic Discount Factor From The Term Structure of Interest Rates
Thesis Advisor: Professor Tom Sargent

Benton Lee
A Pricing Model for Master Leases In Real Estate
Thesis Advisor: Professor Jianping Mei

Varun Marwah
Chapter 11 and Beyond: Equity Performance
Thesis Advisor: Professor Aswath Damodaran

Jared Melnik
Naming Directors as Defendants in Class Action Lawsuits
Thesis Advisor: Professor David Yermack

Shabari Nayak
Indian Credit Rating Model: Developing a Non-Convertible Bond Rating Model for Indian Debt Markets
Thesis Advisor: Professor Marti Subrahmanyam

Eren Pamir
Financial Integration of Developing Countries
Thesis Advisor: Professor Fabrizio Perri

Jaimin Rangwalla
An Assessment of the Relationship Between Corporate Malfeasance and Short Sales
Thesis Advisor: Professor Robert Whitelaw

Todd Ruggini
Key Determinants of IPO Pricing for The Years 1992-1995
Thesis Advisor: Professor Alexander Ljungqvist

Vishal Sheth
Executive Compensation Mix and Company Performance
Thesis Advisor: Professor Eli Bartov

Omar Taha
The Risk Management Effect of Energy Deregulation on Utility Firms and The Future of Risk Management In The Utility Industry
Thesis Advisor: Professor Jeffrey Wurgler

Ron Tarantino
Arbitrage & Implied Price Relationships Among The S&P 500 Index, SPDRs, and Derivatives
Thesis Advisor: Professor Stephen Figlewski

Srdjan Vukovic
Hedge Fund Compensation Structures and Their Relation to Performance, Risk, and Diversification
Thesis Advisor: Professor Stephen Brown

Aaron Yuan
The International Diversification Puzzle: Costs and Benefits From A Mutual Fund Perspective
Thesis Advisor: Professor Martin Gruber

Class of 2003

Neha Bajaj
Intergenerational Knowledge Sharing
Thesis Advisor: Professor Kim Benzoni

Syed Bokhari
Mortgage Finance and Islamic Banking
Thesis Advisor: Professor Ingo Walter

Brad Colman
Fallen Angels in High Yield Debt
Thesis Advisor: Professor Ed Altman

Jessica Criscione
Options for Entrepreneurial Finance
Thesis Advisor: Professor Jim Ohlson

Saumil Dixit
The Compaq-HP Merger: Information from Options
Thesis Advisor: Professor Robert Whitelaw

Ali J. Hashmi
Islamic Finance and Credit
Thesis Advisor: Professor Ishaq Nadiri

Kelly Jankowski
Multinationals in Brazil:Marketing Strategy
Thesis Advisor: Professor Susan Douglas

Daisy Lin
Disclosure in International Accounting
Thesis Advisor: Dean Frederick Choi

Mohsin Memon
Impact and Value of Reverse Stock Splits
Thesis Advisor: Professor Aswath Damodaran

Karen Narang
International Crises and Federal Policy
Thesis Advisor: Professor Paul Wachtel

Michael Punzalan
Japan and the US: Macro Economics
Thesis Advisor: Professor Nouriel Roubini

Santosh Ragi
Valuation of Intangibles
Thesis Advisor: Professor Partha Mohanram

Chun Tao
Corruption and FDI in China
Thesis Advisor: Professor Bernie Yeung

Class of 2002

John Calvaruso
Technical REIT Analysis Using Regional Indices
Thesis Advisor: Professor Crocker Liu

Christina Chiu
Analysis of Historic and Implied Volatility
Thesis Advisor: Professor Menachem Brenner

Angelo John Coloma
Merger and Acquisition Activity in the Asian Tigers Since 1996
Thesis Advisor: Professor Roy C. Smith

John Eidinger Jr.
Factors Predicting the Long-Term Equity Performance of Spin-offs
Thesis Advisor: Professor Yahov Amihud

Amy K. H. Ho
The Impact of Price Volatility on an Electronic Limit Order Book
Thesis Advisor: Professor Joel Hasbrouck

James Tanner Howe
An Investigation in to Modern Financial Valuation Theory In the Venture Capital Setting
Thesis Advisor: Professor Kose John

Gaurav Kumar
Volume of Open Market Operations
Thesis Advisor: Professor Paul Wachtel

Mark T. Lanzana
Fractional Cointegration in Equity Pairs And Volatility Arbitrage
Thesis Advisor: Professor Rohit Deo

Jennifer Lau
The Escalation of Commitment and Its Relevance to the College Experience
Thesis Advisor: Professor William Starbuck

Alina Lerman
The Role of Foreign Investment Activity in Russia:Comparative Study of Two Periods: Before 1917 and After 1992
Thesis Advisor: Professor Barbara Katz

Jeffrey Lui
Estimating the Probability of Bankruptcy: A Statistical Approach
Thesis Advisor: Professor Aswath Damodaran

Kimberly A. Parrett
Racioethnic Diversity in Work Groups: A Study of Social and Task-Oriented Communication, Social Integration, Cooperativeness and Group Esteem
Thesis Advisor: Professor Frances Milliken

Suzanne L. Ramano
The Effect of Compulsory Licensing on Selected Stock Prices
Thesis Advisor: Professor David Yermack

Vishal N. Sheth
The Mechanics of a Recession
Thesis Advisor: Professor Nouriel Roubini

Stella Tabibova
Geolocation Technologies and Its Impact on e-Commerce
Thesis Advisor: Professor Mike Uretsky

Brad Weckstein
Euroization: Backdoor Entry into the European Monetary Union?
Thesis Advisor: Professor Ingo Walter

Jeremy Wodakow
The California Energy Crisis
Thesis Advisor: Professor Lawrence White

Aleksandr Yesilevich
U.S.Investors' Reaction to International News
Thesis Advisor: Professor Robert Whitelaw