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Undergraduate Current Students | Honors Program Theses

Honors Program Theses

All students, their thesis titles, and thesis advisers from each Honors Program class are listed on this page. If you would like to request a PDF version of any theses, please contact

Akhil Kotamraju
Bitcoin’s Viability as a Currency: what can we expect?
Thesis Adviser: Kose John

Shivi Khanna
Do ESG Disclosures Affect Credit Spreads?
Thesis Advisers: Richard Berner, Matthew Statler

Prabhav Kamojjhala
Does Internet Penetration Influence Support for Incumbent Populists?
Thesis Adviser: Lawrence J. White

Eunice (Yuke) Guo
Have Singapore Stock Prices Become More Informative?
Thesis Adviser: Alexi Savov

Dean Creedon
The Cov-Lite Pricing Gap
Thesis Adviser: Edward Altman

Chiara Codazz
The Impact of Big Data on Fashion Businesses' Profitability
Thesis Adviser: Thomaï Serdari

Sumantra Banerjee
Reddit-based Sentiment Analysis: An Effective Indicator for DeFi Tokens?
Thesis Adviser: Mary Billings

Nikhil Aggarwal
Analyzing the Immediate Impact of Opportunity Zones on Underserved Communities
Thesis Adviser: Sam Chandan

Jonah Botello
The Words, Policies, and Deeds of Global Climate Change Mitigation
Thesis Adviser: Adam Brandenburger

Shriram Chandra
How Robustly is a Firm's Stakeholder Reputation Incorporated into its Financial Risk?
Thesis Advisers: Ulrich Atz, Tensie Whelan

Jialiang Chen
Volatility Forecasting with PINNs
Thesis Advisers: Joao Sedoc, Raghu Sundaram

Efe Dikmen
Frequency Domain Analysis of Cryptocurrency Returns in a Centralized Exchange
Thesis Adviser: Clifford Hurvich

Anna Dilena
Pluto TV: A Model for Understanding the Sustainability of Linear Television in the Digital Realm
Thesis Adviser: Al Lieberman

Yousef El Emary
Electric Vehicle News' Impact on Stock Performance: An Event Study
Thesis Adviser: Cristiano Zazzara

Gianmarco Fratti
Central Bank Digital Currencies: The Case for a Digital Dollar
Thesis Adviser: Viral Acharya

Lavinia Gabriele
Uber's Potential Impact on Drunk-Driving Related Accidents
Thesis Adviser: Ilan Lobel

Kayla Han
The Influence of Target Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies' Pipelines on Acquiring Company Value
Thesis Advisers: Lawrence White, Michael Dickstein

Nisha Honnaya
Studying the Impact of Fractional Ownership on Art Market Liquidity
Thesis Adviser: Hanna Halaburda

Zhuowen (Jason) Jiang
What is the Risk-Free Rate in China?
Thesis Adviser: Marti Subrahmanyam

JonPaul Lambert
Blockchain in Healthcare
Thesis Adviser: Sabrina Howell

Madhur G. Chaturvedi
Sports Betting: A Gamble in Itself?
Thesis Advisers: Mary Billings, Andrew Billings

Valerio Mazzola
The Social Impact of Activist Campaigns on Targeted Companies (Specifically Relating to the Social Category of ESG Scores)
Thesis Adviser: Arpit Gupta

Thomas Monsellato
Applying Contract Theory to Film Financing Decisions: How Changes in Control and Incentives Impact Social & Commercial Value Generation
Thesis Adviser: Luis Cabral

Parth Raj Purohit
SPAC performance: Post-Closure Trend Analysis
Thesis Adviser: Marti G. Subrahmanyam

Christopher Ren
Parents, Politics, and the Pandemic: How Voters' Preferences Influence School Board Policies
Thesis Adviser: Petra Moser

Manuela Rodriguez
Equity vs. Equality in Automated Decision-Making Systems
Thesis Adviser: Andrea Bonezzi

Anirudh Sharma
Analyzing Private Equity Exit Strategies
Thesis Adviser: Gustavo Schwed

Jeremy Thomas
The Impact of Celebrity Ownership on NFT Collection Value
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack

Noah Britton
Legal Loansharking: A Dive into the Merchant Cash Advance Industry
Thesis Adviser: Simone Lenzu

Emily Brown
Bagel Branding: How Décor Helps NYC Bagel Shops Seem More Authentic
Thesis Adviser: Geeta Menon

Will Chen
Discounting Complexity: A Study into the Effect of Complexity on the Excess Values of Diversified Firms
Thesis Adviser: Aswath Damodaran

Jonathan Edelstein
To Trust or Not To Trust: Why Do People Distrust Technology Companies?
Thesis Adviser: Adam Alter

Corey Feldman
Global Disaster Risk and The Carry Trade
Thesis Adviser: Stanley Zin

Sanjana Gupta
Understanding the Complexities of Social Media
Thesis Adviser: Anindya Ghose

Brian Hao
How Does Gaming Influence Depression During COVID-19?
Thesis Adviser: Minah Jung

Thomas Khadoo
COVID-19 Outcomes in New York City: The Association with Social and Economic Disparities
Thesis Adviser: Lawrence J. White

Angie Lin
BTS Boom: The Effect of Digital Strategies on K-pop's Success
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Mateo Panjol-Tuflija
Constructing Mimicking Portfolios in Response to Market Shocks: Modeling Market Factors Using Volatility
Thesis Adviser: Richard Berner

Ghania Saleh
The Anatomy and Performance of Distressed Debt Funds: Asset Reconstruction Companies in India
Thesis Adviser: Edward Altman

Sreya Sreedhar
Heterogeneity, Polarization, and Redistribution: A comparative study of the United States and Sweden
Thesis Adviser: Peter Henry

Sebastian Stocker
Revisiting the Impact of Foreign Aid and FDI on Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Foudy

Satyam Agarwal
Unintended Consequences of NFL Rule Changes – Evolution of Kickoff Strategies
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack
Kent Cai
Corporate Bond Defaults in China: Assessing the Impact on Yield Spreads and Contrasting the Likelihood and Impact of Default between SOEs and Private Companies
Thesis Adviser: Marti G. Subrahmanyam
Justin Chan
A Better Approach to Platform Governance
Thesis Adviser: Michael Posner
Cynthia Gonzalez
iGen: Trends in Social Media use, Behaviors & Mental Health
Thesis Adviser: Vishal Singh
Arjun Goyal
Hot Racquet or Not? An Exploration of Momentum in Grand Slam Tennis Matches
Thesis Adviser: Jeffrey Simonoff
Gabrielle Heinsinger
The Influence of Evaluations over the NYC Restaurant Industry
Thesis Adviser: Gino Cattani
Daniella Nichinson
The Smart Assistant: Privacy-Performance Tradeoff
Thesis Adviser: Alexander Tuzhilin
Kristian Ruegg
The Philippines vs. Indonesia: A Tale of Two Leaders
Thesis Adviser: Peter Blair Henry
Angela Shakeri
Creating Value from an Increasingly Multigenerational Workforce: The Case of Intergenerational Negotiations
Thesis Adviser: Michael S. North
Shawn Shinder
How to Capture a Nation: The Evolution and Implications of Ukrainian Corruption<
Thesis Adviser: Barbara G. Katz
Kev To
Reimagining the Future of Aviation with Blockchain
Thesis Adviser: Hanna Halaburda
Nicole Tucci
Mastering the Commons: The Quest to Maintain Sustainability in the Maine Lobster Industry
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack
Shagun Varma
The Effect of Financial Crises and Dependence on External Financing on US Manufacturing Productivity
Thesis Adviser: Simone Lenzu
Ezio Jiaqi Wang
Examining the Relationship Between Economic Ties and Political Affinity Using UNGA Voting
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Foudy
Alec Winshel
Speaking Simply: The Efficacy of Linguistic Complexity in Oral Arguments for the Supreme Court of the United States
Thesis Adviser: Arpit Gupta
Winston Zhao
US-China Trade War: Safeguarding or Damaging Domestic Industries?
Thesis Adviser: Robert Engle
Gloria Zheng
Corporate Venture Capital and Digital Disruption
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Tsz Wai Au
The Future of Telecommunication: The Determinants of Cellular Network Penetration and their Impact in Developing Countries
Thesis Adviser: Ingo Walter

Nicholas DeMasi
Can You Hear Me Now? Predicting song genre from song lyrics using deep learning
Thesis Adviser: Panos Ipeirotis 

Sweta Gangopadhyay
Theory and Evidence on Extraversion and Undergraduate Academic Performance at Stern
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Foudy

Jacob Hamilton
Washington versus Beijing: A Comparison of Development Strategies in Africa
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Foudy

Heechan Han
Privacy-Oriented Regulation of Social Media Platforms
Thesis Adviser: Michael Posner

Paul Hwang
Why Employers Discriminate Against Applicants with Disabilities
Thesis Adviser: L. Taylor Phillips

Jaehoon Jung
Index Investing and Equity Prices
Thesis Adviser: Jeffrey Wurgler

Scott Kim
Contending with Amazon's Rise: Causal Effect of Amazon Fulfillment Centers on Local Labor Markets
Thesis Adviser: Lawrence White

Akshat Lakhotia
Analyzing Private Equity Value Creation Strategies
Thesis Adviser: Gustavo Schwed

Krish Dharmesh Mehta
Gold and Equities as a Hedge Against Inflation
Thesis Adviser: Menachem Brenner

Victoria Rusinak
Digital Transformation of the Heart: Is Media's Bombardment of our Brains Driving Us into the Arms of Robots?
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Yaqing Wang
Opacity and Valuation of Chinese Companies: The VIE Discount
Thesis Adviser: Marti G. Subrahmanyam

Jason Weitze
Dynamically Selecting & Combining Volatility Forecasts
Thesis Adviser: Rob F. Engle

Yuting Wu
Detecting Fake Trading Volume on Cryptocurrency Exchange
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack

Brenda Xu
Factors Affecting E-sports Viewership
Thesis Adviser: Alvin Lieberman 

Fan Yang
Analysis of Currency Investing: Are Emerging Markets More Profitable than Developed Markets?
Thesis Adviser: Richard M. Levich

Margaret Zhang
Sovereign Wealth Funds for Sustainable Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Thesis Adviser: Paul Wachtel

Faraz Athar
Aftermarket Performance of Private Equity Backed Companies
Thesis Adviser: Gustavo R Schwed

Luigi Caloi
Challenges for Decentralization and Federalism - Scaling up an Education Policy for 184 Municipalities in Brazil
Thesis Adviser: Sean Corcoran

Esther Chao
Personal Seat Licenses: Who's Winning this Round of the Stadium Financing Game?
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack

Karen Fich
Understanding the Hispanic/Latino Consumer Segment and Their Content Preferences in the Entertainment Industry of the United States
Thesis Advisers: Alvin Lieberman and Vicki Morwitz

Marcos Galante
Empirical Comparison of the Two Leading Peer-to-Peer Lending US Platforms
Thesis Adviser: Maxime Cohen

Samyak Jain
Examining the Impact of edler-heir age gaps on family business succession in India and the United States
Thesis Adviser: Michael North

Sanjana Jain
Can Post Bankruptcy Performance be Predicted?
Thesis Adviser: Edward Altman

Jodie Miller
Examining the Impact of Model Age on Brand Perception in the Fashion Industry
Thesis Adviser: Michael S. North

Harsh Vardhan Pachisia
Persistent Open Defection: The Curious Case of North India
Thesis Adviser: Geeta Menon

Raghav Saraogi
Borrower Characteristics and Credit Supply Expansion in the U.S. Residential Mortgage Market, Evidence from 2010 to 2015
Thesis Adviser: Arpit Gupta

Gregory Suter
An Analysis of How Certified B-corp's Founder's Motivations, Beliefs, and Morals Affect the Marketing and Communication of Certification Status
Thesis Adviser: Brian Hanssen

Felipe Valencia
The Effects of English in the Development of a Country
Thesis Adviser: Paul Wachtel

Henry Wang
Epidemic: An Analysis of the Regulatory and Socioeconomic Factors of the Opioid Crisis
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack

Dean Wiseman
Analyzing Risk in Long Term Care Insurance Markets
Thesis Adviser: Ralph Koijen

Jessica Wong
Fortune 500 CEOs: How Does CEO Gender Influence the Pay Gap Between CEO and Top Management Team?
Thesis Adviser: Batia Wiesenfeld

Zona Xu
Imagining the Future of American Highways: Forecasting Road Use Through Time Series Methods
Thesis Adviser: Ingo Walter

Cathy Zhang
The Effect of Job Stress on Hierarchy Preferences
Thesis Adviser: Taylor Phillips

Emily Zhang
Public Corruption and State Infrastructure: Opportunities and Impacts
Thesis Adviser: Lawrence White

Yutong Zheng
Understanding Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
Thesis Advisers: Michael Spence and Robert Salomon

Yutong Zhou
An Examination of the Single-Payer System: Giving a Number to Adjusting America's Health Insurance Framework
Thesis Adviser: Peter Henry

Meghana Bansal
Managerial Turnover in Major League Soccer
Thesis Adviser: Anthony Saunders

Rohil Bhatnagar
Analyzing the Extent to Which Mutual Funds Predicted the Stock Market Crash of 2015 in China
Thesis Adviser: Robert Whitelaw

Griffin Carlborg
Women in Skateboarding & Product Development
Thesis Adviser: Adam Alter

Benjamin Diner
The Impact of Creative Submission on Creativity
Thesis Adviser: Lawrence White

Sophie Frank
Understansing the History of Microfinance and the Strongest Influencing Factors on Microfinance Default Status for Women in Tamil Nadu, India
Thesis Adviser: Marti Subrahmanyam

Avishee Gupta
Theory and Evidence of Non-Compliance in Corporate Social Responsibility Spending by Indian Companies
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack

Do Heon Koo
The Supercharger Effect: Comparison of Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, and Battery Electric Vehicle Adoption in New York State
Thesis Advisers: Michael Spence & David Mordecai

Lindsay Kugel
Risk Management of Commercial Real Estate Loans at Banks
Thesis Adviser: Stijn van Nieuwerburgh

Lillian Leung
Perceptions of Income Inequality Across America
Thesis Adviser: Thomas Philippon

Runhe Lily Li
Identifying Solutions to Research Issues in Comparative Recidivism Analyses Between Private and Public State Prisons
Thesis Adviser: Bruce Buchanan

Kyung Rok Luke Min
Consumption and Saving Problem with Stochastic Interest Rates
Thesis Adviser: Eduardo Davila

Cara Salvatore
The Imperfect Breast Self-Exam: Marketing Solutions to Treat a Medical Problem
Thesis Adviser: Tom Meyvis

Archit Singi
Trends in Future Markets Efficiency in India
Thesis Adviser: Raghu Sundaram

Xiance Nathan Wang
Characteristics of Private Equity in China
Thesis Adviser: Gustavo Schwed

David Wang
The Impact of Extracurricular Involvement on Stern Students' Post- Graduation Job Placements
Thesis Adviser: Vishal Singh

Dongchen Zou
Garlic Chive Index and Prediction of China's Stock Market
Thesis Adviser: Yakov Amihud

Ria Abichandani
Implications of the Bordeaux Bubble Burst on Fine-Wine Investment
Thesis Adviser: Marti Subrahmanyam

Porter M. Carbajal
Efficiency in Public Real Estate Securities: Extensions of an Equity-Based Pricing Model on CMBX 2.0
Thesis Adviser: Stijn van Nieuwerburgh

Monica E. Cho
Going greek: A Look Into Food Trends, Greek Yogurt and Socioeconomic Class in the U.S.
Thesis Adviser: Geeta Menon

Michael C. Eichert
The Price of What You Watch: Analyzing the Value of Television Viewership Data in Targeted Online Advertising
Thesis Adviser: Albert Lieberman

Lydia Y. Guo
Understanding the Effect of Federal and State Early Childhood Policy on State Outcomes
Thesis Adviser: Peter Henry

Kashish Kumar
E-Commerce Profitability & Consumer Purchase Behavior
Thesis Adviser: Daria Dzyabura

Moritz Liebelt
An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Emerging Markets' Capital Controls on Capital Flows During the "Taper Tantrum"
Thesis Adviser: Viral Acharya

Jennifer Loh
Information in Hong Kong H-share Prices
Thesis Adviser: Jennifer Carpenter

Sijia Lou
The Effect of Government Intervention on Stock Synchronicity in China
Thesis Adviser: Robert Whitelaw

Amay Makhija
Low Income Housing Tax Credits Before and After the Financial Crisis
Thesis Adviser: Adam Brandenburger

Issac L Marshall
Stock Ownership Dispersion and Activism Success
Thesis Adviser: Aswath Damodaran

Abhinav Mittal
Estimating Global Income Inequality from Limited National Datal Points
Thesis Adviser: Rangarajan Sundaram

Keya Shah
Optimizing Operational Flow in Emergency Departments Via Simulation
Thesis Adviser: Mor Armony

Jiaye (Jason) Shen
A Study on the Listing Choices of Chinese Companies
Thesis Adviser: Robert Whitelaw

Justin Tzeng
Wage Rates, Types of Work, and Reputation on Online Labor Platforms
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Susan Wang
Pricing of Post-War and Contemporary Art: Criteria and Considerations
Thesis Adviser: Michael Moses

Ryan Whiting
Hedge funds and (Re)insurance: A Risk-Based Analysis
Viral Acharya

Anthony Chen
Patterns of Success: A Study on the Return on Education for Underrepresented Minorities
Thesis Adviser: Batia Wiesenfeld

Yashwant Chunduru
Analyzing Impact-Oriented Private Equity as an Asset Class through the Past, Present, and Future
Thesis Adviser: Jeffrey Wurgler

Keiji Drysdale
Crowding-Out and Crowding-In: An Analysis of the Relationship Between the NIH Expenditure and Private Charity Donations to Medical Research
Thesis Adviser: Sherry Glied

Elliot Finch
The Internet of Things, The Merging of Goods and Services
Thesis Adviser: Anindya Ghose

Ryan Hsu
Inequality and Global Life Satisfaction
Thesis Adviser: Sinziana Dorobantu

Olivia Hu
Gender, Marital Status, and Hiring Practices in the United States 
Thesis Adviser: Vishal Singh

Zachary Kahn
Seeking Consistency in the Dark: An Analysis of SEC Insider Trading Actions
Thesis Adviser: Marti Subrahmanyam

Viraj Mehta
Mind The Gap: An Analysis of Possible Solutions to America's Infrastructure Crisis
Thesis Adviser: Lawrence White

Nisha Modi
Levers for Change: Identifying the Ideal Policy for Ending Child Labor
Thesis Adviser: Michael Posner

Deependra Mookim
Private Prisons: Growth and Consequences for the US Incarceration System
Thesis Adviser: Vishal Singh

Peter Nie
The Value of Yieldcos
Thesis Adviser: Kose John

Michael Pelts
Understanding Market Factors in Amateur Athletics: A Look at the Economics of Youth Hockey
Thesis Adviser: Vishal Singh

Megha Sachdeva
The Economic and Social Implications of Alternate Currencies
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Nilay Shah
Arrière-garde: The Great Recession and The Commoditization of Hipsterism
Thesis Adviser: Adam Alter

Jackson Sheng
The Current State of Municipal Pension Funds
Thesis Adviser: Stijn van Nieuwerburgh

Khuhsali Upadhyay
R&D Productivity and M&A in the Pharmaceutical Industry: 1999-2013
Thesis Adviser: Deepak Hedge

Rebecca Waddall
The Weight of a Star: The Impact of New York Times Restaurant Reviews on Online Search History
Thesis Adviser: Gian Luca Clementi

Esmond Wei
Explaining Syria: Analysis of a Series of Economic and Political Policies
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Foudy

Jessica Yang
Foreign Direct Investment, Trade, and Cross-border Migration as Drivers of Language Education
Thesis Adviser: Ingo Walter

Huiling (Skylar) Yang
Risk and Yield Spreads in China's Local Government Bond Market
Thesis Adviser: Jennifer Carpenter

Zeena Advani
Controlling for Asset Bubbles Through Macroprudential Policy
Thesis Adviser: Professor Nouriel Roubini
Waqaas Afzal
The Future of the Trusted Advisor
Thesis Adviser: Professor Charles Murphy
Kevin Baker
Sentiment-Based Return: The Impact of Fashion Designers on Firm Value
Thesis Adviser: Professor David Yermack
Somesh Batra
India as an Emerging Financial Market and its New Entrepreneurs
Thesis Adviser: Professor Richard Sylla
Emil Chen
The Impact of Education on Economic Growth
Thesis Adviser: Professor Peter Henry
Sang (Scott) Chung
The Inherent Risks of Mortgage Servicing Rights and its Effects on Mortgage Borrowers
Thesis Adviser: Professor Van Nieuwerburgh
Griffin Dooling
The Next Golden Age of Film
Thesis Adviser: Professor Alvin Lieberman
Ritika Gawande
Relative Earnings in the Teaching Profession: A State by State Analysis
Thesis Adviser: Professors Matthew Statler and Sean Corcoran
Steven Getselevich
Data Generated Copula
Thesis Adviser: Professor Edward Melnick
Seung Kyu Jang
The Pork Miracle: An Industry Analysis of the Chinese Pork Market
Thesis Adviser: Professor Jennifer Carpenter
Yimin (Mark) Jiang
Boutique versus Bulge Bracket: Evolution of the worldwide M&A market post-financial crisis." 
Thesis Adviser: Professor Roy Smith
Saanjali Kotahwala
A Credit Risk Model for Non-US firms
Thesis Adviser: Professor Edward Altman
Jia Li
Expanding the Investment Horizon: The Limitations of Credit Ratings on Fund Mandates
Thesis Adviser: Professor David Backus
Fangzhou Lu
The Real value of China's Stock Market
Thesis Adviser: Professors Robert Whitelaw and  Jennifer Carpenter
Woo Jin Noh
Business Groups and Principal-Agent Problem: Evidence from M&A Deals of Korean chaebols
Thesis Adviser: Professor Aswath Damodaran
Travis Owen
Building Trust in the Sharing Economy: Collaborative Consumption vs. Traditional Online Marketplaces
Thesis Adviser: Professor Arun Sundarajan
Nicholas Passannante
Personal Politics: When Board Committees Supervise Corporate PACs
Thesis Adviser: Professor David Yermack
Anisha Patel
The Indecisive Shopper: Incorporating Choice Paralysis into the MNL
Thesis Adviser: Professors Rene Caldentey and Srikanth Jagabathula
Kenneth Safar
The Securitization of Human Capital Contracts
Thesis Adviser: Professors Bruce Buchanan and Marti Subrahmanyam
Vinay Shah
The Accelerator Value Proposition
Thesis Adviser: Professor Jeffrey Carr
Jeffrey Shi
An Analysis of Social Impact Bond Financing: Attribution and Deadweight
Thesis Adviser: Professor Samuel Lee
Chuyue Wei
Analysis of Dark Pool Trading Volume of Nasdaq Securities
Thesis Adviser: Professor Samuel Lee

Sachin Bagri
Price Discovery, Arbitrage and Hedging in the LME Steel Billet Futures Market
Thesis Adviser: Marti Subrahmanyam

Kug-Su Bang
The impact of cultural distance on the stock market's reaction to cross-border M&A
Thesis Adviser: Robert Saloman

Jonathan Cheshir
Finding Inefficiency in Sports Betting Markets; A Look through NFL Confidence Pick'Em Biases
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack

Aileen Chua
From Ratings to Revenues: The Impact of Social Media on the Restaurant Industry
Thesis Adviser: Anindya Ghose

Katherine Corson
The Influence of User-Generated Content On Brand Perception
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Mingqiu Guo
The Comparative Effectiveness of Pricing Variables in the Chinese Stock Market
Thesis Adviser: Stephen Brown

Somiran Gupta
China's Effect on US Dollar Performance in Global Currency Markets
Thesis Adviser: Jennifer Carpenter

Yosef Lefkowitz
Climate and Commodity Prices: An Analysis of the Role of ENSO Forecasts in Agricultural Commodity Markets
Thesis Adviser: Robert Whitelaw

Jack Lei
Climbing the Corporate Ladder: An Analysis of Behavioral Differences Between Chinese, Indian, and Caucasian Americans
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Porac

Helen Li
The Rising Cost of Higher Education: A Supply & Demand Analysis
Thesis Adviser: Peter Henry

Caroline Liao
The Changing Landscape of Private Equity
Thesis Adviser: Ashwini Agrawal

Yuxo Liu
Comparative Case Studies on Hip-Hop Empowerment Education Programs
Thesis Adviser: Robert Seamans

Kenneth Low
Diversification or Focus? Wealth Effects of Acquisitions and Divestitures in the Entertainment Industry
Thesis Adviser: Kose John

Serena Lu
Debt Overhang: An Analysis of Investor Confidence in Sovereign Debt Levels
Thesis Adviser: Xavier Gabaix

Yulia Malitskaia
Interaction Analysis of the HHP Multi-Dimensional Model
Thesis Adviser: William Greene

Noy Meshulami
Water Sustainability in India: An Economic Analysis
Thesis Adviser: Arun Sundararajan

Timothy Mok
The Leviathan Dilemma: Reading Hobbes in the Vocabulary of Game Theory
Thesis Adviser: Ignacio Esponda

Siddharth Morakhia
Keys to the Penthouse: Why the Rich are Flocking to Prime Urban Property
Thesis Adviser:Charles Murphy

Akash Nandi
Tesla: Supercharging The Future
Thesis Adviser: Joseph Foudy

Aditya Pisharody
The Future Of Television: Will Broadcast and Cable Television Networks Survive the Emergence of Online Streaming?
Thesis Adviser: Albert Lieberman

Eric Rolston
Systemic Risk in the Insurance Industry
Thesis Adviser: Viral Acharya

Jesse Shemen
The Story Behind Social Media Valuations
Thesis Adviser: Aswath Damodaran

George Simmons
Does the Ownership Structure of a Hedge Fund predict its Longevity?: A Look into the Hazard Rates of Funds Owned by Large Financial Institutions
Thesis Advisers: Ingo Walter & Stephen Brown

Adam Tiouririne
Red Firm, Blue Firm: Employee Political Contributions as a Measure of Workforce Alignment
Thesis Adviser: Batia Wiesenfeld

Liyi Ye
Searching for A New Growth Engine: An Essay on The Evolution of The Tradable Sector in China
Thesis Adviser: Michael Spence

Xiang Zhang
Buyout Funds Started in Recessions: How Different Are They
Thesis Adviser: Marcin Kacperczyk

Maria Carnovale
Developing Countries and the Middle-Income Trap: Predetermined to Fall?
Thesis Adviser: Peter Henry 

Mariola Jung
Corporate Crisis Management Through Twitter
Thesis Adviser: David Yermack

Ryan Kreitzer
Covered Bond Markets: An Analysis of their Impact on Mortgage Underwriting
Thesis Adviser: Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

Weiman Ma
Changes in the Hedge Fund Industry as a Result of the Financial Crisis: An Examination of Service Providers of Hedge Funds
Thesis Adviser: Stephen Brown

Pratik Mehta
The Factors Driving Employees Salaries: Determining their Weights Across Industries
Thesis Adviser: Anindya Ghose

Philip Mercadante
Efficacy of Monetary Policy Following the 2008 Banking Crisis
Thesis Adviser: Lawrence White

James Myatt
Explorations of the Equity Premium Puzzle
Thesis Adviser: David Backus

Yevgenia Pikman
Re-formulating the Status Quo: An Analysis and Improvement of Insurance Firm Valuation
Thesis Adviser: Aswath Damodaran

William Tenenbaum
Shaking Dragons: The Chinese Economic Imbalance
Thesis Adviser: Jennifer Carpenter

Kathleen Vadnais
Does the Media Affect Mergers and Acquisitions?
Thesis Adviser: Marcin Kacperczyk

Jiefu Wang
Mature CDS Markets: A Suitable Replacement for Ratings Agency Downgrades?
Thesis Adviser: Viral Acharya

Zhichao (John) Yan
Stock Return Variance in Dual-Listed Shares
Thesis Adviser: David Backus

May Zhan
Social Happiness: How Luxury Market Exposure Affects Perceptions of Income Inequality
Thesis Adviser: Jennifer Carpenter

Yuting Zhang
Building a Better Benchmark: Disaggregating the CPI
Thesis Adviser: Paul Wachtel

Jiaqi (Jennifer) Zhou
Crowdsourcing: A New Revolution for Start-Ups
Thesis Adviser: Robert Seamans

Robert Aeder
Jewish Holidays and the Stock Market
Thesis Advisor: Menachem Brenner

Vitali Bourchtein
The Principles of Economics Textbooks: An Analysis of Its Past, Present and Future
Thesis Advisor: Simon Bowmaker

Vijay Chandar
Inside the Oil Market: The Relationship Between Commercial Trading Activity and Subsequent Price Movements
Thesis Advisor: David Backus

Brandon Chew
Gamechangers: A Study of the Effects of the XBox Kinect and Playstation Move on Consumer Opinions and the Competitive Landscape for Game Consoles
Thesis Advisor: Al Lieberman

Danielle Even
A Look at Teaching Styles: Exploring the Roots of Innovative Entrepreneurship in Israel and China
Thesis Advisor: William Baumol

Zhou Jiang
An Evaluation of Investor Sentiment Measures
Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Wurgler

Michael Lavi
Do Sanctions Work? A Look at Iran and Iranian Oil Production
Thesis Advisor: Joseph Foudy

Sue Lee
Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble: A Study of Market Bubbles and Their Impact on the Macro Economy
Thesis Advisor: Xavier Gabaix

Suruchi Mehta
Financial Strategies of Biotechnology Companies
Thesis Advisor: Roy Smith

Sonali Mittal
An Analysis on the Increase of Natural Gas Production from 2007-2010: Specific Causes and Implications
Thesis Advisor: Lawrence White

Matthew Premus
The European Monetary Union Crisis: Intervention, Contagion, and Country-Specific Risk
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Cooley

Anand Raghu
Labor Union Negotiations and Managers' Incentives to Manipulate Earnings
Thesis Advisor: Ashwini Agrawal

Dylan Riley
Incentives for Creating Hits: Mechanical Royalties and Other Income Streams for Popular Musicians
Thesis Advisor: Aswath Damodaran

Kirby Smith
A Subsidy to the States: Determining the Value of Implied Federal Guarantee on US State Debt
Thesis Advisor: Rangarjan Sundaram

Elena Stark
When the Iron Curtain Falls and Crisis Sets In: Understanding Reactions to Economic Shocks in the Eastern European Economies in Transition
Thesis Advisor: Paul Wachtel

Nipun Tulshian
Money Manipulations: Political Business Cycles in the Developing World
Thesis Advisor: Peter Henry

Alicia Wnorowski
Who Really Needs the Olympics? A Look at the Costs and Benefits of Hosting the Summer Olympic Games for Developing Nations
Thesis Advisor: Nicolas Economides

Veena Bontu
Pro-Cyclical Fiscal Policy: An Empirical Study of Commodity Dependent Countries
Thesis Advisor: Xavier Gabaix

Gary Chalik
Do High-Pay Executives Perform Best When it Matters Most?
Thesis Advisor: Marcin Kacperczyk

Irvin Chan
The Role of Prepurchase Agreements and Securities Lending in Distressed Financial Institutions
Thesis Advisor: Viral Acharya

Jay Julian Cohen
Losing the Label: Exploring a New Model for Emerging Musical Artists
Thesis Advisor: Yannis Bakos

Krittivas Dalmia
The Indian Premier League: Pay Versus Performance
Thesis Advisor: Raghu Sundaram

Ryan Eldridge
Measuring Efficiency in the National Basketball Association: A "Moneyball" Approach
Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Simonoff & Simon Bowmaker

Natalie J. Engelhardt
Color Studies: Examining the Impact of Packaging Hue and Shade on Consumer Perception
Thesis Advisor: Priya Raghubir

Mikhail Esipov
Trading on Forecasted Macroeconomic Information
Thesis Advisor: Lasse Pedersen

Vinod Kasturi
Investment Characteristics of Traditional Chinese Art
Thesis Advisor: Michael Moses

Charles Leung
Piracy in Somalia: A Political and Economic Analysis of RPG-Equipped Swashbuckling
Thesis Advisor: Lawrence White

Stephanie Liu
On Returning Home: Reverse Talent Migration of Highly Educated Immigrants
Thesis Advisor: Joseph Foudy

Joe (Yat Ping) Ng
Effects of News on Financial Markets
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Phillipon

Alexander Nicolau
An Examination of Implied Volatility Patterns Around Merger and Acquisition Announcements
Thesis Advisor: Yakov Amihud

Aleesha Patel
The Survival of the Newspaper in the Digital Age of Communication
Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Green

Nina Patel
Implicit Bias Against Professional Women
Thesis Advisor: Batia Wiesenfeld

Akila Prabhakar
Micro-insurance: The Risk Reward Spectrum in India
Thesis Advisor: Jeanne Calderon

Alexander Sabharwal
Asset Bubbles and Power Laws: An Empirical Study of the Nature of Formations and Bursts
Thesis Advisor: Xavier Gabaix

Matthew Sack
Predictive Factors for Loan Funding Time in Peer to Peer Microfinance Lending
Thesis Advisor: Abraham George

Roman Schwartz
Examining the Term Sheet in Venture Capital-Backed Investments
Thesis Advisor: Alexander Ljungqvist

Gil Shefer
The Cost of Terrorism to Financial Markets in Israel
Thesis Advisor: Simon Bowmaker

Taimur Tariq
Form Over Substance? An Examination of the Spirit and Practice of Islamic Finance
Thesis Advisor: Ingo Walter

Marina Varshavskaya
Trust and its Formal Substitutes in Economic Life
Thesis Advisor: William T. Allen

Scott Yang
Information Sharing in Supply Chain Management
Thesis Advisor: Clifford Hurvich

Yoon Chang
Is Diversity a Strategic Asset for Organizations in the Financial Services Industry?
Thesis Advisor: Roger Dunbar

Kathy Chen
Consumer Foodservice in Western Europe: Identifying Drivers of Growth in a Maturing Market
Thesis Advisor: Susan Douglas

Gregory Cohen
The 2008 Short Selling Ban: Effects on Banned Stocks with and without Traded Options
Thesis Advisor: Jeff Wurgler

Nathaniel Cohen
Combating Global Warming Carbon Emissions Policies for the United States
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Cooley

Benjamin Garrett
Shareholder Voting: A Statistical and Case Study of the Pseudo-Event
Thesis Advisor: Yakov Amihud

Shyla Giri
Explioring Economic Reform in Cuba During and After Fidel Catro's Rule
Thesis Advisor: Barbara Katz

Aaron Gold
Payday Lending: Grounding the Policy Debate through Economic Analysis
Thesis Advisor: Roy Smith

Andrew Goon
Money Growing on Trees: A Study of Debt-to-Nature Swap Participants
Thesis Advisor: Lawrence White

Bilal Hussain
Integration of Financial Supervision and its Implications for Banking Sector Stability
Thesis Advisor: Nouriel Roubini

Shreevats Jaipuria
Electoral Economics: The Relationship between Monetary Cycles and National Elections in India
Thesis Adviser: Marti Subrahmanyam

Andrew Hanqi Jiang
Fairness & Efficiency in Going Private Mergers: The Use & Limitations of the ECMH in Court
Thesis Advisor: William Allen

Christopher Kim
Understanding Racial Segregation in U.S. Corporate Law Firms
Thesis Adviser: Debraj Ray

Kenneth Lee
Sovereign Wealth: Analysis of Norway's Government Pension Fund - Global Turbulent Times
Thesis Advisor: David Backus

Chang Liu
The Regional Integration of Stock Markets in Asia
Thesis Advisor: Menachem Brenner

Lily Mundy
Patient Adherence to the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) for Non-Primary English Speakers
Thesis Advisor: Michael Katz

Shevon Newman
Securities Markets in a Competative Age: An Analysis of the National Market System and Its Impact on Local Market Participants
Thesis Advisor: Joel Hasbrouck

Hoshrav Patel
Capital Structure Preference: An Inquiry into the Debt Structure of Group and Non-Group Affiliated Firms in India
Thesis Advior: Aswath Damodaran

Alpesh Sanghani
The Potential Impact of Rapidly Growing Life Settlements Industry on Life Insurance Companies
Thesis Advisor: Ingo Walter

Sandeep Satish
An Imperical Analysis of Major League Baseball Scouting Resources: How the Number and Location of Scouts Have Impacted Valuation Yields
Thesis Advisor: David Yermack

Chirag Shah
Hedging the World: Assessing the Performance of Dynamically Hedged Long-Short Equity Investments
Thesis Advisor: Robert Engle

Roman Smukler
Executive Compensation: Further Investigation into Option Award Vesting Dates
Thesis Advisor: David Yermack

Monika Spiewak
Drilling for Oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: A Cost-Benefit Analysis
Thesis Advisor: Roy Radner

Olga Vaynerman
A Comparison of the Post-Merger Operating Performance of Horizontal and Conglomerate Mergers
Thesis Advisor: Yakov Amihud

Anthony Versaci
Measuring Internet Buzz and its Effects on the Movie Box Office
Thesis Advisor: Samuel Craig

Brandon Adoni
Exploring a Link Between Globalization and Political Instability: An Empiracle Study
Thesis Advisor: Paul Wachtel

Alan Barrentine
Capatilism 2.0: Social Entrepreneurship and the Changing Nature of Economics in the 21st Century
Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Robinson

Julie Burger
Poison Pills on the Decline: The Performance & Wealth Effects of Poison Pill Removals
Thesis Advisor: Yakov Amihud

Julia Dobtsis
Corporate Governance: Can Democracy Increase Profitablility?
Thesis Advisor: William Allen

Eric Goldberg
The Future of Hong Kong as an International Financial Center: How Shanghai's Rise Will Impact China's Financial System
Thesis Advisor: Larry White

David Josset
Determinants of the Value of English Soccer Franchises: An Analysis of Share Price Reaction to Certain Sporting Events
Thesis Advisor: Aswath Damodaran

Kevin Klipfel
An Analysis of Major League Baseball Franchise Valuation: Are Owners Rational When Buying Teams?
Thesis Advisor: David Yermack

Prita Kumar
Sponsored Search Advertising in Electronic Markets: A Study on the Impact of Keyword Wordographics
Thesis Advisor: Anindya Ghose

Yuen-Kwan Amy Kwong
The Efficiency of Block Scheduling in Operating Rooms
Thesis Advisor: Michael Pinedo

Simon Liang
An Examination of the Subprime Crisis
Thesis Advisor: Matthew Richardson

Divyan Mistry
Does the Hand that Silences Only Fuel the Fire? A Study of the Relationship between Government Ownership of Media and National Instability
Thesis Advisor: Larry White

Shan Hua Michele Ng
Building a Global Asian Fashion Brand
Thesis Advisor: Durairaj Maheswaran

Nikhil Patel
Reassessing the Effectiveness of Foreign Aid
Thesis Advisor: Barbara Katz

Rinky Patel
Effectiveness of Anti-Drug Measures: Cocaine in Columbia
Thesis Advisor: Daniel Wolfenzon

Sunny Patel
The Assimilation of Second Generation East Indian Americans into American Society
Thesis Advisor: Sally Blount

Shefali Patil
Perceptions of Female Professionals in Male-Dominated Industries: Effects of Gender Rarity, Success, and Diversity Justification
Thesis Advisor: Steve Blader

Daniel Septak
Understanding the Effectiveness of Trailers, Teasers & Television Spots in Marketing Movies
Thesis Advisor: Al Lieberman

Levent Tuysuzoglu
The Effects of Macroeconomic Data Surprises on Implied Volatility
Thesis Advisor: Stephen Figlewski

Prasanna Vanguri
Determining Optimal Capital Allocation to Microfinance Institutions
Thesis Advisor: Ingo Walter

Vinay Barmecha
De Beers: A Dying Cartel: Formation, Dynamics and Repercussions of its Falls
Thesis Advisor: Ingo Walter

Gabriela Bis
Small Cap Premium: Does Liquidity Hold Water?
Thesis Advisor: Aswath Damodaran

Brittany Boals
Globalization in America: Our Current Perceptions and Future Welfare
Thesis Advisor: Marti Subrahmanyam

Elaine Chang
I Heard It Through the Grapevine: The Effects of Online Word of Mouth on Music Sales
Thesis Advisor: Vasant Dhar

Rohit Dave
Bollywood to Broadband: The Impact of Broadband on the Distribution of Indian Film in the United States
Thesis Advisor: Lasse Pedersen

Mark DiMilia
The Social Welfare-Maximizing Potential of the Corporate Form
Thesis Advisor: William Allen

Michael DiNapoli
Carbon Emissions: Credit Trading versus Taxation
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Cooley

Varun Kapur
Is the Fama and French Model a Good Indicator of Market Sectoral Performance?
Thesis Advisor: Richard Levich

Max Kapustin
The Effect of Culture on Occupational Choice
Thesis Advisor: Enrichetta Ravina

Lily Kim
Japan's Adoption of IFRS: Cosmetic or Economic Convergence?
Thesis Advisor: Frederick Choi

Jill Kreps
Investment Characteristics of Latin American Art
Thesis Advisor: Michael Moses

Chris Masterson
The Shift from Options to Restricted Stock in Executive Pay Packages and Its Relation to Stock Performance
Thesis Advisor: David Yermack

Doniel Perl
The Utility of Brand Value Estimates in Predicting Future Financial Performance
Thesis Advisor: Joel Steckel

Thongchai Rattanaruengyot
The Nature of the Z-scores of Companies who Filed Chapter 22 and Chapter 33
Thesis Advisor: Edward Altman

Steven Rosenberg
From Broadcast to Broadband: The Effect of Digital Distribution on a Television Program's Viewership
Thesis Advisor: Jarl Kallberg

Santosh Sateesh
From the Iron Fist to the Invisible Hand: A Comparative Analysis of Investment Trends and Political Economic Reform in Post-Soviet Russia
Thesis Advisor: Roy Smith

Jigar Shah
Engineering Gap, A Cause for Alarm
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Phillippon

Eesha Sharma
An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Investments in India on the Long-run Stock Price Performance of U.S. Firms
Thesis Advisor: Sridhar Seshadri

Hari Sundar
An Analysis of the Housing Downturn: Causes, Consequences, and Historical Context
Thesis Advisor: Nouriel Roubini

Mehul Tailor
Analysts, Their Recommendations, and Their Access to Private Information: Do they add value?
Thesis Advisor: Martin Lettau

Aditi Talreja
Successions in Indian Family Firms
Thesis Advisor: Daniel Wolfenzon

Kathleen Clark
Synergies between the Publishing and Film Production Industries: Where Does the Consumer Fit In?
Thesis Advisor: Geeta Menon

Roman Fuzaylov
Water in Central Asia:The Politics of Economic Cooperation
Thesis Advisor: Nouriel Roubini

Daniella Gelman
Examining IPO Valuation Methods - Market Comparables and Discounted Cash Flow
Thesis Advisor: Stephen Brown

Heejin Kim
Corporate Social Responsibility: Opening Doors for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies
Thesis Advisor: Mahesh Maheswaran

Ah La Ko
Corporate Governance in Brazil: A Success Story?
Thesis Advisor: Heitor Almeida

Justin Look
Target Retirement Accounts: Set it and Forget it?
Thesis Advisor: Martin Gruber

Ariel Merenstein
Class Auction Suits: An Analysis of the Filing Event and Its Relation to the Class End Event and Firm Size
Thesis Advisor: Robert Whitelaw

Michael Nurick
The Price of Life: A Study Into the Abuse of Water Privatization in South Africa
Thesis Advisor: Fabrizio Perri

Vincent Ortiz
How Do Different Types of Rating Announcements Affect Equity Prices?
Thesis Advisor: Edward Altman

Peter Paskhaver
The Ukrainian Political and Economic Readiness for Integration into the European Union: Lessons Learned from Poland in 1997
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Pugel

Sonali Patel
Harry Potterization: The Global Phenomenon Explained
Thesis Advisor: William Allen

Ashley Schutz
Satellite Radio: Can it Survive?
Thesis Advisor: Al Lieberman

Leonid Smolyar
Petrodollars: Tracking the Flow of Investment of Oil Windfalls - Today Vs. the 1970s
Thesis Advisor: Paul Wachtel

Kate Totaro
The Economic Utility of the Compact Disk
Thesis Advisor: Sam Craig

Andrei Vrabie
Transneft: Russia's Political Agent in the Caspian Sea's Oil Sector?
Thesis Advisor: Barbara Katz

Cecil Wang
Pricing the Path of Carbon Externalities
Thesis Advisor: Roy Radner

Choon Ken Wee
The Relationship Between and Underlying Asset's Systematic Risk Proportion and the Implied Volatility Curve and its Implications
Thesis Advisor: Robert Engle

Beth Welinsky
Insights into the Need for Closure Construct
Thesis Advisor: Dean Sally Blount

Wei Zhang
Systematic Credit Default Risk in Japan
Thesis Advisor: Heitor Almeida

Ryan Bennett
Determinants of FDI in Africa
Thesis Advisor: Professor Barbara Katz

Douglas Bunim
Diversification Discount or Premium? Evidence from Merger Announcements
Thesis Advisor: Professor Heitor Almeida

Matt Chain
Corporate Governance
Thesis Advisor: Professor William Allen

Matthew Epstein
The Relationship of Mall REIT Returns And Their Anchor Tenants
Thesis Advisor: Professor Stephen Brown

Robert Felice
Premial Discounts and the Closed-End Fund Puzzle
Thesis Advisor: Professor Martin Gruber

Anu Ganti
The Changing Relationship Between Movie Studios And Exhibitors Due to the Rise of Movie Theater Consolidation
Thesis Advisor: Professor Al Lieberman

Frank Han
Capital Structure Arbitage
Thesis Advisor: Professor Edward Altman

Ritu Jain
Accounting for Intangible Assets
Thesis Advisor: Professor Baruch Lev

Rebecca Kleinstein
Playing the Game: Hardware Manufacturers and Software Publishers' Playing-To-Win Strategies Within the Video Game Industry
Thesis Advisors: Professor Samuel Craig and Professor Adam Brandenburger

Kevin Koche
Corporate Governance in the Telecom Industry - A Focus on the WorldCom Bankruptcy
Thesis Advisor: Professor Crocker Liu

Erin Kostecki
Stretching Brands to the Youth and Young Adult Market Through Use of New Product Development/Marketing Communications
Thesis Advisor: Professor Durairaj Maheswaran

Cate Lumpp
When Rodeo Drive, Bond Street,and Madison Avenue Are Not Enough: Changes in Luxury Goods Distribution In America
Thesis Advisor: Professor Russell Winer

Lee Miller
An Analysis of Competitive Stimuli from School Choice Reform and the Resulting Implications for Public Education Outcome Measures
Thesis Advisor: Professor Robert Berne

Chris Neamonitis
Europe's Economic and Monetary Union: The Effect of Integration on Income Distribution and Welfare
Thesis Advisor: Professor Paul Wachtel

Hallvard Omholt
The Real Effects of Overvalued IPOs
Thesis Advisor: Professor Daniel Wolfenzon

Dular Pandya
Revitalization of Wealth Creation in the United States
Thesis Advisor: Professor Ingo Walter

Carrie Rowe
Housing Equity and the Long-Term Care Crisis
Thesis Advisor: Professor Andrew Caplin

Saikat Saha
Management and Organizational Theory in Cross-Cultural Work Environments
Thesis Advisor: Professor Stephen Mezias

Manan Shah
The Performance of Failed Bidders in Mergers And Acquisitions
Thesis Advisor: Professor Yakov Amihud

David Szeker
Analyst Coverage of Real Estate Investment Trusts
Thesis Advisor: Professor Crocker Liu

Richard Wong
The Effect of Foreign Ownership of the Market Efficiency on Mainland Chinese - Shanghai/Shenzhen - Stock Markets
Thesis Advisor: Professor Joel Hasbrouck

Yang Wu
Domestic M&A in China
Thesis Advisor: Professor Jianping Mei

Chris Yurek
Hedge Fund Returns: A Study of Convertible Arbitrage
Thesis Advisor: Professor Lasse Pedersen

Krishna Agrawal
A Look at Global Crossing Through Real Option Analysis
Thesis Advisor: Professor Heitor Almeida

Kenneth Bellendir
Is It Good To Be Bad?: A Comprehensive Study of Socially Responsible Investing
Thesis Advisor: Professor Luis Cabral

Janice Chung
Evolution of Capital-Labor Relationship and Decreasing Relevance of Worker Representation on Corporate Boards
Thesis Advisor: Professor William Allen

Todd Cohen
The Effects of A Declassified Board of Directors on Shareholder Wealth
Thesis Advisor: Professor Yakov Amihud

Erik Daly
The EMU: Determinants of Public Support
Thesis Advisor: Professor Paul Wachtel

Daniel Domb
Consumer Expectations and Interest Rates
Thesis Advisor: Professor Crocker Liu

Lisa Filipek
I'll Be Back: The Performance of Film Sequels from 1980-2003
Thesis Advisor: Professor Samuel Craig

Pamela Foohey
Corporate Philanthropy: Strategic in Nature, Poor in Execution
Thesis Advisor: Professor Roy Smith

Tracy Gardner
“Down-Low” on The Pre-Recorded Music Industry: Downloading, Downsizing, and The Downfall of an Empire
Thesis Advisor: Professor Al Lieberman

Jason Gruenbaum
Media and The Stock Market
Thesis Advisor: Professor Sydney Ludvigson

Steven Kleiman
Reverse Engineering a Stochastic Discount Factor From The Term Structure of Interest Rates
Thesis Advisor: Professor Tom Sargent

Benton Lee
A Pricing Model for Master Leases In Real Estate
Thesis Advisor: Professor Jianping Mei

Varun Marwah
Chapter 11 and Beyond: Equity Performance
Thesis Advisor: Professor Aswath Damodaran

Jared Melnik
Naming Directors as Defendants in Class Action Lawsuits
Thesis Advisor: Professor David Yermack

Shabari Nayak
Indian Credit Rating Model: Developing a Non-Convertible Bond Rating Model for Indian Debt Markets
Thesis Advisor: Professor Marti Subrahmanyam

Eren Pamir
Financial Integration of Developing Countries
Thesis Advisor: Professor Fabrizio Perri

Jaimin Rangwalla
An Assessment of the Relationship Between Corporate Malfeasance and Short Sales
Thesis Advisor: Professor Robert Whitelaw

Todd Ruggini
Key Determinants of IPO Pricing for The Years 1992-1995
Thesis Advisor: Professor Alexander Ljungqvist

Vishal Sheth
Executive Compensation Mix and Company Performance
Thesis Advisor: Professor Eli Bartov

Omar Taha
The Risk Management Effect of Energy Deregulation on Utility Firms and The Future of Risk Management In The Utility Industry
Thesis Advisor: Professor Jeffrey Wurgler

Ron Tarantino
Arbitrage & Implied Price Relationships Among The S&P 500 Index, SPDRs, and Derivatives
Thesis Advisor: Professor Stephen Figlewski

Srdjan Vukovic
Hedge Fund Compensation Structures and Their Relation to Performance, Risk, and Diversification
Thesis Advisor: Professor Stephen Brown

Aaron Yuan
The International Diversification Puzzle: Costs and Benefits From A Mutual Fund Perspective
Thesis Advisor: Professor Martin Gruber

Neha Bajaj
Intergenerational Knowledge Sharing
Thesis Advisor: Professor Kim Benzoni

Syed Bokhari
Mortgage Finance and Islamic Banking
Thesis Advisor: Professor Ingo Walter

Brad Colman
Fallen Angels in High Yield Debt
Thesis Advisor: Professor Ed Altman

Jessica Criscione
Options for Entrepreneurial Finance
Thesis Advisor: Professor Jim Ohlson

Saumil Dixit
The Compaq-HP Merger: Information from Options
Thesis Advisor: Professor Robert Whitelaw

Ali J. Hashmi
Islamic Finance and Credit
Thesis Advisor: Professor Ishaq Nadiri

Kelly Jankowski
Multinationals in Brazil:Marketing Strategy
Thesis Advisor: Professor Susan Douglas

Daisy Lin
Disclosure in International Accounting
Thesis Advisor: Dean Frederick Choi

Mohsin Memon
Impact and Value of Reverse Stock Splits
Thesis Advisor: Professor Aswath Damodaran

Karen Narang
International Crises and Federal Policy
Thesis Advisor: Professor Paul Wachtel

Michael Punzalan
Japan and the US: Macro Economics
Thesis Advisor: Professor Nouriel Roubini

Santosh Ragi
Valuation of Intangibles
Thesis Advisor: Professor Partha Mohanram

Chun Tao
Corruption and FDI in China
Thesis Advisor: Professor Bernie Yeung

Class of 2002

John Calvaruso
Technical REIT Analysis Using Regional Indices
Thesis Advisor: Professor Crocker Liu

Christina Chiu
Analysis of Historic and Implied Volatility
Thesis Advisor: Professor Menachem Brenner

Angelo John Coloma
Merger and Acquisition Activity in the Asian Tigers Since 1996
Thesis Advisor: Professor Roy C. Smith

John Eidinger Jr.
Factors Predicting the Long-Term Equity Performance of Spin-offs
Thesis Advisor: Professor Yahov Amihud

Amy K. H. Ho
The Impact of Price Volatility on an Electronic Limit Order Book
Thesis Advisor: Professor Joel Hasbrouck

James Tanner Howe
An Investigation in to Modern Financial Valuation Theory In the Venture Capital Setting
Thesis Advisor: Professor Kose John

Gaurav Kumar
Volume of Open Market Operations
Thesis Advisor: Professor Paul Wachtel

Mark T. Lanzana
Fractional Cointegration in Equity Pairs And Volatility Arbitrage
Thesis Advisor: Professor Rohit Deo

Jennifer Lau
The Escalation of Commitment and Its Relevance to the College Experience
Thesis Advisor: Professor William Starbuck

Alina Lerman
The Role of Foreign Investment Activity in Russia:Comparative Study of Two Periods: Before 1917 and After 1992
Thesis Advisor: Professor Barbara Katz

Jeffrey Lui
Estimating the Probability of Bankruptcy: A Statistical Approach
Thesis Advisor: Professor Aswath Damodaran

Kimberly A. Parrett
Racioethnic Diversity in Work Groups: A Study of Social and Task-Oriented Communication, Social Integration, Cooperativeness and Group Esteem
Thesis Advisor: Professor Frances Milliken

Suzanne L. Ramano
The Effect of Compulsory Licensing on Selected Stock Prices
Thesis Advisor: Professor David Yermack

Vishal N. Sheth
The Mechanics of a Recession
Thesis Advisor: Professor Nouriel Roubini

Stella Tabibova
Geolocation Technologies and Its Impact on e-Commerce
Thesis Advisor: Professor Mike Uretsky

Brad Weckstein
Euroization: Backdoor Entry into the European Monetary Union?
Thesis Advisor: Professor Ingo Walter

Jeremy Wodakow
The California Energy Crisis
Thesis Advisor: Professor Lawrence White

Aleksandr Yesilevich
U.S.Investors' Reaction to International News
Thesis Advisor: Professor Robert Whitelaw