Curricular Tracks

A track consists of a set of approximately eight courses and includes a progression of three types of courses:
  • Prerequisite courses
  • Essential courses
  • Advanced electives
Tracks provide you with a roadmap of coursework that will help you develop both intellectually and professionally in areas of interest that cross traditional disciplines. Tracks are designed to be multidisciplinary, in-depth, and supplemental to students' business concentration(s). Completion of a track will not be noted on a student's transcript.

Each track has a Track Champion dedicated to developing and monitoring the track curriculum, advising students and facilitating students' professional development.

Important Note: Students must fulfill all required prerequisites for any course listed. For information regarding course prerequisites, please refer to the Course Index and College of Arts and Sciences website. Stern Business Tools courses consist of the following (Microeconomics [ECON-UB 1], Statistics for Business Control and Regression/Forecasting Models [STAT-UB 103 or STAT-UB 1& STAT-UB 3], and Principles of Financial Accounting [ACCT-UB 1]).

Tracks at the NYU Stern Undergraduate College
Track Name Track Sheet
Asset Pricing AssetPricingFeb16
Business Analytics BusAnalyticsFeb16
Corporate Finance CorpFinFeb16
Digital Marketing DigitalMKTGFeb16
Entrepreneurship EntrepFeb16
Luxury Marketing Luxury Marketing Image for Thumbnail
Management Consulting MgmtConsultingFeb16
Real Estate RealEstateFeb16