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Housing, Insurance, Immunizations and Living Expenses

Housing Options

You will receive information about housing once you have been nominated to attend NYU Stern. If you would like to live on campus, you must fill out the NYU Residence Hall application by the deadline. You cannot request a specific residence hall, but NYU will try to arrange housing in NYU Residence Halls for all exchange students who meet the application deadline. However, NYU housing is not guaranteed due to the high demand on campus, particularly for the Fall semester. If on-campus housing is not available, NYU will provide you with alternate short-term housing information to aid your search. The average cost of NYU housing varies between $4,950 to $12,900 per semester

If you are granted on-campus housing you will be placed in one of the apartment-style residence halls that are either within walking distance from campus or commutable via the free NYU shuttle bus.

Visit the NYU Housing website for additional information.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is required by NYU and as part of your U.S. visa requirements. It is also a necessity in the United States because of the high cost of healthcare. 

When you are accepted to the exchange program you will be automatically enrolled in the NYU-sponsored Comprehensive Plan. Cost estimates for the 2023-2024 Comprehensive Insurance Plan include (in USD and subject to change):

  • Full Year: $4,832

  • Fall semester only: $1,862

  • Spring semester only: $2,970 (higher because it also covers summer)

 You also have an option to:

  • Apply to waive the NYU-sponsored plans if you maintain other insurance coverage that meets the University's criteria. The deadline to enroll or waive coverage for the Fall semester is September 30 and for the Spring semester is February 10. Most insurance plans issued outside of the United States do not meet NYU's insurance criteria, so you should budget to pay for NYU insurance. Please ensure your plans meet all of NYU's required coverage aspects before submitting for a waiver.


  • Downgrade your coverage to the Basic Plan by September 30 for the Fall semester or by February 10 for the Spring semester.

Full-year students: Once you select your insurance plan in the Fall it cannot be changed in the Spring. Your health insurance plan is locked in for the full year. If you want to downgrade from the Comprehensive plan to the Basic plan, you must do so by the fall semester deadline.

Immunization Form Requirements

New York State requires all students to be immunized. You must submit your immunization paperwork to the NYU Health Center before you arrive at NYU. You must also bring copies of your immunization paperwork with you for your exchange semester. If you do not submit your paperwork, you will not be able to check into NYU Housing and will also be dropped from your classes.

Please read the Health Requirements for Students information on the NYU Student Health Center webpage. The NYU Student Health Center may also contact you directly about these requirements.

Please contact the NYU Student Health Center if you have any questions:

NYU Student Health Center
Immunization Record Services

726 Broadway, Room 336
New York NY 10003
1-212-443-1199 (Phone)
1-212-443-1198 (Fax)

Living Expenses

  • Food: A meal plan is not required but options are available. Plan prices vary from $1,606 to $3,143 per semester. For more information please see NYU Dining. Many students also choose to cook on their own or eat at New York City’s many food establishments.

  • Books: approximately $800 to $1,000 per semester.

  • Local transportation: The Greenwich Village neighborhood around NYU is very walkable, however, you can also use the free NYU shuttle to get around campus. New York City subway and bus service is also available to other parts of the city and costs $2.90 per one-way trip.