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Stern Around the World in


MULT-UB 132: Global Theme/Amusement Park Industry: USA | Take a thrilling ride into the global business of fun with a focus on the theme and amusement park industry.

Stern Around the World in the USA

Learn how to develop and manage global business enterprises, from creating business ideas to building and managing a theme/amusement park. Critically examine factors that shape the international business environment and that contribute to the success or failure of global theme/amusement parks.

This Fall 2022 semester course takes place in New York and includes a domestic trip over Fall Break. From the evening of Thursday, October 6, to the evening of Monday, October 10, 2022, you will take a class trip** to Orlando, Florida. Learn firsthand to:

  1. Critically analyze the global factors (e.g., political, economic, legal, technological, and social/cultural) that shape the development of complex business enterprises, and apply this knowledge to the theme/amusement park industry.
  2. Evaluate evidence by interpreting and drawing inferences from economic and business models as these apply to the theme/amusement park industry.
  3. Evaluate the forces that shape industry profitability and assess internal factors (e.g., the resources and capabilities of a firm) that facilitate the successful development and operation of theme/amusement parks.
  4. Analyze quantitative and qualitative information symbolically, visually, numerically, and verbally, as such information applies to the theme/amusement park industry.
  5. Build entrepreneurial, teamwork, and research skills.
  6. Develop an awareness of the importance of ethical values, sustainable business development and management, and community work in an international context.

**Travel is dependent on COVID-19 safety restrictions. If travel cannot move forward as planned, virtual options will be incorporated to supplement the trip portion of the course. The course will not be canceled.

No application is required!

  • Enrollment is done through Albert for this course.
  • Enrollment is first-come, first-served, based on your registration time.
  • If the course fills up, there will be a Waitlist. Set up the ‘Edit Swap’ function on Albert to ensure you’re not stuck on the waitlist.
  • If you successfully enroll, you will be contacted via email with next steps. See additional details below.
  • This course is open only to NYU Stern students. 
  • Attending or viewing an Info Session is highly encouraged before enrolling in this course.

Course Overview

MULT-UB 132: The Global Theme/Amusement Park Industry: USA
3 credits | Monday/Wednesday 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM
Course: Fall Semester | October Travel: 4 days in Orlando, Florida, or supplemental virtual options if needed
Instructor: Professor Lioubov Pogorelova (

This course examines the global business environment through a study of the global theme/amusement park industry with a focus on regional amusement parks in the NYC area (for example, Six Flags Great Adventure and Coney Island) and global destination theme parks in the United States (for example, The Walt Disney Company). Students will identify and assess international opportunities and explore challenges that businesses encounter in the global environment, critically evaluate factors that facilitate the development and management of global business enterprises, and perform a comparative analysis of international markets, such as the U.S. market and other markets around the world (for example, Hong Kong, France, Denmark).

Pending the safety and feasibility of international travel, the course will include a 4-day Fall Break trip to Orlando, Florida, in October 2022. If travel cannot move forward as planned, various virtual options will be incorporated to supplement the trip portion of the course. 

This 3-credit course can count towards:

  • Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology (BEMT) Minor Elective
  • Business Economics Concentration Elective
  • Global Business Elective
  • General Stern Elective


This course is open to NYU Stern students who meet the following prerequisites:

  • Must be in good academic and judicial standing with Stern and NYU
  • Must be enrolled at Stern in New York City during the semester you take the course

Program Timeline

Date Event/Deadline
Week of April 25th

During registration for Fall 2022, you will register yourself via NYU Albert. (Open enrollment with waitlist as long as space remains available). The SAW: USA Team will then email you regarding next steps, including information about the SAW: USA Stern Global Immersion Scholarship award process. All Stern undergraduate students who are registered for this course will be automatically evaluated for the need based SAW: USA Stern Global Immersion Scholarship.

Early June You will be notified if you have received a SAW: USA Stern Global Immersion Scholarship - and if so, the amount.  You will also receive an email with next steps - including information on confirming your spot by submitting the program contract along with a copy of your Travel ID (see Travel ID information below). 
Mid-June Deadline to submit contract with copy of your valid Travel ID 
Mid-July Fall NYU Bursar bills post - will reflect program fee and SAW: USA Stern Global Immersion Scholarship if awarded (see "Estimated Expenses" below.) 
Early August Fall NYU Bursar bills due 
August 5, 2022 Airline ticketing deadline - no additional trip participants can be added after this date
September 7, 2022

Class begins in New York

October 3, 2022 In-class trip pre-departure session
Evening of Thursday, October 6 - evening of Monday, October 10, 2022 **Trip to Orlando, Florida - Itinerary TBD

**Participants will be required to take the group flight that is arranged by NYU Stern to and from New York City. Deviations are not permitted. Travel is dependent on COVID-19 safety restrictions. If travel cannot move forward as planned, virtual options will be incorporated to supplement the trip portion of the course. The course will not be canceled.

Estimated Expenses

Please note: Although you will register for this 3-credit course as part of your Fall schedule, NYU tuition and registration fees do not cover the additional fees for the trip to Orlando, Florida.

Estimated Expenses
You are Responsible For: Estimated Expenses: Notes:
Travel, Housing & Program Fee - including required group flight $1,700

Limited scholarships available (see below).

Personal Expenses *$200 – 300 *Estimate.

The Travel, Housing & Program Fee will be required of all participants* (see scholarship info below). It will be added to your Fall 2022 Bursar bill, which we anticipate will be due in early August. Please check the NYU Bursar’s website for the Fall 2022 payment deadline. Please note: the program fee is non-refundable unless the trip is canceled by NYU Stern.

The trip program fee covers:

  • Required group flight
  • Hotel in Orlando, Florida (4 nights)
  • Some meals TBD
  • Local transportation
  • Group excursions 

SAW: USA Stern Global Immersion Scholarship

All Stern undergraduate students who register for this course will be automatically evaluated for a Stern Global Immersion Scholarship. 

  • This need based award is to help cover the additional travel cost of participating in this program. Awards granted to eligible students will cover up to the cost of the Travel, Housing & Program fee for the travel portion of the class. Following is the SAW: USA Travel, Housing & Program Fee for Fall 2022 (which includes the cost of the required group flight):
Travel, Housing & Program Fee SAW: USA: $1,700
  • Students must have a current FAFSA or CSS Profile application on file with NYU to be considered for an award. Students will be notified if they will receive a Stern Global Immersion Scholarship - and if so, the amount - starting in June 2022. 
  • *Note: If you have already received a Global Immersion Scholarship for another SAW short-term program, you will still be automatically considered for a scholarship for this program as well.  However funds are limited and second scholarships cannot be guaranteed. 

Travel ID and Health Insurance Requirements

Travel ID: Participants must show valid identification at the airport checkpoint in order to travel. For U.S. Citizens this means a valid Driver License or photo identity card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Non-US citizens can show their valid passports.  Please view the TSA website to see the full list of IDs accepted for domestic air travel.  

Health Insurance: Participants must have valid health insurance in order to participate in this domestic course/trip. NYU requires that all students registered in degree-granting programs maintain health insurance. Most likely you already have the required coverage, but you will be asked to submit your valid insurance coverage information to confirm your enrollment in the course.