Professional Development & Career Education

The Professional Development & Career Education team supports the professional development of students through the following programs:

Coronavirus Response Fellowship

The Stern Professional Development & Career Education team launched an 8-week Fellowship program in June 2020 to support the career growth of students whose employment was affected by COVID-19. 200+ student Fellows and 80+ alumni worked in teams to pursue innovative projects that addressed business challenges brought about by the pandemic.  

Case Walk-Through Series (CWS)

The Case Walk-Through Series provides an opportunity for sophomores and juniors to learn about an industry by walking through an actual client engagement.  Professionals will present and walk through a client case. Then students will have an opportunity to work in groups to discuss pertinent case questions and professionals will provide feedback.  All participants will be invited to network over lunch.  

Alumni Career Engagement (ACE)

The Alumni Career Engagement (ACE) program provides an opportunity for sophomores, juniors and seniors to receive personalized career guidance from alumni.  Alumni meet with Stern students to share advice on resumes, cover letters, interviewing strategies, and careers. Participants are then welcome to network over refreshments.  

Conferences & Competitions

The Conferences & Competitions fund provides opportunities for students to attend industry conferences throughout the academic year. The conferences cover industries such as finance, technology, healthcare, and consulting  Students will learn from business leaders and about current industry trends.  Students also have the option of applying for funding to attend NYU Stern MBA conferences.

Students are welcome to submit proposals to attend conferences not listed.  The application, including additional instructions, can be found on the Work & Career tab on SternLife.

Professional Development Series (PDS)

The purpose of the Professional Development Series 
(PDS) is to introduce freshmen, sophomores, and 
juniors to the essential personal and professional skills that are necessary to compete for internships and full-time jobs. In each session, a distinguished industry professional discusses the relevant topic, shares personal stories and advice, and answers students’ questions.

Professionals in Residence (PiR)

Professionals in Residence (PiR) is a program for sophomores and juniors that brings industry professionals to Stern to meet with students for 15 minute one-on-one appointments.  During these meetings, professionals will review students’ resumes and answer questions about careers in the industry. Students will receive information about PiR in the Stern Weekly.