IBEX Application Process

Apply for an unbeatable opportunity!

Sydney IBEX photo

The IBEX Application for Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 has closed.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept late applications.  If you applied, we will contact you with a decision during the week of November 16th.  Thank you for your patience.  
If you are interested in applying to the IBEX program, please make sure you:
  • Are currently in your Sophomore or Junior year at Stern. 
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Will be at least a Junior the semester you want to go abroad (will have completed at least 64 credits)
  • Have the ability to take at least 2 elective classes (6-8 credits) while on IBEX
  • Note that we strongly discourage students from studying away on IBEX during their senior spring.  
To apply, you will need to complete the online IBEX application and also submit the two below supplemental documents via email before the deadline, which is in early November each year.
  1. A copy of your unofficial transcript which is available on Albert. (If you are a transfer student without a Stern GPA you should submit a transcript copy from your previous school).
  2. A completed Digital Curriculum Worksheet reflecting all of the courses you have taken so far - including what you are taking for the current Fall 2020 term. You will need to submit this via email to uc.international@stern.nyu.edu.
    • Please access your Digital Curriculum Worksheet, download it, and either complete it independently or with an adviser. Note that you must download the PDF first - otherwise you will not be able to type in the document from the Google Drive. Handwritten Curriculum Worksheets will not be accepted.
    • If you would like to complete your Digital Curriculum Worksheet with an Academic Adviser, you must make a 30 minute appointment at least 2 weeks in advance of the IBEX application deadline. You cannot go to a 15 minute Quick Visit Advising Appointment for this.
Note that as part of the application, you will indicate one IBEX school as your top choice as well as a back-up school from among our participating partners. To help with this decision, visit the Partner Schools section which provides information and direct links to each IBEX school’s homepage. You may also be asked to interview over Zoom as part of the selection process.

Applications will not be reviewed until after the deadline, and decision notifications will be sent via email. Once selected, you will commit to the IBEX program by signing and submitting a written contract.  Please visit the Important Dates & Deadlines sections for additional details.