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Jeff Ye

Before enrolling in the MS in Quantitative Management (MSQM) program at NYU Stern, Jeff held a position as a Senior Supply Chain Analyst at CEVA Logistics. As he navigated his way through the MSQM course, he successfully used the knowledge he gained to transition into the field of industrial engineering, joining DSV Solutions as a Logistics Engineer. Not only did he continue to broaden his horizons through the MSQM program, but he also embraced learning new skills in his role at DSV. Even before completing his degree, he secured an exciting new opportunity at Amazon.

As he reflects on his journey, Jeff reveals, "The MSQM program was a lifeline during a challenging time in my life. I was navigating the early days of parenthood with a newborn, all while seeking a fresh direction in my career. The opportunity to pursue this program online was incredibly beneficial, as it allowed me to juggle full-time work, self-paced studies, and family responsibilities simultaneously."

Speaking of his experience, he affirms that studying online doesn’t mean less work, "An online degree still demands significant effort. The teaching standards remain high with the same professors instructing the courses as they do in traditional classroom settings. The pace can be intense with the three-week condensed courses, but it's an excellent way to develop your time management skills," advises Jeff.