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Lorraine Blobaum

Why did you choose NYU Stern’s MSQM Program?

I chose NYU Stern’s MSQM Program primarily due to its innovative approach to education, academic richness, and the agility of modern online learning. The program's range of foundational business courses, complemented by specialized courses in data analytics, provides a well-rounded yet focused curriculum. The cherry on top is the annual in-person residential immersion. This not only facilitates hands-on, traditional learning experiences in a classroom setting but also fosters invaluable networking opportunities with like-minded peers.

What was your favorite part of the program?

My favorite part of the program was undeniably the networking opportunities and meaningful connections that I made. It wasn't just about exchanging business ideas or adding another LinkedIn connection, but rather about forming genuine, lasting relationships. Through this program, I had the privilege of connecting and collaborating with individuals who were not only accomplished in their respective fields but also incredibly inspiring as people. They expanded my horizons, challenged my perspectives, and became pivotal in my personal and professional growth journey.

How has the program impacted your career?  

The program has positively impacted my career and it has been a catalyst for significant milestones in my professional journey. While enrolled, I earned a promotion, then a pay raise, and most recently secured a new role within my company, one that resonates with my career aspirations and long-term goals. Also, the prestige associated with the program's brand has improved my standing among my peers, leading to more visibility and recognition within my organization.