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Read the biographies of some of our trailblazing MS in Quantitative Management alumni and Langone transfers!

Samantha Diggins

Samantha Diggins

MSQM Class of 2021
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Prior to starting the MS in Quantitative Management (MSQM) program, Samantha worked on internal client services for Grant Thornton. During the MSQM program, she was able to leverage her graduate studies to make a job change to Booz Allen Hamilton as a Business Analyst. She plans to continue developing the skills she gained in MSQM to take on leadership roles in analytics. “I chose MSQM because I was looking for a more analytical degree than the typical MBA program. This program has allowed me to develop a strong base of skills across programming languages and general finance specialization, and I plan to continue to build and grow on what I learned as I move forward,” says Samantha.

Samantha's favorite part of getting her degree online was the ability to work from any location as a consultant while still pursuing her education. “I was allowed to take a job that best suited my skill set without being worried about commuting to a campus,” she says.

Her advice for prospective students who are considering applying to MSQM? Cast aside any notions of an online degree being less than an in-person degree. Samantha explains, “We were taking the same classes with the same professors as in-person students and often at a condensed timeline. The program covers a wide breadth of material and topics that truly appeals to everyone.”

James Park

James Park

MSQM Transfer to Langone Part-Time MBA
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Prior to starting the MS in Quantitative Management (MSQM) program, James was an analyst in Payment Operations at Barclays. However, during the MSQM program, he was able to leverage his graduate studies to transition to a new job. “MSQM helped me to do an internal transfer at Barclays to a more interactive and interesting position – strategy analyst/project manager for Barclays Credit Card sector,” says James.

Although James considered finishing MSQM and applying to the full-time MBA program at Stern to earn an additional master's degree, he decided to apply to transfer to the Langone part-time MBA program and was accepted. “I took many [MBA] courses in the MSQM program and did not feel the need to take all of those courses again. I also realized Stern’s name is renowned and powerful and getting the MBA either way (full-time or part-time) would allow me to obtain many interview opportunities.”

James was drawn to MSQM because of the flexibility it provides. He explains, “MSQM provides the business foundations core and has the option of allowing people to transfer to the part-time MBA program if they meet the requirements of course.” NYU Stern’s brand name is another reason MSQM appealed to him. “The Stern brand is surely powerful, and I can see it helping me in multiple ways – obtaining more meaningful responsibilities and connections. I certainly felt more job application responses when I had Stern on my resume.”

James’s advice for prospective students who are considering applying to MSQM? Do not underestimate the distance learning format. “Each class, 1.5 credits each, is condensed into 3 weeks. It can be demanding so time management is key,” says James. As for long-term achievements, his goal is to succeed as a strategy associate, consultant, or product manager at consulting or financial firms.

Cornell Patrick

Cornell Patrick

MSQM Class of 2021
Hometown: Middlebury, Connecticut

Before starting the MS in Quantitative Management (MSQM) program at Stern, Cornell had a B.S. in Computer Science and Biology from Tufts University with plans to attend medical school. However, he decided that wasn’t the best career path for him and instead chose to apply to MSQM. “I chose the MSQM program at Stern because it offered a solid foundation in business and management. It allowed me to hone professional skills and master academic topics that I had never been exposed to in a traditional learning environment,” Cornell says. “And with access to the extensive alumni network, excellent career center, and award-winning professors who cared about my personal and professional success, ultimately choosing Stern for my studies was a no-brainer for me.”

His favorite part about getting his degree online was the unparalleled flexibility and freedom of when and where he could complete his work. “With every lecture, video, and resource freely available online, it was so easy and convenient to review critical topics that I needed to refer to at my convenience, even after the end of the class,” explains Cornell. “That said, despite being online, I was still able to bond with and learn from both the top-notch faculty members as well as my colleagues at Stern, without losing too much of the personal touch that the in-person environment offers.”

As a program with a focus on data literacy, the analytical skills and presentation techniques that Cornell learned throughout MSQM will be critical to the management decisions he makes in the future. “Just as important as pouring through data to find key findings is actually synthesizing and presenting relevant conclusions through different media in a concise yet approachable manner,” he says.

Post-graduation, Cornell is taking the CFA exam and is ultimately planning to transition into the finance industry. He explains, "coupled with my master's degree from Stern, I believe that I am extremely well-equipped to enter and thrive in such a highly competitive industry."

Cornell’s advice for prospective students who are considering applying to MSQM? “I would urge them to weigh the pros and cons of online and [in-person] learning before choosing a program that best fits them and their lifestyles,” he says. “All in all, I would say the program would be a great fit for any prospective student who is extremely self-driven and hard-working, ready to work in a challenging yet rewarding environment, and would prefer the accessibility and flexibility of an online program.”