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Specialization Instructions

All Stern students graduate with a Stern MBA in General Management. In addition, students can elect as many as three nine-credit specializations from the specializations list. Alternatively, students may choose not to specialize at all, but instead complete the 60-credit MBA requirement by picking and choosing from a menu of more than 150 elective courses. Students have two options: 1) to specialize in up to three areas, or, 2) to create their own path of study geared towards their specific interests and goals.

After completing their Core credits (33 for Langone Program students; 22.5-28.5 for Full Time), students have 24-37.5 credits of electives which may be taken in any academic area. "Stern Core" courses (course numbers begin with COR1 (B01)) do not count towards specializations. Only electives, including "Langone Core" (required elective courses for Langone students), may be counted towards specializations.

Note: A course may not count toward more than one specialization and students may take no more than 24 credits in a single course designator. The first 4 digits of each course number is the course designator (i.e. FINC (B40) is the Finance course designator).

Note:  Students taking courses exclusively on weekends may specialize in Finance and Management only.


Students may declare their specialization(s) and may switch their courses around as often as they wish prior to graduation. This can be completed on the student's My Program Progress page. To update the specializations and/or to point courses in the My Program Progress page, log in to the Stern Web Information System (AIS) and follow the instructions below.

1. Log in to the "Student Information System" at https://ais.stern.nyu.edu/

2. Select "My Program Progress".

3. Select: "To declare a specialization or to point courses toward a specialization." This will bring you to your "Specialization" page.

4. On the "Specialization" page, choose the option: "To declare or change your specializations."

5. Select your desired specializations from a drop-down box and then submit.

6. You will be returned to your "My Program Progress" page which will be re-configured to reflect your newly declared specialization(s).

7. To point your courses to your specialization, return to your "Specialization" page and select the option: "To point your courses towards declared specializations."

8. A table of your courses will open. You can assign each available course to your declared specialization here. Once finished pointing, select "Update Now".

9. After you declare and point, you will see a section on your MPP page that lists your specialization and the number of credits remaining to be taken/pointed to satisfy the 9 credit specialization requirement.