Banking Specialization

The banking specialization includes courses on investment banking and global banking, as well as risk management and related topics. The banking specialization may be suitable for students who see themselves entering careers in commercial or investment banking, or for students in other finance functions (e.g. corporate treasury) where banks are a primary provider of financial services, and other disciplines that support banking infrastructure (e.g., information systems).

Academic Advisor: Professor Yakov Amihud, 212-998-0720 

Course List 

*Students are required to take at least 6 credits from the FINC-GB (B40) Finance course designator.

Course Title Course Number  
ECON-GB.2333 Monetary Policy, Banks, and Central Banks  
ECON-GB.2343 Financial Crisis and the Policy Response  
ECON-GB.2392 Development of Financial Institutions and Markets  
FINC-GB.2150 Financial Crisis of 2007-2009  
FINC-GB.2310 Managing Financial Businesses  
FINC-GB.2334 Financial Service Industry  
FINC-GB.2339  Real Estate Capital Markets
FINC-GB.2349 Trading Cash and Derivative Securities  
FINC-GB.3103 International Finance—International Investments Analysis  
FINC-GB.3106 Topics in Credit Risk  
FINC-GB.3112 Risk Management in Financial Institutions  
FINC-GB.3120 Private Banking and Wealth Management  
FINC-GB.3122 Investment Strategies  
FINC-GB.3129 Behavioral and Experimental Finance  
FINC-GB.3145 Investment Banking and Private Equity in Media and Entertainment Finance  
FINC-GB.3148 Social Venture Capital  
FINC-GB.3165  Topics in Private Equity Finance  
FINC-GB.3173 Venture Capital Financing  
FINC-GB.3186 Project Finance and Infrastructure Investment  
FINC-GB.3188 Topics in International Finance  
FINC-GB.3196 Mergers and Acquisitions  
FINC-GB.3198 Bankruptcy and Reorganization  
FINC-GB.3199 Case Studies in Bankruptcy & Reorganization  
FINC-GB.3305 Credit Risk  
FINC-GB.3312 Risk Management in Financial Institutions  
FINC-GB.3320 Managing Investment Funds  
FINC-GB.3331  Valuation  
FINC-GB.3332 Portfolio Management  
FINC-GB.3333  Debt Instruments and Markets  
FINC-GB.3335  Futures and Options  
FINC-GB.3340  Advanced Futures and Options  
FINC-GB.3345 Law and Business of Corporate Transactions  
FINC-GB.3353 Law and Management of Financial Services Businesses  
FINC-GB.3354 Investing in Microfinance  
FINC-GB.3357 Private Investing and Wealth Management  
FINC-GB.3361 Entrepreneurial Finance  
FINC-GB.3365 Private Equity Finance  
FINC-GB ​3368 Private Equity Deal Analysis and Simulation  
FINC-GB.3373 New Venture Financing  
FINC-GB.3387 Global Banking and Capital Markets  
FINC-GB.3388 International Financial Management  


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