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Default Policies for Stern Courses

The following are policies students should assume are in force in their Stern courses, unless their instructors explicitly establish different policies:

Laptops, Cell Phones, Smartphones, Recorders & Other Electronic Devices

May not be used in class.


Required and part of grade.

Faculty will excuse absences and entertain requests to change exam and assignment due dates only in cases of documented serious illness, family emergency, religious observance, or civic obligation. If you will miss class for religious observance or civic obligation, you must inform your instructor no later than the first week of class. Recruiting activities, business trips, vacation travel, and club activities are not acceptable reasons for absences or requests to reschedule exams and assignments.

If a student is absent from the first day of an intensive course, the instructor may request that the student be removed from the course.

Arriving Late, Leaving Early, Coming & Going

Students are expected to arrive to class on time and stay to the end of the class period.

Arriving late or leaving class early may impact the course grade.

Students may enter class late only if given permission by the instructor and can do so without disrupting the class.

(Note that instructors are not obliged to admit late students or readmit students who leave class. Alternatively, instructors may choose to admit students only at specific times.)

Late Submission of Assignments

Late assignments will either not be accepted or will incur a grade penalty unless due to documented serious illness or family emergency. Instructors will make exceptions to this policy for reasons of religious observance or civic obligation only when the assignment cannot reasonably be completed prior to the due date and the student makes arrangements for late submission with the instructor in advance.

Note that the following policies are in force for all Stern courses:

General Behavior

Students will conduct themselves with respect and professionalism toward faculty, students, and others present in class and will follow the rules laid down by the instructor for classroom behavior. Students who fail to do so may be asked to leave the classroom. (NYU Stern Code of Conduct) For more information on NYU Stern's Code of Conduct for current students, please log in here

Collaboration on Graded Assignments

Students may not work together on graded assignment unless the instructor gives express permission. (NYU Stern Code of Conduct)  For more information on NYU Stern's Code of Conduct for current students, please log in here


No more than 35% of students will receive grades of A or A- in MBA core courses. (Stern policy)

MBA students who do not submit Course Faculty Evaluations by the deadline will not have access to their final grades until the grade release date, which is determined by program. Faculty are requested not to release final grades to students who fail to submit evaluations and students should not ask. (Stern policy)

Recording Classes

At any time, your classes may be recorded for educational purposes. (Stern policy)

Endorsed by:
MBA Core Course Committee, July 9, 2007
Vice Deans, July 13, 2007
Academic Programs & Teaching Resources Committee of Faculty Council, August 1, 2007
Revision approved by Core Course Committee and program Vice Deans, February, 2011