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Maintaining Matriculation

Degree candidates must maintain continuous matriculation throughout the duration of the program. Maintaining matriculation means that students are required to either a) register for courses, or b) request a Leave of Absence, for each Fall and Spring semester. Students do not need to register or request a Leave of Absence for the Summer Modules (Summer I, Summer II and Summer Intensive).  The Winter Intensive is considered part of the Spring semester.  Students who take courses in the Winter Intensive but not the proper Spring semester are maintaining matriculation for the Spring and do not need to request a Leave of Absence for that semester. 

Maintaining matriculation -

  • reserves a student's place in the degree program as a continuing student;
  • ensures that the student will continue to receive registration materials and any other mailings to enrolled students;
  • allows access to University facilities and services, such as the Library and Health Services; and
  • enables application for student health insurance, if needed.

Leave of Absence

Students who have maintained the required minimum Program Progress must petition the MBA Academic Policy Board in advance of any Fall or Spring term for which they are unable to enroll or during which they drop or withdraw from all courses. Leaves of absence are included in the program completion deadline which is six years from the semeter of first enrollment.

First Semester Note:  Leaves of Absence are not granted to students who find they cannot begin the program in the semester for which they were admitted or successfully complete one course in that first semester. These students must contact MBA Admissions for information on the reapplication process for a subsequent semester. 

Process to Request a Leave of Absence:

1) Submit Request - Students must submit their request for a Leave of Absence to the MBA Academic Policy Board using the online application.  The application must include:

  • The reason a Leave of Absence is necessary.
  • The term in which enrollment is expected to resume.
  • A detailed academic action plan for degree completion upon return from the Leave of Absence.

If a Leave of Absence is Granted:

2.  Pay Maintaining Matriculation Fee - Students must maintain matriculation by paying a fee to the Stern Bursar called a Maintaining Matriculation Fee. The fee is calculated on a per semester basis and must be paid at the time the leave is granted. Approved students will receive an approval letter from Academic Affairs and Advising with the fee amount and payment instructions.  Students are not eligible to continue in their degree programs unless a Leave of Absence has been granted and the matriculation fee has been paid. 

3.  Contact the Office of Financial Aid -  Students must contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine how a Leave of Absence may affect their financial aid packages and repayment plans. 

3.  Contact OGS (International Students only) - International students should contact the Office of Global Services (OGS) to discuss how the Leave of Absence may impact their visa status.