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Credit Maximum in a Course Designator

Twenty-four (24) is the maximum number of credits an MBA student is permitted to take within any departmental course designator regardless of substitutions or whether the courses are being counted toward different specializations. This applies to both the Full-Time and Part-Time programs. For example, students are not able to take more than the program maximum for credits in the FINC (B40) Finance course designator. If more than the program maximum credits are earned in a single course designator they will not be considered among the 60 credits required for the MBA degree.

Swing/interarea courses are counted in the departments by which they are offered as indicated by their course designators.

For Langone Program students, the courses of the Langone Core count towards the 24 credit limit.

COR1/COR2 (B01/B02) core courses do not count towards the 24 credit limit.