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Entertainment, Media & Technology Specialization Description

The EMT specialization is designed to blend theory with practical applications.  Students gain a broad understanding of the strategy and operating principles that drive the individual sectors of the entertainment industry.  Classes are structured to encourage students to explore concepts, frameworks and models, and analyze industry data across revenue streams (including licensing, sponsorships and promotion).  Students analyze leading companies in the industry, such as Viacom, CBS, Time Warner, Disney, News Corporation, Sony, and NBC/Universal. Courses are offered in various disciplines including, marketing, finance, economics, accounting, management, law and information systems. Topics covered include movies, network television, production, theater, music, sports, cable, syndication, radio, telecommunications, new media and publishing.

Academic Advisor: Professor Sam Craig, 212-998-0555

Course List

REQUIRED MKTG.2119 (B70.2119) Entertainment & Media Industries

ACCT-GB.2120 (B95.2120) Entertainment Law Media & Telecommunications
ACCT-GB.3149 (B10.3149) Entertainment Accounting
ACCT-GB.3155 (B10.3155) Accounting & Valuation for EMT
ACCT-GB.3355 (B10.3355) Accounting and Valuation Issues in Entertainment
BSPA-GB.2120 (B75.2120) Entertainment Law
ECON-GB.2119 (B30.2119) Entertainment & Media: Markets & Economics
ECON-GB.2345 (B30.2345) Telecommunications Economics & Digital Convergence
ECON-GB.2360 (B30.2360) Sports Economics
FINC-GB.3110 (B40.3110) Special Topics: Financial Analysis in EMT
FINC-GB.3125 (B40.3125) Corporate Strategy and Finance in EMT
FINC-GB.3126 (B40.3126) Financial Analysis-Entertainment and Media
FINC-GB.3128 (B40.3128) Business Development in Media and Entertainment
FINC-GB.3140 (B40.3140) Entertainment Finance
FINC-GB.3143 (B40.3143) Digital Music Business
FINC-GB.3145 (B40.3145) Investment Banking & Private Equity in Entertainment & Media
FINC-GB.3160 (B40.3160) Topics in Corp Finance: Strategy & Finance in EMT Companies
FINC-GB.3343 (B40.3343) The Business of Music & Film
INFO-GB.2318 (B20.2318) Digital Strategy
INFO-GB.3136 (B20.3136) Search and the New Economy
INFO-GB.3338 (B20.3338) Business Strategy for Digital Economy
INFO-GB.3339 (B20.3339) Being Digital: Search, Social Media and Crowdsourcing
INFO-GB.3362 (B20.3362) Emerging Technology & Business Innovation
INFO-GB.3383 (B20.3383) Networks, Crowds, & Markets
INTA-GB.2121 (B55.2121) Entrepreneurship and the New Economy
INTA-GB.2150 (B55.2150) Models of Leadership in the Communications Industry
INTA-GB.3143 (B55.3143) Digital Music Business
MGMT-GB.2116 (B65.2116) Strategic Analysis for Success in the Digital Age
MGMT-GB.2121 (B65.2121) Managing in the Performing Arts
MKTG-GB.2112 (B70.2112) Globalization of the Entertainment Industry
MKTG-GB.2113 (B70.2113) Professional Management:  Repurposing Creative Content
MKTG-GB.2114 (B70.2114) The Business of Sports Marketing
MKTG-GB.2116 (B70.2116) The Business of Producing
MKTG-GB.2118 (B70.2118) Television Management
MKTG-GB.2120 (B70.2120) Movie Marketing, Distribution & Exhibition
MKTG-GB.2151 (B70.2151) Mobile for Managers
MKTG-GB.2173 (B70.2173) New Media in Marketing
MKTG-GB.2176 (B70.2176) Business of Independent Film
MKTG-GB.2190 (B70.2190) Marketing Hi-Tech Products
MKTG-GB.2313 (B70.2313) Craft and Commerce of Cinema
MKTG-GB.2315 (B70.2315) The Business of Broadcast and Cable
MKTG-GB.2325 (B70.2325) Digital Media Innovation
MKTG-GB.2341 (B70.2341) EMT: Institutions, Economics & Strategy
MKTG-GB.2390 (B70.2390) Marketing of Technology-Based Products
OPMG-GB.2313 (B60.2313) Operations in Entertainment: Las Vegas

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