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Global Business Specialization Description

Managing across political frontiers, cultures, national economies, and financial systems presents difficult and often intriguing problems and comes together most dramatically in multinational enterprises. Students who intend to pursue a career in multinational firms, financial institutions, international organizations, or government agencies are strongly advised to acquire a solid perspective on the global dimensions of business, alongside their functional area of concentration. This insight has been the basis of the continued popularity of global business as a specialization in the M.B.A. program. The Stern School has one of the largest faculties conducting research on the global dimensions of business which helps to support a broad spectrum of internationally focused courses. These courses consider important functional issues such as international trade and international macroeconomic relationships; international accounting and taxation; international marketing; and international banking and finance. They also convey specific skills such as international financial management and international negotiations. The global business specialization builds on the international content of the M.B.A. core, notably the Global Economy course (B01.2303).

Faculty Advisor: Professor Thomas Pugel, 212-998-0424

Course List

Please select 9 credits from at least two course designators (no more than six credits from any one designator)

ACCT-GB.3335 (B10.3335) International Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
BSPA-GB.2113  (B75.2113) Cuba: Sanctions, Reform, Opportunities** 
BSPA-GB.2172 (B75.2172) Chinese Business, Society and Foreign Relations*
BSPA-GB.2331 (B75.2331) Law, Business and Human Rights
BSPA-GB.3101 (B75.3101) Ethical & Legal Challenges of the Modern Corporation
DBIN-GB.31xx (B86.31xx) Doing Business in...(1.5 credit)**
DBIN-GB.33xx (B86.33xx) Doing Business in... (3.0 credit)**
ECON-GB.2105 (B30.2105) Energy & the Environment
ECON-GB.2123 (B30.2123) China, Business, Society, and Foreign Relations*
ECON-GB.2190 (B30.2190) Global Perspectives on Enterprise Systems
ECON-GB.2195 (B30.2195) Advanced Global Perspectives on Enterprise Systems
ECON-GB.2320 (B30.2320) The Future of the Global Economy
ECON-GB.2322 (B30.2322) Asian Economies
ECON-GB.2332 (B30.2332) Advanced Macroeconomics
ECON-GB.2333 (B30.2333) Monetary Policy, Banks, and Central Banks
ECON-GB.2343 (B30.2343) Financial Crisis and the Policy Response
ECON-GB.2346 (B30.2346) Growth in the Developing World and the Global Economy
ECON-GB.2350 (B30.2350) Global Poverty Alleviation
ECON-GB.2358 (B30.2358) Global Economic Trends and Policy Challenges
ECON-GB.2380 (B30.2380) International Macroeconomics-Policy, Theory, & Evidence
ECON-GB.2383 (B30.2383) Economies in Transition
ECON-GB.2391 (B30.2391) Financial History: Money & Power, 18-21st Centuries
ECON-GB.2392 (B30.2392) Development of Financial Institutions and Markets
FINC-GB.2230 (B40.2230) Law and Policy of Foreign Investment 
FINC-GB.3103 (B40.3103) International Finance-International Investment Analysis
FINC-GB.3164 (B40.3164) Topics in International Corporate Finance
FINC-GB.3188 (B40.3188) Topics in International Finance
FINC-GB.3357 (B40.3357) Global Wealth Management and Private Banking
FINC-GB.3384 (B40.3384) Emerging Financial Markets
FINC-GB.3387 (B40.3387) Global Banking & Capital Markets
FINC-GB.3388 (B40.3388) Global Financial Markets
IMPG-GB.3101 (B85.31xx) Study Abroad course (with international focus)**
IMPG-GB.3301 (B85.33xx) Study Abroad course (with international focus)**
INFO-GB.3155 (B20.3155) Global Sourcing and Open Innovation
INFO-GB.3355 (B20.3355) Globalization, Open Innovation, and Crowdsourcing: New Ways of Organizing
INTA-GB.2114 (B55.2114) Political Risk Analysis
INTA-GB.3105 (B55.3105) Global Markets, Human Rights and the Press
INTA-GB.3361 (B55.3361) Corporate Social Responsibility
MCOM-GB.2120 (B45.2120) Communication for the Global Economy
MGMT-GB.2185 (B65.2185) Globalization: A Cross-Functional Perspective
MGMT-GB.2340 (B65.2340) Global Strategy
MGMT-GB.2366 (B65.2366) International Social Impact Strategies**
MKTG-GB.2112 (B70.2112) Globalization of the Entertainment Industry
MKTG-GB.2313 (B70.2313) The Craft and Commerce of Cinema: Cannes Film Festival**
MKTG-GB.2385 (B70.2385) Global Marketing Strategy
OPMG-GB.2312 (B60.2312) Operations in Panama**
For course descriptions, please see the Office of Records & Registration website.

*Note:  BSPA-GB.2172 (B75.2172) Chinese Business, Society and Foreign Relations is equivalent to ECON-GB.2123 (B30.2123) China Business, Society, and Foreign Relations.

**Note:  Students may point a maximum of 6 credits of any combination of
internationally focused IMPG-GB (B85) Study Abroad coursework and/or courses that incorporate travel to a foregin country, including DBIN-GB (B86) Doing Business in... courses, toward the Global Business specialization:

  • IMPG-GB.3101 (B85.31xx) Study Abroad course (with international focus) - 1.5 credit
  • IMPG-GB.3301 (B85.33xx) Study Abroad course (with international focus) - 3.0 credit
  • BSPA-GB.2113 (B75.2113) Cuba: Sanctions, Reform, Opportunities - 1.5 credit 
  • DBIN-GB.31xx (B86.31xx) Doing Business in... - 1.5 credit
  • DBIN-GB.33xx (B86.33xx) Doing Business in... - 3.0 credit
  • MGMT-GB.2366 (B65.2366) International Social Impact Strategies - 3.0 credit
  • MKTG-GB.2313 (B70.2313) The Craft and Commerce of Cinema: Cannes Film Festival - 3.0 credit
  • OPMG-GB.2312 (B60.2312) Operations in Panama - 3.0 credit