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Leadership & Change Management Specialization Description

The Leadership and Change Management specialization helps students develop their leadership potential and enhance their expertise in managing changing technological, competitive, demographic and other organizational contingencies.  Courses introduce specific concepts, theories and tools that can assist executives entrusted with the task of leading organizational change.  Students develop skills in diagnosing forces of change, developing change strategies, and monitoring the effectiveness of change initiatives.  This specialization is particularly useful for those planning careers in general management, consulting, or business development.

Faculty Advisor: Professor Anat Lechner, 212-998-0263

Course List

REQUIRED: Full-Time students who select the Leadership & Change Management specialization must also complete COR1-GB.1302: Leadership in Organizations in addition to 9.0 credits from the list below.

INTA-GB.3362 (B55.3362) Corporate Turnarounds and Leadership
MCOM-GB.2125 (B45.2125) Foundations of Business Coaching

MGMT-GB.2159 (B65.2159) Collaboration, Conflict, and Negotiation
MGMT-GB.2160 (B65.2160) Advanced Topics in Negotiation
MGMT-GB.2161 (B65.2161) Negotiating Complex Transactions with Executives and Lawyers
MGMT-GB.2176 (B65.2176) Corporate Governance
MGMT-GB.2300 (B65.2300) Gender-Inclusive Leadership
MGMT-GB.2327 (B65.2327) Managing the Growing Company
MGMT-GB.2351 (B65.2351) Managing High Performing Teams
MGMT-GB.2353 (B65.2353) Managing Change
MGMT-GB.2363 (B65.2363) Leadership Models
MGMT-GB.2370 (B65.2370) Strategic Design
MGMT-GB.2375 (B65.2375) Advanced Strategy: Tools
MGMT-GB.2383 (B65.2383) Strategic Talent Management
MGMT-GB.3151 (B65.3151) Managerial Decision Making
MGMT-GB.3165 (B65.3165) Power and Professional Influence
MGMT-GB.3321 (B65.3321) Developing Managerial Skills
MGMT-GB.3356 (B65.3356) Managing by Design
MGMT-GB.3366 (B65.3366) Power and Politics in Organizations

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