Pre-Approved Courses at Other NYU Divisions

The tabs below contain a list of Pre-Approved courses. The assignment of Stern credits is based on the number of credits assigned by the NYU Division offering the course, up to 3 credits maximum per course. Some of these courses offer online sections, but Stern will only award credit for in-person courses.  Online courses are not approved and do not receive transfer credit.

Pre-Approved courses at the NYU School of Law

NYU School of Law

Italicized Courses are Preferential Courses. The Law School has reserved a limited number of seats in these courses for Stern students during the semester indicated. The courses are pre-approved for any semester, but seats are not reserved for Stern students in semesters other than the one indicated. 
Course Number Course Name
LAW-LW.10006 Climate Change Policy Seminar
**LAW-LW.10042** Law and Business of Corporate Governance
LAW-LW.10322 Survey of Security Regulation
LAW-LW.10327 Mergers & Acquisitions
LAW-LW.10342 Rule of Law
LAW-LW.10387 Ethical and Legal Challenges of the Modern Corporation (Spring 2019)
LAW-LW.10409 Corporate Tax I & II
LAW-LW.10499 Taxation of Financial Instruments
LAW-LW.10579 Land Use Regulation
LAW-LW.10644 Corporations
LAW-LW.10651 Land Use, Housing, and Community Development in New York City Seminar
LAW-LW.10690 Bankruptcy Reorganizations Seminar
LAW-LW.10787 Tax Policy and Public Finance Colloquium
LAW-LW.10797 Health Law
LAW-LW.10853 Economic Analysis of Law
LAW-LW.10976 Tax Treaties
LAW-LW.11019 Information Privacy Law
LAW-LW.11144 Business Crime
LAW-LW.11158 Negotiating Corporate Transactions
LAW-LW.11216 Corporate Bonds and Credit Agreements (Spring 2019)
LAW-LW.11276 Law of Nonprofit Organizations
LAW-LW.11352 International Tax I & II
LAW-LW.11424 Financial Instruments and the Capital Markets
LAW-LW.11426 International Trade Law
LAW-LW.11456 Entertainment Law Seminar
LAW-LW.11460 Bankruptcy
LAW-LW.11461 Corporate Finance
LAW-LW.11552 Copyright Law
LAW-LW.11625 Taxation of Business Conduits
LAW-LW.11652 Venture Capital
LAW-LW.11728 Taxation of Mergers & Acquisitions
LAW-LW.11776 Partnership Taxation
LAW-LW.11865 International Tax III
LAW-LW.11871 Taxation of Property Transactions
LAW-LW.11918 Torts II: Defamation, Privacy, and Business Torts (Spring 2019)
LAW-LW.12027 Tax Policy Seminar
LAW-LW.12059 Cross Border Mergers & Acquisitions
LAW-LW.12076 Cross-Border Insolvency Law and Sovereign Debt Issues
LAW-LW.12182 International Investment Law and Arbitration (Spring 2019)
LAW-LW.12185 A Study of "Mega" Bankruptcy Cases: Impact on the Economy and Related Industries Seminar (Spring 2019)
LAW-LW.12242 Comparative Contract Law
LAW-LW.12250 Judicial Decision Making
LAW-LW.12266 The Law of the Startup Seminar
LAW-LW.12272 Compliance and Risk Management for Attorneys
LAW-LW.12326 U.S. Energy Deals Seminar
LAW-LW.12332 Oil and Gas Tax
LAW-LW.12528 International Trade and Investment Law and Policy Seminar: The Challenge of Changing Energy Markets
LAW-LW.12553 Mergers & Acquisitions Simulation: Anatomy of a Merger***
* These courses are offered at different credit values at the Law School.  The amount of credits that transfers to Stern depend on the number of contact hours of the given section.  Please contact the office of Academic Affairs and Advising with specific questions.

** Please note: This is the Corporate Governance Seminar.  The course titled "Corporate Governance: Law & Business" at Stern, MGMT-GB.3318, is also listed under the LAW-LW.10042, but that is not the same as the Seminar course.  Please pay careful attention to the Law School section numbers to distinguish between the two.

*** Please note: This course requires FINC-GB.2302 Corporate Finance as a pre-requisite.

Pre-Approved courses at Wagner School of Public Service

Wagner School of Public Service

Course Number Course Name
CORE-GP.1020 Managing Public Service Organizations
HPAM-GP.1830 Introduction to Health Policy & Management
HPAM-GP.1833 Health Services Management*
HPAM-GP.2244 Global Health Governance & Management
HPAM-GP.2825 Continuous Quality Improvement
HPAM-GP.2836 Current Issues in Health Policy
HPAM-GP.2845 Advanced Health Care Payment Systems
HPAM-GP.2848 The Business of Healthcare
HPAM-GP.4830 Health Economics: Principles
HPAM-GP.4831 Health Economics: Topics in Domestic Health Policy
HPAM-GP.4832 Health Economics: Topics in International Health Policy
HPAM-GP.4845 The Realities of Academic Medical Centers
PADM-GP.2112 Women and Men in the Workplace
PADM-GP.2125 Foundations of Nonprofit Management
PADM-GP.2140 Public Economics and Finance
PADM-GP.2142 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations
PADM-GP.2144 Debt Financing and Management for Public Organizations
PADM-GP.2171 Program Analysis and Evaluation
PADM-GP.2174 The Intersection of Operations and Policy
PADM-GP.2201 Institutions, Governance, and International Development
PADM-GP.2202 Politics of International Development
PADM-GP.2203 International Economic Development: Governments, Markets, and Communities
PADM-GP.2245 Financing Local Government in Developing Countries
PADM-GP.2311 Social Impact Investment
PADM-GP.2312 Managing Financial and Social Returns of the Social Enterprise
PADM-GP.2411 Policy Formation and Public Analysis
PADM-GP.4110 Project Management
PADM-GP.4131 Fundamentals of Fundraising
URPL-GP.1603 Urban Planning: Methods and Practice
URPL-GP.1605 Land Use Law
URPL-GP.1620 Introduction to Urban Physical Design
URPL-GP.2415 Public Policy and Planning in New York
URPL-GP.2608 Urban Economics
URPL-GP.2610 Environmental Impact Assessment: Process and Procedures
URPL-GP.2613 Sustainable Cities in a Comparative Perspective
URPL-GP.2620 Race and Class in American Cities
URPL-GP.2639 Real Estate Finance
URPL-GP.2652 International Development Project Planning
URPL-GP.2665 Decentralized Development Planning and Policy Reform in Developing Countries
URPL-GP.2670 Land Use, Housing, and Development
*Please note that this course has a pre-requisite of CORE-GP.1020 Managing Public Service Organizations and a co-requisite of either HPAM-GP.1830 Introduction to Health Policy and Management or HPAM-GP.1831 Global Health Policy. Alternatively, if you have completed the Stern Core Course COR1-GB.1302 Leadership in Organizations, you have satisfied the pre- and co-requisites for this course. Other courses at Wagner may require pre- or co-requisites. It is up to the student to confirm that they have satisfied the necessary pre-or co-requisites to register for any given course.

Pre-Approved courses at the Graduate School of Arts and Science

Department of Economics and Statistics

Course Number Course Name
ECON-GA.1001 Math for Economists
ECON-GA.1101 Applied Statistics and Econometrics I
ECON-GA.1102 Applied Statistics and Econometrics II
ECON-GA.1603 Economic Development I
ECON-GA.1605 Latin American Economics
ECON-GA.3101 Seminar in Econometrics

Department of Political Science

Course Number Course Name
POL-GA.2774 The Political Economy of the Pacific Basin


Pre-Approved courses at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Course Number   Course Name
MATH-GA.2041 Computing in Finance 
MATH-GA.2043 Scientific Computing 
MATH-GA.2045 Computational Methods in Finance
MATH-GA.2707 Time Series Analysis & Statistical Arbitrage
MATH-GA.2751 Risk and Portfolio Management with Econometrics
MATH-GA.2753 Advanced Risk Management
MATH-GA.2791 Derivative Securities
MATH-GA.2792 Continuous Time Finance
MATH-GA.2902 Stochastic Calculus

Pre-Approved courses at Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development 

Course Number Course Name
MPAMB-GE.2101 Principles and Practice of the Music Industry
MPAMB-GE.2103 Environment of the Music Industry
MPAMB-GE.2201 Artists and Repertoire Seminar in Music Business
MPAMB-GE.2202 Promotion/Publicity in the Music Industry
MPAMB-GE.2206 Strategic Marketing in the Music Industry
ARVA-GE.2076 Visual Arts Markets

Pre-Approved Courses at Tisch School of the Arts

Tisch School of the Arts 

Graduate Film and Television
Course Number Course Name
GFMTV-GT.2104 Producing for Directors: Independent Feature 
GFMTV-GT.2256 TV Writing & Series Development
GFMTV-GT.2283 Feature Film Packaging Workshop

Course Number Course Name
ITPG-GT.2003 Communications Lab: Networked Media
ITPG-GT.2005 Communcations Lab: Visual Language
ITPG-GT.2589 ITP Lean Launchpad

Pre-Approved courses at the Sackler Institute, NYU School of Medicine

Sackler Institute, NYU School of Medicine

Course Number Course Name
BMSC-GA.4419 Drug Development in a New Era

Pre-Approved courses at the School of Professional Studies (SPS)

School of Professional Studies

Schack Institute for Real Estate
Course Number   Course Name
REAL1-GC.1045 Real Estate Economics & Market Analysis
REAL1-GC.1050 Legal Principles and Practices
REAL1-GC.1055 Real Estate Valuation and Feasibility Analysis
REAL1-GC.1060 The Development Process
REAL1-GC.1095 Real Estate Capital Markets
REAL1-GC.2300 Real Estate Finance & Investment Analysis
REAL1-GC.2315 Risk & Portfolio Management
REAL1-GC.2400 Planning & Design Issues in Development
REAL1-GC.2410 / DEVE1-GC.1010 Land Use & Environmental Regulation
REAL1-GC.2610 Strategic Real Estate Asset Management
REAL1-GC.2635 Commercial Lease Analysis
REAL1-GC.3055 Analyzing REIT Securities
REAL1-GC.3145 Acquisition Procedures and Analysis using Argus Software*
REAL1-GC.3165 Analytical Techniques in Real Estate Investment Analysis
REAL1-GC.3180 Global Real Estate Markets and Investments
DEVE1-GC.1020 Planning and Design Issues in Development
DEVE1-GC.1025 Construction Methods and Technology
DEVE1-GC.2100 Construction Cost Estimating
DEVE1-GC.2105 Green Building and Sustainable Development
DEVE1-GC.2200 Comparative International Real Estate Development
DEVE1-GC.3015 / REAL1-GC.3015 Affordable Housing Finance and Development

Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management
Course Number Course Name
TCHS1-GC.3400 Hotel Investment Analysis**
TCSB1-GC.2025 College Sports Operations
TCSB1-GC.2045 Sports Broadcasting
TCSB1-GC.2060 Digital Media

*Please note that students are required to have completed Real Estate Finance & Investment Analysis at SPS prior to registering for Acquisition Procedures and Analysis using Argus Software. Other courses at the Schack Institute may require pre-requisites or proficiency exams. It is up to the student to confirm that they have satisfied the necessary pre-requisites to register for any given course.

**Please note that beginning in Spring 2015, Students are required to have completed the Hotel Finance course or pass a proficiency exam at SPS prior to registering for Hotel Investment Analysis. Other courses at the Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism may require pre-requisites or proficiency exams. It is up to the student to confirm that they have satisfied the necessary pre-requisites to register for any given course.