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Alex Mical headshot

Alex Mical, Tech MBA 2020

"I believe in the power of fulfillment. I believe those at the forefront of changing lives and improving the status quo are there because they are lit with passion, but sustained by something greater. And I believe the only way to move forward..."

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Kimberly Chew

Kimberly Chew, Fashion & Luxury MBA 2020

“I have worked and lived in cities like London, Hong Kong and Singapore - but New York was always the dream. When I decided to pursue my MBA, the Fashion and Luxury MBA program was a natural fit, given..."

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Maria Fernanda Zuleta

Maria Fernanda Zuleta, Tech MBA 2020

“I am currently working at Numerator, a company I love, in an industry I am passionate about, and doing exactly what I always wanted to do. However, two years ago, I would not have been able to..."

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Gina Dai headshot

Gina Dai, Fashion & Luxury MBA 2019

"As a woman, an immigrant, and a minority, I truly believe that beauty can be a universal platform that inspires and empowers consumers. I decided to join Stern's inaugural one-year Fashion & Luxury..."

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PJ Folino headshot

PJ Folino, Tech MBA 2020

“Public service in any form has always been important to me. After serving as an engineer in the U.S. Coast Guard for 9 years, I wanted to find an MBA program that would help me understand how to..."

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Catalina Grillo headshot

Catalina Grillo, Tech MBA 2020

“Early on, there was a seed planted in my mind about the ‘randomness’ of widespread social and economic disadvantage. This was apparent in my own country of Argentina, and I came to the realization that"

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Ross Memole

Ross Memole, Tech MBA 2019

"Stern provided me with ample opportunities to gain exposure to the fashion and luxury industries through immersion experiences such as treks to the offices of major luxury brands. Experiential learning through programs like Stern Solutions..."

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Lisa Gehring headshot

Lisa Gehring, Fashion & Luxury MBA 2020

“Prior to Stern, I spent five years in the advertising industry building 360-degree brand and product launch campaigns. It was my dream job to work at an advertising agency after undergrad, but I wanted to further my..."

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Danielle Zhu headshot

Danielle Zhu, Fashion & Luxury MBA 2020

“Before joining Stern, I worked in FinTech as a product manager at Goldman Sachs. Though tech and fashion are historically opposite worlds, the luxury fashion industry has seen a massive shift toward digital..."

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Andréa Maurières

Andréa Maurières, Tech MBA 2019

"When I decided to pursue my MBA, NYU was the perfect choice as Stern had just created the Andre Koo Tech MBA, which was exactly what I was looking for: a business vision of the tech industry. As an international student, I was not used to career services..."

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Camille Harris

Camille Harris, Fashion & Luxury MBA 2019

"I've always struggled with professionally balancing my love of art and fashion with my aptitude for mathematics and analytics, but Stern provided me with ample opportunities to gain exposure to the fashion and luxury industries through immersion..."

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