Shriya Ravishankar, MBA 2022

“When I applied for an MBA at NYU Stern, it was a perfectly predictable step in a highly conventional finance career path. I had been an advisor at EY, followed by a stint at an Indian PE fund, and I was now doing the expected thing by getting an MBA in the financial capital of the world. Then something unexpected happened – the pandemic. Faced with unprecedented uncertainty, my class was offered the option to defer our admission. I chose not to and started my first semester remotely from India. It put me in a situation where I was forced to ask myself – what is Stern without the New York advantage? I learned that Stern is a team in my corner. Stern is uniquely suited to deal with uncertainty because in a world that is always changing, it provides me access to brilliant, insightful people who are committed to working together and winning together. The unconditional support from both the Graduate Finance Association and Careers team made me feel entirely prepared to take on the challenge of remote recruiting. More importantly, I felt more connected to a community than I ever had before, even more than when things used to be in-person! In my second year, I signed up for leadership positions in both organizations because I wanted to continue being part of something bigger than just me. After graduation, I will be joining Evercore Inc, and I’m looking forward to experiencing a new phase as a member of Team Stern.”

Lauren Starr, MBA 2022

“Prior to Stern, I was a CPA and manager at a Big 4 accounting firm in Chicago. I loved that the work gave me new challenges every single day, and I worked with a variety of clients in multiple industries. I wanted to broaden my career choices outside of accounting and knew that an MBA was a great way to be able to expand these horizons. I chose Stern because it allowed me to explore roles within the media space through its strong entertainment & media program, as well as provide a strong alumni community within New York! Because I only had one job after undergrad, I had not gone through the recruiting process for jobs since I was a sophomore in college. This was over 8 years ago, and I was a bit rusty. I used the Careers office to help me get into shape to network with alumni, work on my pitch, and help me find an internship that allowed me to expand on my previous experience while branching out into a new function and industry. I spent my summer interning at Diageo, a beverage company, which I sourced through the career office. At Diageo, I was in their corporate finance and strategy department working on competitive analysis in some of their highest growth sectors. In my second year at Stern, I continued to work with the Careers office to help prepare me for full-time job interviews, as well as served as a career mentor to help the incoming MBA class prepare for their internship search. After school, I will head to Hearst, a diversified media & technology company,  as a Corporate Finance Associate in their Financial Leadership Program.”

Aveek Sarker, MBA 2024

“Prior to Stern, I was a management consultant in the media & entertainment, marketing, and technology industries at MediaLink (A UTA Company) in NYC. My experiences ranged from advising streaming companies and TV broadcasters on international growth and advertising strategy, to partnering with CMOs to initiate marketing org transformations, to conducting due diligence for private equity buyers looking to invest in the space. I quickly found that a firm grasp of core business concepts was becoming increasingly important to inform the work I was doing and more significantly, I had developed a strong desire to work directly in the industry I had spent years advising. To facilitate this step change (instead of a hard pivot), I ultimately chose to attend Stern for its unique program that offers focused finance and strategy related courses in entertainment, media, and technology and its robust alumni network of entertainment professionals right here in New York City. During my first year, I took advantage of several workshops facilitated by the Careers team to hone my resume and pitch and relied on many of my fellow classmates and Entertainment, Media and Sports Association (EMSA) members for their sage advice on how to handle recruiting and interviews with my top companies of interest. I spent my summer interning at A&E Networks on their Corporate Development & Strategy team, a role I was able to source through resources provided by the Careers office. In my final year at Stern, I look forward to further leveraging these experiences and resources to secure a role in the entertainment industry full-time.”

Ian Walters, MBA 2022

“I left undergrad with a humanities degree in Classical languages and spent the first five years of my career at Bloomberg, supporting the firm’s Legal and Compliance department. My time at Bloomberg was a great experience.The role allowed me to take on challenging work and develop professionally, but I found myself increasingly interested in finance and valuation. About four years into my career, I decided that I wanted to pursue an MBA to make a career pivot into finance. I was set on attending Stern because it has a strong finance program with first-class professors and an engaged student body and alumni network. Recruiting began shortly after arriving on campus and the Careers team helped me position myself for opportunities and provided additional support and feedback. The encouragement that I received from the career office throughout the recruiting process always kept me in high spirits. The Careers office’s guidance was instrumental in helping me secure a summer internship at a lower middle market private investment firm and a full-time investment banking associate role at Harris Williams, where I will begin working this summer.”

Pari Bhargava, MBA 2024

“Ever since I was a child, I knew I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to foster my compassion for people. I graduated from NYU College of Arts and Science with a B.S. in
Chemistry and Public Health with the initial intention of pursuing medical school. However, my experiences as I began working shifted my desire from wanting to be a clinician to wanting to strengthen the healthcare system by providing advisory services for healthcare transactions. I realized that the power of directing capital into the right hands, coupled with strategic advice, can greatly fuel the economy, and I wanted to be a part of this impactful process. It was a no-brainer for me to return to NYU, and this time, I chose Stern to refine my financial acumen and broaden my understanding of the business side of healthcare. Throughout my time here, I've been fortunate to find mentors in various places, whether it be through the Graduate Finance Association, the Stern Healthcare Association, or the Careers team. These mentors have been instrumental in helping me turn my vision into reality. They assisted me in refining my resume, perfecting my pitch, and even quelling the imposter syndrome that had occasionally crept in. The unwavering commitment of the Stern community to help others succeed is truly remarkable, and I don't take it for granted. I'm proud to announce that, upon graduation, I will be joining Guggenheim Securities as a full-time Investment Banking Associate. I am genuinely excited to leverage my startup background and healthcare experience as I embark on this new path.”

Alexandra Greene, MBA 2024

“Before Stern, I worked for NielsenIQ, where I consulted with CPG companies on their pricing and promotion strategy to advise on issues such as everyday price changes and frequency of promotion. While I enjoyed addressing these issues for my clients, I had a desire to transition to the client side which would allow me to combine my creative and analytical skills to evaluate a full range of strategic issues for my brand and be in a cross functional role. Stern has allowed me to pursue my goals and more. Even before starting classes at Stern, the Careers team reviewed my resume and provided resources for me to hit the ground running. Upon entering, I felt fully supported in my journey and knew Careers and the Graduate Marketing Association had my back. They help to navigate coffee chats, cover letters, interviews, and offer management. I interned this past summer at Colgate-Palmolive and plan to return full time after graduation next year.”

William Clements, MBA 2022

“Prior to Stern, I worked in baseball operations for Major League Baseball and the Cleveland Indians (now the Cleveland Guardians). I decided to come to Stern and pursue roles in management consulting, hoping to learn about business more broadly and get exposure to different functions and industries. But, I didn't really know where to start in terms of explaining my prior work experience and transferable skills to potential future employers. Stern's Careers team encouraged me to first identify the specific aspects of roles I had in the past that I had enjoyed. This helped me ensure that I was targeting roles with firms that would allow me the opportunity to pursue functions that I found rewarding. Then, the outstanding career coaching staff helped me identify specific skills - both "hard" analytical skills and more "soft" problem-solving and relationship-building skills - that I could draw on from my experiences working in baseball to help prepare for interviews and set myself up for success in a future role as a consultant. I landed a great summer internship and received a full-time offer, but decided to go through the recruiting process again as a second year to try to find an opportunity in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. The Careers team guided me through this process, providing invaluable advice on how to balance my professional goals with what I wanted my personal and family life to look like in the future. I am excited to be starting with Deloitte back in Cleveland upon graduation. The individualized approach and emphasis on long-term career satisfaction is unique to the Careers team at Stern; I owe this opportunity to their continued support and guidance throughout the process.”

Heather Rosen-Kahnowitz, MBA 2023

“Prior to Stern, I worked in the architecture industry, first in a traditional design role and then as a workplace strategist. These experiences enabled me to develop a deep understanding of design thinking and creative problem solving, all while working with clients on fast-paced projects. Over time, I grew interested in working on a broader set of business and societal challenges that I was seeing in the world. This drove me to pursue my MBA and seek a career in management consulting. I knew that NYU Stern would be the perfect place for me to make this pivot and since arriving here, I have been blown away by the support system. Thanks to the recruitment resources from Management Consulting Association (MCA) and Careers, I was able to land my dream summer internship at McKinsey & Company in the New York Office. I am so grateful for the career coaches, MBA2 career mentors, and MBA2 MCA casers who guided me throughout that rigorous process. Additionally, my amazing MBA1 peers provided a strong sense of community and completely had my back as we navigated the journey together. Next year, I am thrilled to be able to give back by serving as the co-President of the MCA.”

Sreekavitha Parupalli, MBA 2024

“With a foundation in technology and entrepreneurship, I pursued both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science Engineering from IIIT-Hyderabad. Before joining Stern, my career trajectory led me to a Senior Product Engineer role at Sprinklr for a duration of four years. Furthermore, I ventured into entrepreneurship with two distinct businesses in India: one in the Media and Entertainment sector and another within the F&B industry. My aspiration to hone my financial acumen and cultivate a comprehensive understanding of global business operations drew me to Stern. The recruiting process at Stern took off soon after my enrollment, and I had the opportunity to spend my summer in Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley within their Global Technology group. Transitioning from engineering to investment banking was a monumental shift, made achievable largely due to the supportive Stern community. I'm genuinely appreciative of how the institution fosters and encourages such dynamic career adaptations. My decision to pursue my MBA at Stern consistently proves rewarding, given the plethora of real-time industry project experiences and a vibrant student ecosystem. Engaging in leadership capacities has been instrumental in my personal growth, and as a second year, I've undertaken roles as a career mentor and a graduate ambassador, embodying Stern's ethos of community contribution. As someone inherently passionate about exploration and continuous learning, Stern has been an enriching journey. ”

Vincent Chou, MBA 2024

"Prior to Stern, I worked at KPMG, advising on transfer pricing and taxation strategies for financial institutions. While I thoroughly enjoyed the client-facing aspect of the job, I had ignited an interest in markets that propelled me to pursue an MBA at Stern. For me, Stern was a no-brainer; the location was prime for recruitment and networking, and the alumni reach was unrivaled. During my first semester, I reveled in the opportunity to participate in stock pitch competitions, where our Stern Investment Management and Research society (SIMR) proved instrumental in preparing us. Walking away with a second place from the Columbia Stock Pitch gave me confidence to pursue investment management in earnest, and I spent the last summer in Singapore with PIMCO, from whom I accepted a full-time offer to return after graduation as an Account Manager. It is hard to imagine any of this happening without the Careers team. As an international student they were an invaluable resource for my resumes, interviews, and networking. Through my roles as Career Mentor as well as VP of Career Development at SIMR, I am excited to be able to offer my experiences and network to the next class and give back after I have been given so much."

Penny Burgess, MBA 2023

“I came to Stern with what I proudly called an “eclectic” background. Following my BFA in Acting, I had embarked on an adventurous career: working as an activities host on a cruise ship, a black bear habitat tour guide, an outdoor educator in the mountains, a wedding planner’s assistant, and a small business owner selling vintage clothing online. I knew I would be one of the most non-traditional MBA candidates, but when I arrived at Stern, I quickly felt that I was in the right place. Recruiting-wise, I knew very little about consulting coming in, but my career coach at the Careers office encouraged me to attend a few company presentations and just see how I felt about it. I was surprised to find myself really pulled to consulting, especially feeling the culture fit at a few companies. While I got varied advice from different sources, my career coach always encouraged me to follow my own path, which meant focusing almost all of my time and energy on my two target companies. This focus on authenticity and finding the right fit led me to the incredibly fortunate position of having my choice between two amazing offers, and ultimately resulted in me accepting an offer for a Summer Associate role at Deloitte.”

Jose Diaz Eseverri, MBA 2023

“Prior to coming to Stern, I worked in a real estate investment trust in NYC. The professional challenges and the personal relationships that I built kept me there for many years. However, I knew that I wanted to pursue an MBA and a different career path to have a larger and more positive impact on society. I chose to go to Stern mainly because of the interactions that I had with current students and alumni, as well as the proximity that the school has to major employers’ headquarters, which would allow me to network more. My recruiting journey, despite being demanding and tough, was incredibly invigorating. I met the smartest and kindest people along the way. Other students, alumni, clubs, and the Careers team were always willing to extend a helping hand no matter how busy they were. The Management Consulting Association and the career office were essential to help me navigate the process and inform me about the steps that I should be taking and the resources that I had at my disposal. The result of my effort with the help of everyone was attaining a summer internship offer from McKinsey & Company in their M&A practice in NYC, which I accepted and am very happy about.”

Pooja Kakar, MBA 2022

“Prior to Stern, I worked as a Brand Strategist for 5 years at a variety of advertising agencies. Having studied International Studies with a focus on Culture and Identity and the History of Art during my undergraduate time at the University of Michigan, I had cultivated a deep interest in visual culture and immersing myself in foreign narratives and viewpoints. Brand strategy was a leap from my liberal arts background; however, I found the skills I had developed through analyzing paintings and understanding different cultures to be highly transferable to this field. As I helped clients breathe new life into established brands or fully launch new products to consumers, I found myself wondering more and more about the underlying business strategy behind these decisions. I knew I needed a foundational business education and was immediately drawn to NYU Stern. As a native New Yorker, I knew my career path was set to be in this city, and I was excited by the New York- based network and resources Stern would be able to provide. Once at Stern, I relied on the Careers team heavily as I began pursuing an internship in Management Consulting. I knew my background was non-traditional for the consulting industry; however, with the help of the Careers office’s career coaches, I was able to reframe the most relevant elements of my previous career path as true assets in this pivot. Ultimately, I secured an internship at Ernst & Young in their New York office and will be returning there full-time upon graduating. The resources Stern and specifically the Careers office provided me in this journey have been immeasurable, and I am so happy with my decision to attend this program!”

Afeef Sahabdeen, MBA 2023

"Growing up in Sri Lanka, I was always keen on exploring the world while pursuing my passion for problem solving. Post high-school, I decided to take a leap of faith and join the engineering program at NYU Abu Dhabi, during the early days of the campus. The next four years were among the best years of my life – I studied across the NYU Global Network, made friends from all over the world, and explored the breadth of the liberal arts program - often well outside my comfort zone. Upon graduation, I decided to work for the Abu Dhabi government in a business role, using my problem-solving skills in the public domain. Having had that experience, I was determined to expand upon my knowledge and expose myself to a whole different set of exciting challenges; I wanted a change. Stern was naturally my first choice. Once at Stern, I decided to recruit for consulting, and the Careers team together with the Management Consulting Association (MCA) became my pillars of success. I can genuinely say that the entire team at Careers was absolutely phenomenal. As an international student, I always felt supported as I navigated the recruitment process and knew that there was always someone from the Careers office ready to help. I have now accepted a consulting role for the summer here in New York, and I’m excited to give back to the community that has become my second home."

Jane Kennedy, MBA 2023

“Growing up, my dream was to be the “next Kennedy in the White House.” I’ve always been fascinated with making a positive impact on a large scale, and during my final summer in college, I had the opportunity to intern in the Obama Administration. After graduation, I decided to try something new and spent two years in tech before moving back to DC to help my mentor launch a criminal justice reform non-profit. My time across the public and private sectors reinforced the importance of experiential education, and I chose Stern because I knew that I would have access to incredible hands-on education and professional development opportunities. I came in with the goal of pivoting into management consulting, and the Careers team, along with the Management Consulting Association, played vital roles in helping me secure an internship for the summer at McKinsey & Company in Washington, DC. I couldn’t be more grateful to the career coaches and mentors who helped me craft my story and tell a compelling narrative for why I was making the pivot into consulting. I’m so excited for this next chapter and where it will take me!”

Oluwaseun Ososami, MBA 2022

“Prior to Stern, I was in active equity research. When I first got the role, I was ecstatic! I finally broke into the world of finance after three plus years of effort. I did enjoy my two years as a research associate, but I knew that I had to set myself up for the long-haul within the industry. In my mind, cutting my teeth in Investment Banking was the right tactic to pursue. When one thinks of Investment Banking, one thinks of Stern. Being part of Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, and Toigo Foundation, I had time to explore my interests for investment banking. Yet, it was conversations with a rising MBA2 at the time and an alum at a bank that propelled me over the finish line: securing a banking internship prior to stepping foot on campus. Though I had secured a job, I utilized the resources offered by the Careers office to explore long-term career planning. Series of meetings with my career coach helped uncover knowledge about myself that can only prove fruitful as I progress in my professional life. I will be starting full-time with Credit Suisse’s Tech Investment Banking coverage group this summer.”

Mary Vergara, MBA 2023

“Prior to Stern, I found my passion in Human Resources Technology and Analytics where people and technology intersect. As an analyst, I implemented innovative system solutions and optimized processes to enhance the candidate and employee experience. As I progressed in my career, I sought a role where I could continue to combine my technical skills and user-centered approach to solve problems while also increasing my impact on the end-user. I decided to pursue my MBA at Stern as a Consortium Fellow to dive deeper into my passion, and move into a technology product management role while gaining the leadership and business skills necessary to succeed. Upon joining the Stern community, I received invaluable support from the Careers team, the Stern Technology Association, and my classmates throughout the recruiting process. The Careers coaching team and programming helped me refine and hone my pitch as well as strengthen my interview skills. With thorough preparation, I was able to step into interviews confidently and secure my dream Product Management internship at Workday.”

Jeetendra Khilnani, MBA 2023

"I came into Stern with only a vague idea of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to take my career post-MBA. I had a background in corporate finance and accounting, and investment banking seemed like a natural next step. But I was simultaneously drawn to consulting, given the diverse nature of problems in the ever-changing nature of the business world. Stern’s phenomenal presence in both industries made the choice even harder, considering how parallel and challenging both recruiting processes are. I immediately jumped into the preparations with the Careers team career mentors reviewing my resume and providing some truly valuable insights. Career coaches helped me optimize my efforts and MBA2s were with me every step of the way – from coffee chats to interview prep and even just letting me have my meltdowns! The overall support, emotional and otherwise, was crucial as I tried to juggle everything – recruiting, a cultural shift from India to the US, a personal shock of leaving my family, and more. After investing hours and hours, I was so thrilled to have accepted a Summer Consultant position with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in their New York office. I plan to go back to BCG as a Consultant full-time, and in my second year at Stern, pay it forward and be an empathetic mentor for incoming MBA1s to bounce their questions, fears and frustrations off of."

Max Soifer, MBA 2024

“After graduating from a pre-law program at the University of Washington, I decided that Law School was not for me, and that pursuing a career in gymnastics– a lifelong passion–was the best path. I coached for universities, private clubs, and even the national team. I loved the sport and wanted to expand my impact footprint. While working full time for a private club, I started a gymnastics clinic where I traveled around the country setting up weekend camps for youth athletes. It was an absolute blast! Then COVID-19 hit, and the clinic suffered. For a while, I was a little bit lost, but I realized that when one door closes, another one opens.I decided that I should learn more about business and the world beyond the sport of gymnastics. That's when I applied to Stern. Since arriving, I've spent my time getting involved in professional, social, and cultural clubs, all of which combined with the curriculum and support from the Careers team have shaped me into the person and professional that I am today. Last summer, I had the opportunity to work at CitiGroup in the consumer banking rotational program where I had my first experience working a corporate job and took my first step into an exciting and new career journey.”

Yushan Ye, MBA 2024

“I moved to New York City after graduating college in 2019 and spent three years with PwC prior to Stern. When I decided to pursue an MBA to pivot to investment banking, NYU Stern felt like a natural fit, not only because New York City quickly became my beloved home, but also because of everything Stern has to offer: the collaborative community, an unparalleled alumni network in finance, and the unbeatable proximity to Wall Street. This decision was affirmed throughout my MBA experience. During the recruiting process, I received invaluable guidance and mentorship from second-year MBA students who generously shared their insights, advice, and personal experiences. With support from the Careers team, my fellow classmates, and the robust alumni network, I felt well-prepared to navigate banking recruitment. I was fortunate enough to intern at Morgan Stanley this summer with the Financial Institution Group, and I will be joining as a full-time Investment Banking Associate after graduation. As a way to give back and pay forward the generosity I received, I have taken on the role of career mentor for both the Graduate Finance Association and the Careers team. I look forward to guiding first-year students in their internship search.”

Danit Fleischman, MBA 2024

“I left undergrad with a humanities degree in History and spent the next five years at IBM in global consulting. My time at IBM was a great experience. The role allowed me to take on challenging work and develop professionally, managing teams across the world and working closely with clients. The COVID-19 pandemic struck almost three years into my career, and I was finding it difficult to find my work fulfilling in light of everything that was going on around me. Looking for a better balance between career, giveback, and fulfillment, I applied to Stern because of the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business. With the incredible work happening there, I knew Stern would be the place to find a career where I could meld my passion for positive impact with helping my clients reach their business goals. This was a tall order, and the Careers team was there for me every step of the way. The entire staff at Careers was encouraging, thoughtful, and there to work with me as I figured out what my next step was. Their guidance was instrumental in helping me realize that I still loved consulting but needed a different working environment and focus. With Careers’ support, I accepted a summer internship at McKinsey & Company. I am so excited to return to Stern as a Career Mentor and Career Fellow, and have the opportunity to help the next generation of Sternies find their dream job.”

Rachael Nisenkier, MBA 2024

“Before I came to Stern, my experience was mostly in creative fields, focused on producing TV and advertising, specifically non-profit advertising. I knew that I wanted to get into the process earlier - be part of the team that decided what was said, not just how it was said - but I also wanted to leverage my robust (if unusual!) work experience in my new role. I was nervous because I was coming to Stern with a 1 year old at home and didn't know if that would mesh with the typical B-school experience. Stern gave me an awesome, welcoming community, while also providing me a chance to share the joys and tribulations of all the work I had done prior. People were so willing to be flexible and supportive, even when I had to miss a week of classes due to toddler colds. In particular, I found a home in Stern Women in Business (SWIB) and the Social Impact and Sustainability Association (SISA), while finding all the career support I could possibly need from the Management Consulting Association (MCA) and was lucky enough to find amazing mentors, peers, and friends! I am happy to share that after interning with McKinsey transformation over the summer, I will be returning as a full-time associate upon the completion of my degree.”

Can Telkes, MBA 2024

“When I came to Stern, I traveled to the US for the first time in my life, leaving my family and friends behind in Turkey and quitting my job. I was completely out of my comfort zone and hoped for a community to help me find a job, adapt to an entirely new culture, and make long lasting friendships. Stern turned out to be all I could ask for and more. As soon as I arrived, I realized that collaboration and support were in Stern's DNA, as I was warmly welcomed by the second years and my classmates. I felt at home within a couple of weeks, and that played a key role in my self-confidence during recruiting. Having a prior finance background, I recruited for investment banking, which has a structured and demanding process, and I could not have done it if not for the collaborative community at Stern. My classmates shared every resource and information with each other, while the second years and Careers team helped me perfect my resume and story by offering guidance and mocks. Something that surprised me the most was the willingness of the alumni in Wall Street to help us during the recruitment process, advocating for us within their firms, offering mocks in their busy schedules and guiding us through every step of the process. I believe that such support is unique to Stern, built on the back of the pay-it-forward culture in each class. Over the summer, I interned in Lazard’s Industrials group and had a great experience working on high profile transactions and learning every single day. I look forward to going back next year as a full time associate and helping the first years during my second year of business school.”

Shelby Luce, MBA 2024

"I fit into a classic "non-traditional" background before coming to Stern. As a public health advocate, I spent 5 years working in nonprofits and on the Hill in D.C working in government and writing health policy while also completing a master’s in Public Health. During COVID, I had what I refer to as my "COVID-epiphany." I realized that yes, I cared deeply about public health and improving access to healthcare- but what made me most excited was the innovation happening on the private-side. People were turning to their medicine cabinets to take care of themselves and their families rather than waiting for policy to support them. I decided that to make the jump to private healthcare, and specifically consumer packaged goods, I would need an MBA to further develop my financial and data skills to help prepare me for the transition. From the moment I arrived at Stern, the support and guidance from the Careers team to strengthen my story and the location of the school helped me pivot into a dream summer internship working on brand innovation and marketing for Kenvue (previously Johnson and Johnson). During my second year, I am excited to continue developing my marketing and strategy skills to continue to help increase access to healthcare." 

Andy Mukherjee, MBA 2024

“My trajectory has been quite straightforward – undergrad in economics, a post-grad degree in finance, and a few years in Big 4 corporate finance and investment banking in India. Having completed a master’s degree, the decision to pursue an MBA was perceived by most to be predominantly a geographical pivot to ‘break into Wall Street’. My desire to come to Stern, however, was fueled by so much more; I was drawn to an ecosystem that would not simply teach me what to do but would drive me to question the world around me. At Stern, as I navigated the arduous recruiting journey, the support provided by the Careers team and by the Graduate Finance Association was an instrumental factor in obtaining my dream internship as an Investment Banking Summer Associate at J.P. Morgan, where I was fortunate to secure a full-time offer. They say it takes a village, and I couldn’t be more grateful for mine – the career coaches who guided me, the mentors who patiently answered my questions, and my larger cohort, who had my back at every step of the way. Stern’s high emphasis on EQ is an overarching theme of my experiences thus far, and I am excited to uphold the values of the school and give back to the community as a student mentor, and subsequently as an alumna.”

KJ Brown, MBA 2024

"Prior to Stern, I worked in non-profit consulting, and I built and ran a strategic campus recruiting hiring program for a global staffing company. These experiences allowed me to leverage my entrepreneurial spirit and hone my creative problem solving and managerial skills, all while working directly with clients in a fast-paced environment. During my last year at the staffing firm, they merged with another company equally interested in implementing the strategy I built, and I was asked to scale and scope this program to support the joint organization's hiring goals. That experience piqued my interest in exploring different industries and the unique problems they might be facing in today's economic landscape, which brought me to Stern to pursue my MBA.  I knew that NYU Stern would be the perfect place to explore my interests (and subsequent specializations) in Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Entertainment and Media. I was able to take advantage of the diverse array of resources and immersive experiences offered at Stern, such as the Entertainment and Media Solutions in-semester project, where I worked directly with leaders from Warner Bros Discovery to help solve a current business challenge. This experience cemented my desire to land a strategy and analytics-focused internship, which led me to joining New Balance over the summer, as an MBA Strategy intern on their Responsible Leadership and Global Compliance Team. I am exceedingly grateful for all of the experiences I have had thus far here at Stern. Unequivocally, I credit my peers/community at Stern and as well as outstanding faculty, student-run organizations, and Careers team for supporting me throughout my journey. I look forward to seeing where I go next, and I am excited to support the peers in my community by serving as Co-President of our Entertainment, Media and Sports Association, as well as a Career Mentor. "

Saagar Chitale, MBA 2024

“Prior to Stern, I held a corporate development position at Protara Therapeutics, a biotechnology company focused on the development of therapeutics for oncology and rare diseases. In that role, I enjoyed working on deals that helped the company move potentially life saving drugs forward, but I wanted to explore working on deals in the biotechnology and healthcare space of a larger quantum. Having attended NYU for my undergraduate degree, I was aware that Stern's strong reputation in the world of finance would be an excellent platform for me to pivot into a career in investment banking. As soon as I got to campus, it was clear that the abundance of resources that Stern provides, from its Careers office to the wealth of knowledge my professors held, would definitely set me up for success in my ambitions of a career pivot. Although the recruitment process was grueling at times, it opened my eyes to the less obvious benefit of Stern: the strength of its community. My peers and my MBA2 mentors at the time were instrumental in providing me with the knowledge and moral support to push through a challenging few months. I was fortunate enough to walk away from that process with an internship at Goldman Sachs in their Healthcare Investment Banking Group. I’m excited to be returning there full time after I graduate and also look forward to all the great things my fellow Sternies will accomplish in the coming years!” 

Nate Hudson, MBA 2024

“My career path prior to Stern started within audit and M&A consulting at KPMG. When the pandemic hit, I decided to finally scratch the itch of becoming an entrepreneur. I started my own real estate investing firm and simultaneously took a role at Zillow to see how Tech was impacting real estate. After learning many valuable lessons within the real estate space, I missed the pace and diversity of projects that consulting offered, and I transitioned to EY to work in M&A, specializing in sell-side due diligence. Soon thereafter, I realized that I wanted to find more personal meaning and impact in my career. During this time, I was volunteering with the mayor of my city to secure state funding for green initiatives and set up a local government green team. I discovered a new passion for sustainable problem-solving, and Stern provided the perfect opportunity to interact with the most prominent sustainability firms and thought leaders in the world. I was incredibly excited to accept a full-time position with McKinsey & Company in the New York Office after interning within their sustainability practice. I am beyond grateful for the Careers team, the Management Consulting Association, and the countless second-year MBAs that helped prepare me to be successful, and that is why I was inspired to serve as Student Government President and as a Career Mentor to pay forward the kindness, advice, and Sternie EQ.”

Paige Muschott, MBA 2024

“While working in Financial, Planning & Analysis in the technology industry, I developed a passion for finance. I was living in San Francisco at the time but knew I wanted to be in New York. The energy of the city had always captivated me along with the plethora of opportunities in the financial services industry. I bought a one-way ticket to New York at the end of COVID and began my application to Stern. While I loved the ideal pairing of quantitative and qualitative skills that FP&A offered, I found myself constantly looking for new challenges and decided to pursue investment banking. I'd always had a desire to work in banking; the exciting opportunities to work on complex transactions that have a huge impact across an industry has always appealed to me. I knew Stern was the best school to help me make that transition given its strong alumni network, peer mentorship, and Careers team. Throughout the entire recruitment process at Stern, the Careers team supported my classmates, and I through each step of the process including coffee chats, resumes, cover letters, interviews, and networking events. Thankfully, I was able to secure an internship and full time offer at J.P. Morgan on their Consumer, Retail & Business Services team in their investment banking division, and I could not be more excited.”

Karla Marquez Ramos, MBA 2024

“Before my journey at Stern, I was employed at a small cargo airline in Miami where I worked as  an engineer supporting the aircraft maintenance department. This opportunity not only allowed me to acquire valuable technical skills but also fueled my enthusiasm for the world of aviation. However, I wanted to broaden my horizons and explore other industries and business verticals. I applied to the MBA program at NYU Stern due to its endless opportunities and the chance to live in an energetic and vibrant city. New York City in combination with the NYU community quickly became my home. My journey through the recruitment process was demanding, yet immensely rewarding. Stern’s extensive network connected me with top industry practitioners that provided me with the unique opportunity to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and different professional experiences. Through Stern’s invaluable resources, I had the privilege of engaging with some of the brightest and most genuine professionals in the consulting area. With support from my peers, alumni, clubs, and the Careers team, I
successfully secured an internship as a consultant at EY-Parthenon in the heart of New York City. The Stern community has consistently demonstrated its eagerness to extend a helping hand and provide guidance. My transition to Stern represented a pivotal shift in my career journey; it pushed me towards a world of opportunities, fostering personal and professional growth. This institution’s exciting environment, coupled with the glamor of the city, has truly become a place where I want to continue to evolve and thrive.”

Sejal Mali, MBA 2024

“Prior to Stern I worked at PwC in technology as a product owner and consultant for tax accounting clients. While I enjoyed the work, I missed a lot of the social impact and sustainability work I did in undergrad related to UNICEF and the United Nations. I knew I wanted to eventually pivot into sustainability and social impact and combine my interests in a more corporate environment. I applied to Stern because I knew I wanted to live in NYC where there are a number of opportunities in the ESG space and where the UN Headquarters is located! I recruited for sustainability in the spring semester and worked with the Careers team and the Center for Sustainability and Business (CSB) to apply for CSB Fellowships. I received multiple offers for a summer internship and ultimately chose a role in sustainability at Nespresso. I used the knowledge I learned from taking sustainability and social impact classes, along with attending events and info sessions through the Social Impact and Sustainability Association to excel at my internship. I learned about the inner workings of sustainability at larger corporations and in the supply chain, and I hope to help incoming students excel at achieving their goals in the ESG and sustainability and social impact space!”