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Undergraduate Current Students | BS in Business/MS in Accounting

Learn About BS/MS in Accounting

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BS/MS in Accounting Program Degree Requirements

Expand Your Horizons with Two Stern Degrees!

The BS/MS in Accounting dual degree program provides you with the opportunity to earn two distinct degrees. The BS degree is typically completed in four years or less at the Stern Undergraduate College. Upon completion, you transition to the Stern Graduate School to earn an MS Degree in one accelerated summer. In doing so, you will have acquired the 150 credits required to become a licensed CPA in New York State, as well as in most other states.

With the power of two Stern degrees, you will join a global network of alumni who enjoy exciting careers in accounting, advisory, consulting, investment banking, and entrepreneurship.  

Admission is open as early as spring of your first year.

CPA Track Concentration Requirements 

  • You will complete 134 credits to satisfy the requirements of the BS in Business Degree with an Accounting (CPA Track) Concentration
  • The MS Degree consists of 22 credits, 6 of which are completed as part of the 134 credits of your Undergraduate BS in Business requirements
  • The remaining 16 are taken in the summer immediately following the completion of your BS Degree At the Stern Graduate School


Plan Your Future with Accounting, the Language of Business

In addition to the core requirements of the BS in Business curriculum, you will select Managerial Accounting (ACCT-UB 4) and Foundations of Finance (FINC-UB 2) as two of your four required functional business core courses. To satisfy the Accounting (CPA Track) Concentration, you will complete the following courses as an undergraduate:  

  • Financial Statement Analysis (ACCT-UB 3)
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis (ACCT-GB 6302)
  • Advanced Managerial Accounting (ACCT-GB 6331) 
  • Taxation of Individuals and Business Income (ACCT-GB 6380)
  • Accounting Information Systems* (ACCT-GB 6315)
  • Auditing* (ACCT-GB 6313)

Upon transitioning to Stern Graduate School for the MS in Certified Public Accounting Degree Program, you will complete the following courses:

  • Accounting for Financial Instruments (ACCT-GB 6317) 
  • Advanced Accounting Concepts (ACCT-GB 6326) 
  • Financial Statement Modeling (ACCT-GB 6400)
  • Data Analysis and Management (ACCT-GB 6416)
  • Topics in Advanced Communication in Accounting (ACCT-GB 6205) - This course does not count toward the 33 required Accounting credits. 

* These courses, while taken as an undergraduate, also satisfy graduate degree requirements. As part of the dual degree, they will count towards both the undergraduate and graduate cumulative GPA.

You can find detailed information such as course descriptions, pre-requisites, and more via NYU Albert’s Public Course Search or our Course Index. You can also view this via our BS/MS curriculum worksheet based on your class year to navigate these requirements visually:

Alternatively, you can concentrate in general accounting.

Application Guidelines

Strong candidates have:

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Recommended cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • An interest in working as a CPA or a related professional path
  • A verifiable commitment to earning two degrees at Stern in an accelerated time frame 

Application Timeline

  • Our Spring 2024 application is now closed. Our Summer 2024 application will open in July.
    • If you are a current Stern junior or senior interested in applying, you are encouraged to contact Fatima Chishti at as changes to your schedule may be necessary to ensure adequate degree progress.

Discover the CPA as an Undergraduate

BS/MS in Accounting students have the option of applying to sit for the New York State CPA Exam as early as spring of their senior year.  To be eligible to sit for the New York State CPA Exam while still an undergraduate student, you should plan on completing the following courses prior to spring of your senior year:

  • ACCT-UB 4 Managerial Accounting
  • ACCT-GB 6302 Financial Reporting Analysis
  • ACCT-GB 6380 Taxation of Individuals & Business Income
  • ACCT-GB 6313 Auditing
  • Earn a minimum of 120 credits 

For more details about CPA license requirements, check out the New York State Education Department-Office of the Professions.

To apply to sit for the CPA Exam in New York or any of the fifty states, complete the application found at the National Association of the State Boards of Accountancy

Already passed all four parts of the CPA Exam and satisfied your work requirement?  

For further information about the accounting profession, contact the New York State Society of CPAs.

CPA Licensure Disclosure Statement

Graduates of the BS/MS in Accounting Program satisfy the educational requirements for the CPA licensure in New York State. For CPA licensure requirements in other states, we encourage students to refer to the specific state board for the most current information, as the requirements are different for every state and may change.

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