Code of Conduct

A pledge to uphold Stern's values

The Judiciary Committee is a group of students, faculty and administrators that represents the entire NYU Stern community and serves as a resource to promote academic integrity. Students are encouraged to review the University Student Conduct Policy and the NYU Stern Code of Conduct for the NYU Stern Community at large. Those found responsible for academic infractions in NYU Stern classes will have their CE evaluations removed for impacted classes. Also, students found responsible for academic violations will be ineligible for Stern academic department awards.

What this means for you:
  • Take action if you think the NYU Stern Code of Conduct may have been violated
  • Inform the student who may be breaking it
  • If appropriate, speak with a Judiciary Committee member, Tiffany Boselli (Sr. Assistant Dean of Academic Advising & Judicial Affairs), Inayah Lakhani (Assistant Director of Programs and Judiciary Affairs) or an administrator or faculty member
University Student Conduct Policy and Process – Effective August 13, 2018, the UC will join other schools at NYU in referring allegations of non-academic misconduct involving students to the NYU Office of Student Conduct in accordance with the new University Student Conduct Policy. All students are expected to abide by the expectations set forth in the University Student Conduct Policy.

Allegations of non-academic misconduct against a student of NYU Stern shall be addressed by the NYU Student Conduct Procedures, administered by the Office of Student Conduct, under the authority of the Senior Vice President of Student Affairs.    

Allegations of academic misconduct (plagiarism, cheating, clinic/internship/field placement conduct, etc.) shall be addressed by NYU Stern in accordance with the established procedures set forth in the Stern Judiciary Committee Process.
Student Committee Chair:
Konnor Rustad

Student Committee Vice-Chair:
Jillissa Drayton