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Participants of the MSFT program will have the advantage of learning from world-renowned Stern faculty, selected global faculty, and leaders of industry who have practical experience in the fintech space. These instructors have a solid understanding of basic business problems and the current, most effective solution techniques. The program will be rigorous and meaningful for all participants. 

Below is a list of some faculty who may teach in the program. This list is subject to change based on faculty availability/scheduling:

Kathleen DeRose, Academic Director
Bruce Buchanan
Ian D’Souza
James Finch
Judith Germano
Sabrina Howell
Panagiotis Ipeirotis
Nathan Pettit
Robert Seamans
Kristen Sosulski
David Yermack
Arun Sundararajan
Dan Gode
Thomas Phillipon
Randall Duran
Joe Porac
Rohit Deo