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Law & Business Specialization Description

The Law and Business specialization offers business students a more complete understanding of the legal implications of business transactions and the opportunity to serve their business clients more fully.  An understanding of the ways in which the law affects business relationships and should affect decisions made by manager and directors is a critical to success in today’s complex regulatory environment. Courses are offered at both Stern and the Law School and often enroll students from both programs. Joint degree programs in law and business are more than most students need, but a core of courses that permit law and business students to learn essential aspects of each other’s fields enrich professional education for both business and law students.

Faculty Advisor: Professor William T. Allen, 212-998-0322 and Professor Rachel Kowal, 212-998-0053

Course List

BSPA-GB.2120 (B75.2120) Entertainment Law
BSPA-GB.2122 (B75.2122) Business and the Governance of Cyberspace
BSPA-GB.2128 (B75.2128) Law and Business of Regulation
BSPA-GB.2314 (B75.2314) Business Law for Managers
BSPA-GB.2331 (B75.2331) Law, Business and Human Rights
BSPA-GB.2340 (B75.2340) The Law and Business of Social Enterprise
BSPA-GB.3101 (B75.3101) Ethical & Legal Challenges of the Modern Corporation

ECON-GB.2345 (B30.2345) The Business of Social and Other Networks
ECON-GB.3345 (B30.3345) Money and Modern Capitalism: Law and Business
FINC-GB.2134 (B40.2134) Law and Business of Bitcoin
FINC-GB.2304 (B40.2304) Restructuring Firms and Industries
FINC-GB.3196 (B40.3196) Mergers and Acquisitions
FINC-GB.3198 (B40.3198) Bankruptcy and Reorganization
FINC-GB.3199 (B40.3199) Case Studies in Bankruptcy & Reorganization
FINC-GB.3345 (B40.3345) Law and Business of Corporate Transactions
FINC-GB.3346 (B40.3346) Legal Foundations of Applied Finance
FINC-GB.3353 (B40.3353) Law and Management of Financial Services Businesses
FINC-GB.3354 (B40.3354) Investing in Microfinance
FINC-GB.3398 (B40.3398) Advanced Corporate Bankruptcy and Reorganization
FINC-GB.3399 (B40.3399) Law & Business of Bankruptcy and Reorganization
INTA-GB.2356 (B55.2356) Corporate Political Engagemen
INTA-GB.3125 (B55.3125) Governance of Public/Private Sectors
INTA-GB.3344 (B55.3344) Fashion Law and Business

INTA-GB.3362 (B55.3362)
Corporate Turnarounds and Leadership
MGMT-GB.2160 (B65.2160) Advanced Topics in Negotiation
MGMT-GB.2161 (B65.2161) Negotiating Complex Transactions with Executives and Lawyers
MGMT-GB.3318 (B65.3318) Corporate Governance: Law & Business

Students may take one of the below courses at the Law School
L03.0030 Economics and the Politics of European Integration
L03.2010 Corporations
L03.3009 Banking Law and Regulation
L03.3024 Corporate Bonds
L03.3031 Bankruptcy
L03.3040 Survey of Securities Regulation
L03.3041 Securities Regulations: Offerings, Registration, Exemptions & Disclosure
L03.3505 Developing Issues in Financial Reporting
L03.3506 Venture Capital
L05.3016 International Economic Transactions: International Investment & Finance
L05.3017 International Economic Transactions: International Trade
L05.3049 International and Regional Trade Law: The Law of the WTO
L06.3020 Economic Analysis of Law
L11.3502 Employee Involvement in Corporate Restructuring
L13.3525 Health Law

For more information on classes cross-listed with the NYU School of Law, please check the Center for Law & Business website.


For course descriptions, please see the Office of Records & Registration website.