Taking Courses at Other NYU Divisions

Taking Courses at Other NYU Graduate Schools

Many Stern MBA students find that there are courses offered at other NYU graduate schools that are of interest to them and complimentary to their goals for the MBA program. If you are interested in registering for a course at another NYU graduate school, you should first review the Non-Stern Pre-Approved Course List to determine whether the course you are interested has already been pre-approved by Academic Affairs and Advising. If the course is pre-approved, you should follow the procedure listed under the "Pre-Approved Courses" tab on this page. If the course you are interested in has not been pre-approved by Academic Affairs and Advising, you should follow the procedure listed under the "Non Pre-Approved Courses" tab on this page.

A complete list of courses within other NYU divisions, with times, locations and availability, can be found using the Public Course Search in Albert. For a list of Law School classes, please go to the Law School's course catalog.


  • In order to register for a course at another NYU graduate school, you must have completed your Stern Core requirements or be completing them this semester.
  • To be eligible to graduate, MBA candidates may not complete more than 15.0 credits outside of Stern. This includes courses taken as part of a study abroad exchange program, courses taken as a visiting student, and courses taken at another NYU divisions.
  • New York University students may not pursue two degrees simultaneously at different schools of the University, unless accepted and enrolled into one of the established dual degree programs.

Dual degree students

  • Dual degree students must account for credit reductions when determining how many non-Stern credits can be taken.
  • A Dual degree student must complete a minimum of 45 credits at Stern despite their credit reduction. This reduces their applicable credits outside of Stern by the number required at Stern. For example, a dual degree student who is required to take 51 credits at Stern for their dual degree requirement will be able to apply only 6 credits to the MBA requirement from another NYU Division or from Study Abroad.


Other NYU Division courses approved by Academic Affairs and Advising to count toward the MBA program will be included in the Stern GPA. A student must receive a passing grade to receive credit toward the MBA for a non-Stern course. After registering for a non-Stern NYU elective, the course will appear on the My Academic Progress page under "Courses Not Credited to MBA." After a passing grade has been submitted, the NYU course will be moved under the Elective area.


Non-Stern courses do not count towards Specializations, with the exception of the Law and Business, Real Estate and Digital Marketing Specializations. 

Credit Equivalency

The assignment of Stern credits is based on the number of credits assigned by the NYU Division offering the course, up to 3 credits maximum per course. The credit value for courses varies by school and, sometimes, by course.

Important Guidelines

  • Seats in courses at other NYU divisions are not guaranteed.
  • Students pay tuition for these courses through Stern according to their Stern credit equivalence.
  • It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the add/drop dates and deadlines for any approved courses taken outside of the Stern School of Business
  • Non-Stern courses are added during the drop/add period and are not included in the lottery selection.
  • Many other NYU division courses maintain course prerequisites/co-requisites. Students must meet course prerequisites for the class they wish to register for at the other NYU division. Students can review these requirements on the Albert Course Search online. For a list of Law School classes and requirements, please go to www.law.nyu.edu.