Summer Internship Employment Report, Class of 2019

As you review the placement statistics, please note that all information is derived from student self-reported data.

Sources of Accepted Job Offers

 School-Facilitated 82.9%  Student-Initiated 17.1%
 Stern On-Campus Scheduled Interviews 53.7%  Personal Contacts 9.2% 
 Stern Job Postings 18.9%  External Job Posting Boards 5.5% 
 Stern Supported Activities (clubs, treks, conferences, etc.) 6.8%
 Social Media (LinkedIn, WeChat, etc.)
 Stern Alumni 2.4%   External Career Fairs 0.8%
 Stern Career Fairs 1.1%   Pre-Stern Employer  0.5% 
*Updated as of 10/25/18