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Undergraduate Current Students | Research Opportunities

Take Your Learning Beyond the Classroom

Stern offers the following research opportunities during your undergraduate education:

These opportunities are a great way for you to engage in top-tier academic research with recognized Stern faculty, challenge your intellect outside of the typical classroom environment, discover potential career pathways in academia and gain an advantage when applying for graduate studies.

Stern Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) 


Founded in spring 2012, the Stern Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) connects you with world-renowned Stern faculty, providing a unique research opportunity outside of the classroom. Besides being exposed first-hand to cutting edge research and working with individual faculty members, SPUR sharpens your analytical skills and provides opportunities to explore potential career pathways in academia and gain an advantage when applying for graduate studies. SPUR students have gone on to pursue research-related careers, having been accepted to Ph.D. programs in Finance, Economics, Accounting, and Bio-Statistics at institutions such as Columbia, Chicago, MIT, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and Yale. 

If you have additional questions about SPUR, please contact

Application and Enrollment Process

The SPUR database becomes available at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters and is announced in Stern Weekly. In order to apply:

  1. Students can browse the opportunities posted by Stern faculty when the database is open at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.
  2. Apply for a position through the database by selecting a research opportunity of interest and filling out/uploading the appropriate information as requested.
  3. You will be notified via email if you are selected by a faculty member for a research opportunity. You are informed of next steps, deadlines and the SPUR registration process as part of this notification. 

Important Guidelines

  • Research projects are sponsored by full-time or clinical faculty and should be chosen from the research opportunities listed in the online SPUR Database.
  • Research projects obtained through the database are intended to allow you to study material not included in courses at Stern and as a complement to carefully designed programs of study. SPUR projects do not count toward or fulfill requirements for any Stern concentrations, major or minor.
  • Faculty post SPUR projects each semester and these research projects may be for zero (0), one (1), or two (2) units (credits), depending on the time requirements for the projects. The mix of projects varies each semester.
  • SPUR credits will be counted as part of a student's 18 allowed credits per semester. Please see the important information below:
    • Students enrolled in 18 credits for the semester can participate in SPUR opportunities that are posted for 0 credits only.
    • If a student wishes to petition to exceed 18 credits in order to apply for a SPUR project worth 1 or 2 credits, which will incur extra tuition, please refer to the process outlined on the Academic Policies page under Semester Course Loads.
  • You may only register for one project per semester. 
  • A letter grade is assigned at the completion of the study; research projects may not be taken pass/fail.
  • Research projects may not be used to give credit for work experience, including paid or unpaid internships.
  • You are not allowed monetary compensation of any kind for your participation in SPUR opportunities. This includes students participating in SPUR for zero credits.
  • If you are studying away, you may apply for and participate in SPUR with the exception of those studying in the following locations due to Visa restrictions/government regulations: NYU London.

Honors Program


Established in 2001, the Stern Honors Program invites high-achieving seniors to become intimately involved in graduate-level research. The program pairs you with research-oriented faculty members who partner with and advise program participants throughout their year-long development of a thesis. Additionally, you will take part in an honors seminar (1-credit seminar plus 1-credit thesis each semester of your senior year) with other program participants and have the opportunity to take graduate-level courses in areas of interest.

Selection Process 

  • Interested juniors are invited to attend an information session in the early spring to learn more about the program.  Details are provided in Stern Weekly and via email.
  • Applicants answer a series of in-depth questions to help determine high-level research interest and capabilities along with a faculty evaluation.
  • The application submission deadline is in mid-to-late March. Detailed application information can be found on the Application Information Page.
  • Select applicants will be invited to an interview after submitting their written application
  • Final admissions decisions are determined in late April/early May
  • Admitted students attend a required Orientation Session at the end of the spring semester

Admissions Criteria

  • Strong intellectual curiosity and achievement in challenging prior coursework
  • Prior engagement in research opportunities (such as SPUR, independent projects, etc).
  • Must be enrolled in classes on the NYC campus in both the fall and spring of your senior year (cannot graduate following the fall semester)

Program Highlights

Honors Seminar
Each weekly session is conducted by chaired professors, research professors, faculty research fellows, and others who present on research developments in their area. These seminars provide an overview of timely research across all disciplines of business and its practical applications.

Honors Theses
Each student formulates a thesis and performs their own groundbreaking research under the guidance of an assigned faculty adviser. In addition to serving as mentors, thesis advisers provide valuable insight into the thesis development process. At the end of the academic year, students submit and present their thesis to program peers.

Graduate Courses
Students selected for the program have the opportunity to take up to 6-units (typically two courses) of graduate-level coursework through the Stern MBA program. Students are informed of the MBA course selection process prior to the registration periods in which the student is enrolled in the program.

Past Honors Theses
View the full Honors Theses of past program participants who have opted to share their work.