Practitioner and Experiential Learning Seminars

Practitioner & Experiential Learning Seminars

Executive Practitioner and Experiential Learning Seminars offer eligible students the opportunity to:
  • Have meaningful collaborations with practitioners and organizations in the field
  • Learn first-hand from leading practitioners, entrepreneurs, and top faculty in their fields
  • Apply the skills acquired in the classroom to real-world problems
Each semester new and innovative seminars will be announced prior to the registration period. Some may require application processes or prerequisites. All courses in this category will be housed in the Multidisciplinary area (MULT-UB). Some may satisfy specific area of study elective requirements, others will count towards your Stern elective requirements (link to elective area on Minors and Cross-school courses page).

Seminars include:

Experiential Learning Seminars:
  • Marketing Social Initiatives in Developing Countries (MULT-UB 101)
  • Social Impact Consulting (MULT-UB 103)
  • Fashion Industry: Creativity and Business (MULT-UB 104)
  • Emerging Technologies in the Energy Industry (MULT-UB 105)
Executive Practitioner Seminars:
  • Accounting and Analysis in Practice (ACCT-UB 12)
  • The Dynamics of the Fashion Industry (MULT-UB 151)