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We seize opportunities to expand our perspectives and serve as global ambassadors.

At NYU Stern, we seize opportunities to expand our perspectives and serve as global ambassadors. On average, about 50% of BS in Business students and 100% of BS in BPE students spend at least one semester away.

Through a combination of NYU’s global network, and Stern’s partnerships and programs, you have dozens of opportunities to learn through global academic programs.

An experience abroad will help push you outside your comfort zone. You’ll develop flexibility and problem-solving skills as you navigate new places, languages, and cultures on your own. And by experiencing another culture and customs, you will develop greater cross-cultural sensitivity. All this leads to greater self-awareness, and all are critical competencies to have as you go out into the workplace and world in general. With so many options and some planning, it is possible to participate in multiple opportunities during your four years.

Semester Away

As an NYU Stern student, you have two opportunities to study away for a semester, through NYU Study Away or Stern’s International Business Exchange Program (IBEX).

You can study away in your sophomore, junior, or even senior year, depending on the program. NYU Study Away fits best during sophomore or junior year; IBEX is open to juniors (in the fall or spring) and seniors (in the fall only). Explore each program to learn about the many locations and courses that are available. Meet with an academic adviser as early as possible to start planning your adventure.

Short-Term Immersions

NYU Stern's short-term programs allow you to enrich your academic experience by combining coursework with international travel. 

International Studies Program

As an undergraduate at NYU Stern, you will gain a deeper understanding of global business strategies through our unique and innovative Edward & Nancy Barr Family International Studies Program.

The International Studies Program (ISP) is a strategy-based course, taken during spring of your junior year, which will teach you how to understand the competitive positioning of a company in its industry, country, and international context. A final project is prepared to analyze the competitive positioning of the target company in its global marketplace.