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We seize opportunities to expand our perspectives and serve as global ambassadors.

At NYU Stern, we seize opportunities to expand our perspectives and serve as global ambassadors.

Through a combination of NYU’s global network, and Stern’s partnerships and programs, you have access to an array of global academic programs.

A global experience will help push you outside your comfort zone. You’ll exercise flexibility and problem-solving skills as you experience new places, cultures, and customs. You will also gain greater cross-cultural sensitivity and self-awareness. All are critical competencies as you build your community at Stern and your skills for the workplace. With so many options and some planning, it is possible to participate in multiple opportunities during your time at Stern.

Semester Away

As an NYU Stern student, you have two options if you would like to study away for a semester: 1) through NYU Study Away or 2) through Stern’s International Business Exchange Program (IBEX).

You can study away in your sophomore, junior, or even senior year, depending on the program*. NYU Study Away fits best during sophomore or junior year; IBEX is open to juniors (in the fall or spring) and seniors (in the fall only). Explore each program to learn about the many locations and courses that are available. Meet with an academic adviser as early as possible to start planning your adventure.

*NYU Stern First Year in London and B.S. in Business and Political Economy students already study away as part of their program requirements.

Short-Term Immersions

NYU Stern's short-term programs allow you to enrich your academic experience by combining coursework with global travel in the US or other countries. Courses vary each year and have included: 

Global Experience Requirement

We value opportunities for you to expand your perspectives and serve as global ambassadors. That's why, starting with the Class of 2027 and 2028 (first-year students starting in Fall 2023 and Fall 2024) you are required to complete one Global Experience through select NYU and Stern programs. We are committed to making a Global Experience accessible for all students with demonstrated financial need. Read more about the requirement and financial aid